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Through the Garden Gate November 2020

Welcome to my November garden!  Firstly apologies I have been having problems with blogger yet again.!! This month I added the images and then couldn't get in to add any narrative. How has November treated you? Being back in another lockdown in November we have had managed to  spend more time in the garden than usual. It never takes long to find something to do!  There are still some flowers to be found this  cutting of Osteospermum Tresco has only started to flower. We find the oestospermums cope all through the winter until March and then deteriorate taking a few months then to recover! There is still some autumn leaf colour - please ignore all the daisy seedings that have now been removed! I had a very busy month planting lots of bulbs so I am hoping that I will have a wonderful spring display! This year I bought some bulbs from Sarah Raven as usual but also bought some from  Farmer Gracey  , have you tried them? I was very impressed with their service and the bulbs and a big hi

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