Sunday, 30 July 2017

Through the Garden Gate July 2017

I was reading an article this week that mentioned that the garden in July was much the same as June. We get used to having an abundance of flowers, most of which have continued flowering in both months. There are however some new flowers to enjoy.......... 

Allium sphaerocephaloalate has egg shaped flowers that slowly turn from green to pink and then blackcurrant purple - they have been very popular with the insects too. I planted lots of them last Autumn and it has been a delight to see them popping up all around the garden.

 The Echinops ritro is looking at it's best - we have had this plant in our gardens for many years and still love it. I just discovered that it is also known as blue hedgehog which is a good way to describe it!


Geranium Rozanne

 Pink Snapdragon that have reappeared from last year

Cosmos and sweet peas

Could that be Jackson hiding in the neighbouring field?

On the salad and vegetable side of the garden the vegetables have all grown in size since last month. We have had our first crop of potatoes, which turned out to one of the best tasting potatoes we have ever grown. Unfortunately we have somehow mislaid the name of them! Has anyone got any good cucumber recipes - we seem to have a glut on them!
The usual views of the garden unfortunately looking a bit wet and soggy - it feels as if we have had lots of rain and strong wind in the past month.

What is your favourite plant or disaster this month in the garden?

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

David Austin roses

Just imagine a field full of David Austin roses and they may look like something a bit like this.......

I have always enjoyed looking through the David Austin catalogue of roses and their roses always stand out in the garden centres, I was therefore really excited to discover we were almost passing the David Austin Rose Gardens and Plant Centre in Shropshire, on our recent holiday to Anglesey. They even allow dogs into their wonderful gardens and there is no admission fee whatsoever.

 Needless to say I did end up taking lots of pictures - these are some of my favourites. It has been difficult to remember some of the names so apologies if I make any unintended mistakes!

Tranquility Musk rose -the rose was tinged with yellow that gradually turns pure white.

 Pergola garden

Lady of Sharlott - salmon pink flowers with a golden yellow base in the Lion garden

Scaborough Fair Rose

Rambling Rose - Minnehaha wonderful hanging clusters of double pink flowers
 A view of the Victorian Garden

Ballerina Rose

 England's Rose (pink one in foreground )

The Renaissance Garden

These are reflections of the Boscobel roses in the canal above!

It was an amazing garden and considering  June is always the best month for roses, in the second week of July there were still so many roses to admire as you can see. The catalogue and website  show the 700 different varieties displayed in the gardens at their peak.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a cooling drink and sandwich in the courtyard cafe surrounded by more roses and it certainly was so much better than stopping at a motorway service station don't you think? My only regret was that we didn't have room for any roses in the car - we did however come away with so much inspiration.

Sarah x

Sunday, 16 July 2017

A change of scene

We have just returned from a wonderful week's holiday. It was so good to just chill out and relax but as you can see we couldn't keep away from the sea - we did add some mountains in too just to provide a different scene!

Our destination was a cosy and very comfortable Welsh cottage dating back to the 1700's on the island of Anglesey, which is located off the north-west coast of Wales.

It was situated beside the coast path and although the sea was at least 10 minutes walk away it had sea views from all of the rooms.

Our neighbours were a huge flock of sheep and a herd of cows

 and we were surprised to look out of the window on the first morning  and see two guinea fowl sitting on the wall!

We took a trip a boat trip around Puffin Island and we were delighted to actually see some puffins and a seal as well as numerous shags and cormorants and on an evening walk we were so excited to come across a pod of sea porpoises swimming close to this wonderful lighthouse. We returned there again on several other evenings but they never reappeared.

Angelsey has always provided much of the food for Wales, inland it is relatively flat. Its coastline stretches for 125 miles and we only visited a fraction of the many beaches on offer. Tavi was in his element as he adores sand and sea!

       We found it surprisingly quiet considering that we are already in the holiday season, as you can see we had many of these huge beaches almost to ourselves!

All holidays have to come to an end, it is always sad to leave but at least we are left with some wonderful memories. There are so many fantastic places to visit both in this country and aboard - if only we had the time and money to visit everywhere on our wish lists! Has anyone else been to Anglesey?

Hope you are keeping well, wishing you a happy week.
Sarah x


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