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Through the Garden Gate March 2020

Welcome to my garden this month, suddenly with the lockdown there has been the opportunity to spend more time to enjoy the garden. For many of us over the next few months, our gardens will be a way to escape from being inside. They will also provide us with work, pleasure and food as well as a chance to appreciate nature and the wildlife that share our gardens.  As I was cleaning the greenhouse windows I must have disturbed a mouse that ran away with a very wet head!

The Helleborus lentern roses have been wonderful, they have been flowering for the past two months and as they are positioned just outside our conservatory window they have provided a wonderful outlook to the field beyond.

The buoy that is a permanent feature in the garden is gradually disappearing as the bluebells grow up around it.

I was so pleased to see the Crazy Daisy I grew from seed reappearing, it's leaves looking so lovely in the early morning light.

We are looking forward to seeing the tulips bloom in the n…

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