Friday, 24 May 2013

Sun setting over Southsea

My daughter has just finished her second year at Uni and I went up to stay the night with her and help her pack everything up. I don't how she ends up with some much stuff! We took an evening walk along the beach at Southsea, which is less than 5 minutes walk from where she has been living.


It was lovely to see the string of light bulbs lighting up the promenade. We used to have these in Weymouth until they re-designed the seafront for the Olympics and replaced them with laser lights that project their rays across the water. They might be modern, but it is just not the same - sadly a campaign to bring back the old, much-loved, light bulbs did not succeed.

Southsea pier
Southsea's Victorian pier was put up for auction in December with a guide price of £192-210,000 - but there were no interested parties. A local community group would like to take it on, but it needs to be restored and made safe.

The following morning I couldn't resist taking this photo of some more beach huts in candy colours.

Thank you for sharing with me your experiences of France in my last post, I did enjoy reading them.
Wishing you a good weekend.
Sarah x


  1. Glad you enjoyed your trip and what a lovely way to finish off a hard day packing. I agree the old fashioned string light bulbs look the best along promenades. Torquay maintains theirs and they do look lovely. Lots going on in Brixham this weekend so looking forward to a long weekend with plenty to do. Enjoy yours.

  2. How lovely - home from home! If I ever win the lottery (that I don't even do!) I would buy the pier and put it back to its original form. Here's hoping!
    Best wishes

  3. What a lovely looking place, it must have been nice just to be together. Have a good weekend.

  4. Lovely pictures, then again I'm a sucker for a candy coloured beach hut... Sarah x

  5. What a fantastic place to study! Oh and visit your daughter too, hope my girls go somewhere lovely! (Mind you they might not get rid of me!) :) x

  6. Hello Sarah,
    I am trying now to catch up on my friends posts.
    What a shame about the lights.. i love the old victorian ones..
    I hope the pier gets bought and wonderful that would be.
    loving the little huts.. I know you like them too.
    congrats to your daughter on finishing her second year. A little rest now with mum and dad.
    wishing you a happy weekend.

  7. I hope she has a good summer off! Juliex

  8. Dear Sarah - how the time flies by - imagine that your daughter will be starting on her final year next term.
    As usual your photos are compelling, the sea rolling in during the evening, the sun going down behind the pier - all very English with an added touch of nostalgia.

  9. What a lovely way to end the week of French experiences....on the shores of Great Britain! Oh Sarah and Daisy, what a gorgeous place you share today! Those candy-coloured cabanes and the sparkles on the sea, to the Victorian pier, it's all so fun; I feel transported to the past in a GREAT WAY. I long to salvage the past and it's simpler pleasures, and I can see those things always share the simple beauty of the sea, and I love your blog for that.

    MANY THANKS for being on board our France party. It was extremely memorable! Anita

  10. Hi Sarah,
    The light bulb lights are lovely, what a shame Weymouth lost theirs. I bet you're looking forward to having your girl home for the summer. CT x

  11. it looks like a beautiful area to go to uni.
    love those coloured beach huts!

  12. Hello Sarah, I always love your trips Down By The Sea. The sunset was very lovely.. The Beach Huts in Candy colors are so unique and pretty..Glorious Victorian Lights. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs Judy

  13. You must be a very happy and proud mum Sarah! Wish my daughter would continue her studies to the University one day... but she is still very young, she's is only 10.Yes, these old fashion lights are marvelous and keep the charm of times passed.
    I hope you'll have a happy family time together.
    Love, Olympia

  14. Wonderful pictures - I am so intrigued by the beach huts. After your last post that had pictures of them I am really wanting to go to the seaside and see some for myself. I still can't believe how expensive they are!

  15. Doesn't the seafront look gorgeous in the evening, so many of our piers are disappearing I hope this one finds an owner! Love the beach huts too.

  16. Lovely photos of the beach huts and your evening walk. I love the atmosphere of the coast on a spring or summer evening as the sun goes down; it is very special. I hope the pier is saved and the community group are able to take it on.

  17. Great photos as always, but that second last one of the dark sky and the waves rolling in is just stunning! A pier restoration is a huge project for a community to take on, but no doubt it can be done...

  18. How lovely, but a shame about those old lights being replaced by LEDs. I much prefer the old fashioned ones.

  19. OH! YOUR NEW HEADER! I didn't notice that this morning when I came, but how STUNNING are the colors, Sarah!

    Well you and Daisy have been a wonderful addition to our France party my dear, and I too feel as if I traveled the world. It was stunning, lovely, and a treasured memory in my blogging experience! Enjoy a wonderful weekend! Anita

  20. How pretty your photo depict the pinky shades of the sky , and the sparkle of the ocean ! Thank you for sharing!

  21. Such a pretty seaside town Southsea is! The light bulbs are pretty indeed. I understand why you miss them. Laser just is not the same. Hope your daughter passed her exams? Our youngest has her last few tests of the first year (psychology) next week. After that the summer holiday starts for her as well.

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  22. Hello Sarah, noticed your new header straight away, my son is just finishing year 3 of uni, must have been lovely to spend time with her, love your photo's.

    Annie x

  23. Seriously you have made me fall so in love with your part of the world. Love the colours of the sunset. Such a shame you couldn't get the light bulbs back :(. Is that a new banner up top along with a new background? I love the pictures!

  24. beautiful photographs and I hope that someone with a big heart and a deep pocket takes care of that pier soon

  25. Beautiful evening photos. Good to hear about your Daughter. She is at the half way point. Have a wonderful day.


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