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Another week's holiday in Devon

We recently spent another week's holiday in Devon and despite enjoying some sunny days we could feel the whisper of autumn in the air. Devon has been a favourite holiday destination of ours since we went there on honeymoon many, many years ago. Not only is is a beautiful county but the ease of getting there, being the neighbouring county is always an advantage!

We stayed in the holiday cottage we have been visiting since 1995! We have so more memories and the children have grown up with the height of the neigbouring trees! Some of the playground equipment has stood the test of time, while the climbing frame has been turned into a climber for honeysuckle!

 This time we explored more of the north coast of Devon, we realised that one of the reasons we love Devon  and Cornwall so much is due to their river estuaries, all of which are so beautiful and unique.

The appearance of dew on the grass means a return to wearing wellington boots on early morning walks although this doesn't …

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