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Through the Garden Gate September 2019

Having recently returned from a holiday in Portugal and with a storm brewing I have rushed in the garden to take some pictures, so hopefully you won't notice that the garden is not up to its usual standard!

This weekend marks five years since we moved here, where does the time go?

Following last month's storms the fencing blown down has now been repaired and strengthened, which allowed us to create a new border and visit the garden centre for a spending spree. Three weeks on the plants have taken to their new home and grown so fast!

It was also an excuse to fit another rose in the garden, the scent of the Gertrude Jekyll was just too good to resist!

The Michelmas daisies are providing such intense colour in the garden.

The apples are continuing to ripen but aren't quite ready to pick.

The grapes are definitely ready to pick. I'm afraid this will be another year to miss out on making wine, due to lack of time available. Grape juice is quicker and easier to produce as it…

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