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Through the Garden Gate July 2019

I try and capture images of the garden throughout the month to share in this monthly post. In July it seems due to the heatwave and lack of rain that the flowers have appeared and gone so quickly ...

I usually give my Campanula Lodden Anna a Chelsea chop (at end of May), this year I only cut those branches in the centre and the earlier flowers have been wonderful and full of bees too!

The lavender has flowered and now gone over, we had a lovely scented morning removing the dead flowers and we managed to save some of the lavender petals to scent the house.

My favourite rose 'Felicia' had so many clusters of flowers, we are waiting now for its second flowering, which won't be quite so magnificent but will still be welcome.

The view from the back and side of one of the borders, excuse the dog toys they seem to appear all over the garden!

Under the bay tree catmint, alchmellia mollis, yellow loosestrife, daises and yellow grass.

Whoops the campanula seems to have sneeked into…

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