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Through the Garden Gate March 2024

  Wishing you all a Very Happy Easter! We have still been suffering with heavy rain and storms in March, everyone just longs for a period of dry weather and more sunshine! The pots in the garden take central stage this month. These tulips below have been flowering a few weeks and have stood up to the high winds we have been having! The hellebores are still putting on a good show. My favourite daffodil Thalia has come out in flower. Replacing the wooden surrounds in the vegetable and cutting ground were completed yesterday and we  have been busy sowing lots of seeds to fill them! Storm Nelson hit us on Thursday and the greenhouse has been blown out on one side so there is never an end to maintenance jobs in the garden! The main border is just full of different shades of green the early daffodils have gone over and more are just starting to burst into bloom to add a splash of colour. Blossom on the set over apple tree is yet to come. Just starting to flower is this  Lunaria rediviva (Per

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