Monday, 29 June 2015

Low tide at Lyme Regis

It's been a mixture of sunshine and showers this weekend. Luckily our trip to Lyme Regis was in the sunshine!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up to this sea view every day?

It was low tide and the view from the beach looking along the coastline towards home was stunning.  It is always strange when visiting the Mediterranean not to see the level of the sea rise up and down during the day!

After a walk along the beach it's always fun to stroll along the high street and pop into some of the independent shops and specialist food shops before heading to the beach at the other end of the town   for a picnic.  I'm not sure why we chose to sit in a sandy patch - Tavi thought it would be a good idea to practice digging and sand went everywhere!!

 The top of the harbour's curving stone wall made famous in the French Lieutenant's Woman is always a popular place to walk, I prefer only doing this when the sea is calm like this !

The number of beach chalets has decreased since the devastation of the winter storms in 2014 when many were destroyed in mud slides..

Looking back towards the harbour and town....

I hope some sun shone in your direction over the weekend too!

Sarah x

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

It wasn't me!

Its always good to remember that you have a puppy in the house!

I accidently left these shoes out and we came home to find them like this! The culprit wasn't ashamed to show us how it had been done either!

 It was just like this !!!

 His look out wasn't very good either. They seemed more interested in looking the other way!

 Which one of us looks more guilty?

  It surely can't have been that puppy who has recently got a pass certificate and ribbon from the puppy foundation good citizen scheme can it?

Sarah x

Saturday, 20 June 2015

In the garden

The garden looked so different after a week away. A week's growth is so dramatic at this time of year!

The raised vegetable beds are beginning to fill up with home grown produce. However,there is always room for improvement and we shall try a autumn sowing of broad beans this year.Our broad bean plants still look so small and forlorn!

There is also very little to show in the cutting garden at the moment!

Our first rose opened while we were away this is a David Austin rose called Darcy Bussell. I bought it having after seeing an inspirational picture on Pinterest. I love the colour - it is more burgundy than red.

It is always good to be inspired by others and so we visited a local garden last weekend that was opened under the National Garden Scheme. (NGS.) 

This garden in the grounds of a pre Geogian mansion in Beaminster, was fantastic and the formal areas were beautiful and well designed.

However it was the small wall garden that stole my heart and  had me pointing the camera in all directions! One of our local magazines described the potager garden as providing the 'oh ah' factor for flower freaks! They weren't wrong, I am proud of being a flower freak!

Flowers,fruit and vegetables were mixed together in mad profusion!

 Many of the plants have been planted to encourage the bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects to visit.

This purple leaf shrub Physocarpus opulifolius Ninebark  ‘Diabolo’  was popular with the butterflies. Has anyone else  planted this in their garden?

I loved this combination of the purple and blue of the Alluims and cat mint,

and the lovely roses with the contrast of different colours of the foliage.

Even the chimney of a redundant milking factory adds to the scene.

  Daisies were spilling out from many of the borders and the wooden water barrels were so much nicer than the plastic ones!

The borders were so full  and there are still many plants to flower.

There was a large area of containers too.

 and colour, colour everywhere!

As if this wasn't enough to 'oh and ah' over it is clear in the more formal parts of the garden to see that someone with an artistic eye lives here. (This chair reminded me of your red gate Freda!)

This is also home to furniture designer  John Makepeace we were also lucky to view some of the furniture he has  designed (click here to see designs.) What a shame there is none in my price range, still at least I can take some good ideas home from his wife's potager garden! I've just now got to sneak even more flowers amongst our vegetable! Somehow I think my husband would notice!

Sarah x

The garden is open under the NGS once a month during the summer see here.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The quieter side of Sorrento

Sorrento is located on a cliff overlooking the Bay of Naples in South West Italy. It became a tourist destination in the 18th century, as one of the places to visit on the Grand Tour. (The Grand Tour was a traditional trip taken around Europe by wealthy young men.) It is still a very popular holiday destination today and has a wide range of hotels and visiting cruise ships that anchor in the bay. Although there are many sights, it is also nice to find quieter places to roam.......

We loved the fisherman's harbour at Marina Grande and returned here several times to enjoy the atmosphere, watch the fisherman at work and enjoy fresh local sea food.

We kept meeting this cat, who seemed used to posing for pictures!

 This old mill, located in a deep canyon in the centre of the town, was a peaceful location - but we couldn't find anyway to reach it.

Sorrento lemons are well known for their size, strong flavour and high content of lemon oil. It was lovely to walk in this lemon grove and enjoy the scent of so many lemons. Many of the lemons grown in this area are used to produce the limoncello, a liqueur and after dinner digestif. It tasted so much better than the version that I made here!

As I mentioned in my last post our hotel was perched above the town, away from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by olive groves - such a peaceful location. It might have been a short steep 15 minute walk into town, but living on a cliff it felt like just being back at home!

 Hotel La Badia is located is the highest building to the centre right,

Thank you everyone for your messages of support concerning my sister-in-law, they were so much appreciated.
Sarah x

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The colours of the Meditterranean

Sorry, it seems ages since I have posted anything - we have just returned from a holiday in Italy and the week leading up to it was too busy getting ready and this week it seems to be taking ages to get back into routine! I think I need another holiday!

There is always something special about arriving at a holiday destination in the dark. This was the view that greeted us in the morning from our bedroom, with Mount Vesuvius across the water.

 I thought I would share some of the vibrant colours from our time in Sorrento in Italy. The smell of the lemons and jasmine will be transporting me instantly back to last week.

We stayed in a lovely hotel which was converted from an abbey. It was located above Sorrento and was surrounded by olive groves.

The sun setting over the island of Capri every evening was so spectacular.

 The colours in the Meditterranean always seem to be so much more vibrant!

One of my favourite moments after a busy day of sight seeing was to relax in a hammock under the olive trees in the garden, looking up at the sky through these leaves.

It didn't take us long to get used to the warmer temperatures, it feels so much colder back here now. There are some more pictures of Italy but they will have to wait for another day.

Very sadly while we were away my sister-in-law passed away.She took so much interest in this blog, especially when I first started it in 2012. We shared our love of the countryside, dogs and the sea. Her family meant so much to her and she will be so missed. She had a talent of always being to find you the perfect present. I have had some fantastic books that she has given me over the years that I shall continue to treasure.

Sarah x


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