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Looking out to sea

Living by the sea there is rarely a day that goes by when I don't spend at least a few minutes just looking out to sea and it's not difficult to understand why with enticing views such as these...

No sooner had I posted my previous post about signs of Spring in the garden when the snow appeared. I always find it looks so strange against the sea as it is so unusual!

You may recall this bungalow from the first series of Broadchurch since then it is even closer to the edge of the cliff.

What have been doing this month? Apart from moments of looking out at sea and dog walking we have been busy working on future plans for the visitor centre where we volunteer. It can be fascinating and time consuming carrying out research for future exhibitions. To understand life aboard old sailing boats I have been reading Ocean Life in Old Sailing Days e-book by John D Whidden. It is an autobiography recounting the tales of his sea journeys carried out over 25 years  travelling around the world …

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