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Through the Garden Gate October

The wind and rain and reduction in daylight hours has had a major impact in the garden this month! Many of the flowers have gone over with only a few having it's finest moment! The colour of pink and purple have been dominating the garden. The Chrysanthemum has bought a fresh vibrancy to the cutting border, it has spread into a huge clump providing the house with many vases of flowers this month! There have been lots of jobs to do in the garden from planting more crocus and daffodils to clearing the greenhouse and vegetable plots, and bringing in some of the potted plants before the first frost.With with lots of rain  falling has given me no excuse to not tidy up the potting shed! The garden centre has also tempted us with all of their roses reduced to £6 each it was impossible to not return home without two new varieties we just need the rain to stop to plant them! What are the highlights in your garden this month? It is always wonderful to see other gardens and watch their develo

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