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Through the Garden Gate November 2018

The November garden feels very much this old watering can, it has seen better days!

We have had a number of storms pass through this month. The wind has been the strongest since we moved here over four years ago. The gusts have reached around 60 miles per hour, it has caused damage with several panes of glass breaking in the greenhouse, battering a fence panel and uplifting concrete holding the fence panel in place!

We have learnt that the easiest way to remove the shattered glass is to use a high power hoover!

The garden is still looking green in the borders and the stalks of the sedum still look attractive close up.

but a bit more messy from a distance! The garden needs some tidying up, weather and time permitting. I have noticed on the brief periods I have been outside that some spring plants are already producing buds, is that the same in other areas? The number of migrant birds passing through also seems down compared with other years, maybe it is because of our changing weather…

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