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Through the Garden Gate February 2021

 What a difference a month makes!  With more day light hours, the sound of the birds song waking us and appearance of catkins, pussy willow, daffodils and crocus it feels that nature is once again on the move! We are so glad to see it too, although we have been lucky to be so busy, this lockdown seems so much more difficult than last Spring. (Since the end of December we have been unable to meet up anyone from outside our household and trips outside the home are restricted to food shopping and local walks.) The endless days of rain, storms, grey skies and muddy walks have taken their toll, so it is even more wonderful to see colour and signs of a new beginning in the garden! The Christmas box (Sarcococca confusa) was covered in sweet smelling pure white flowers. A few of these were bought into the house to enjoy. The rain has stopped for a few days at least, giving us the opportunity to get out and spend much needed time in the garden. The soil was so wet on our first venture out, that

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