Sunday, 27 December 2015

Heading towards the end of 2015

After all the patient waiting Christmas has come and gone for another year!

I hope everyone had a lovely time just like us. It was good to have the children home and we were all spoilt with some wonderful presents too, many with a sea theme! It has been a wet and windy Christmas here. The annual Boxing Day charity swim across the harbour in West Bay had to be cancelled because it was just too rough.

Waves heading towards Charmouth beach.

Over the Christmas period this blog celebrated it's fourth birthday. What was I thinking about starting a blog just before Christmas? I must have been well organised that year! I have made so many friends over the years from all around the world. I do appreciate your friendship and support, many of you over several years.

As we draw to the end of 2015 here are some reminders of images of the sea captured in the last year. The sea is such a large part of our lives now that we can see, smell and hear it every day!

We have also visited some wonderful gardens during the year and also filled our new garden with some of our favourite plants.....

Thank you to everyone who has visited me in 2015, I wish you all a happy and healthy 2016. We may not know what is around the next corner, but I will be concentrating on achieving my distant dreams!

Sarah x

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Is it beginning to feel a bit like Christmas

I think it is beginning to feel a bit like Christmas. My daughter and I have just returned from a few days away in Germany visiting the Christmas market and we are now full of the Christmas spirit! Does it almost feel like Christmas to you too?

Nine years ago while at secondary school my daughter did a weeks German exchange at this time of year and has always wanted to return there with me to enjoy the Christmas markets.Unfortunately it has taken a long time to realise this dream due to school, college, university and work commitments!

 I spent most of my childhood in Germany, but I don't remember many Christmas markets as a child, apart from one in the early 80's, which was the last year before we returned to the UK. Can any of my German or Dutch followers tell me if their popularity has really only spread from that time?

Our destination was Dortmund, which is not on the organised Christmas tourist trips. It was chosen as this is where my daughter had previously visited. They have the most enormous Christmas tree - it is 45 meters high and is made up of  1,700  individual Christmas trees and 13,000 lights. It was an amazing sight! The spicy smell of the food and the mulled wine and the twinkling lights added to the atmosphere.

 It was also nice to relive old memories and create new ones too. Germany will always hold a special place in my heart.

 On our way home we visited Dusseldorf too. It didn't take me long to be drawn to the river Rhine . My husband and I are looking forward to visiting Germany again next year and will be seeing more of this huge river on a cruise.

 This will the last chance I get to write a post before Christmas so I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very peaceful and happy Christmas with your family and friends.
 Sarah x

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Windy grey days

After finishing work for the weekend I went out to the shed to get the Christmas tree and the shed door was nearly blown off it's hinges with the strength of the wind! The greenhouse door blew open and one of the panes of glass slipped down. We were woken two night running as gusts of wind howled down the garden, shaking the windows. Part of the sea front looked as if it was covered in snow as particles of sea foam blew through the air. How has the weather been for you over the weekend ? It looks bad up in the north of England with storms and flooding.

Wind surfer off Exmouth beach

Yesterday we were attending a concert an hour's car journey away in Exmouth. Gusts of wind buffeted the car as we drove there, it was good to know we had treated ourselves to a night away and wouldn't have to make the return journey in the dark and the wind!

The concert by one of our favorite performers Show of Hands was as always superb, and we thought of those who 3 weeks ago in Paris had been enjoying a similar evening that ended in such tragic circumstances. We had a good night's sleep in a lovely hotel and just had to walk off the cooked English breakfast. The wind had fallen slightly during the night but the board and kite surfers were taking advantage of the conditions!

There were piles of sand that had blown on to the esplanade.

Exmouth is on the East Devon coast where the River Exe meets the sea. It is Devon's oldest holiday resort and has many lovely buildings built in the Georgian,Victorian and Edwardian era. It reminds me a little of  Weymouth (where we used to live) with the sandy beach and the Georgian buildings lining the front.

There are signs of Christmas- one of the trees in the large gardens of these houses was decorated for the season.


We took the coastal route home and stopped to admire the cottages in Otterton and buy a loaf of bread from the working mill and craft centre.


And take one last look at the sea before heading home.........

Ladram Bay

Thank you for lovely comments and welcome to my latest followers. Wishing you a happy and successful week!
Sarah x


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