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Through the Garden Gate May 2023

I love being out in the garden at this time of the year there is always something new to see! The alliums have been fantastic this month and I love the colour combination of yellow and purple.  We have been busy planting out plants grown from seed. The new plants have needed watering, it has been a dry May so now all our water butts are now almost empty and we are wishing for rain after the half-term school holidays! We have more plant growth than flowers at the moment, the roses have lots of promising buds but few  flowers. Have you been taking part in No Mow May? We have been experimenting with a small section of our lawn although the insects seem to prefer visiting the abundance of flowers elsewhere in the garden. Just look at this image of a close up of a garden daisy under the microscope it is amazing how much pollen there is to collect from the tiny daisies found in your lawn! We have shared lots of cuttings of our favourite plants for our son and daughter to grow in their garden

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