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Through the Garden Gate January 2020

Welcome to another year of looking through my Garden Gate! 

It is surprising to feature a summer flower still blooming in the garden in January. Having attended a conference today talking about climate change and sustainability the appearance in the garden of this is more of a worry than a welcome!

 Primroses are out in flower and the first snowdrop has appeared.

We have had a mixed bag of weather in January, with less rainfall than December allowing us to get out in the garden and start to tidy up the borders that have been neglected over the past few months.

Jack also enjoys having some company in the garden!

It is always a good excuse to have a break from gardening and enjoy some wildlife including this Dunnock hiding in amongst the leaves! We have also had two deer who often stand silhouetted against the horizon, Tavi lets us know of their presence and we always enjoy watching them from the window. Maybe I would feel differently about them if they were to come into the garden and…

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