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Through the Garden Gate June 2020

June is a wonderful time in the garden when everything seems to be blooming!  The double poppies I buy as seeds never appear, where-as the ones that seed themselves have appeared around the garden in a variety of colours from red through to pink and purple.

It has been a good year for the oriental poppies we have had more flowers and unlike other years they weren't so badly hit by rain and wind when they just start to bloom. I love to watch these flowers unfurl and observe the insects visiting them.

Perry's White oriental poppy

Pink Ruffles oriental poppy

The borders now look so full with a variety of plants and colours and smells.

I pruned this clematis back in March it must have been at the right time as there have been a multitude of flowers.
Rose Apple blossom
June is the month for roses, these are just a small selection!
Rose Iceberg
 Rose Dortmund

The vegetable garden has been doing well too. We have been enjoying a wide selection of lettuce and salad leaves as well as new potatoe…

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