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Walking on the wild side

The best laid plans.....
This blog is meant to be about ' Down by the Sea', but current posts have only involved an update about the garden so not doubt new visitors will be a bit confused! Over the months I have created posts and never published them and if it wasn't for the regular ' Through the Garden' Series I would probably have stopped blogging completely!  Having started this blog back in December 2011 I have obviously seen many blogging friends come and go, some having stopped have never regained their wings so I'm not sure where this one will end but I know how lucky I am to live in a wonderful part of the country and have enjoyed sharing images of it all around the world.

The reason why my blogging has fallen a bit along the roadside has been the lack of much spare time since I got involved voluntarily in setting up a Visitors Centre in the Bay. It has been an amazing journey with challenges and good times and during half term last week we reached 30…

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