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Through the Garden Gate January 2023

Many thanks to all your comments and due to popular demand ' Through the Garden Gate' will continue in 2023! Our garden however is not looking very special this month! Although large parts of the UK had snow and icy conditions in mid January this was the coldest day we had in the garden. Looking back at January posts from previous years it is surprising to discover how many flowers were already in bloom unlike when I wandered around the garden today! We might  just have our first snow drop flowering in the next few days! Some of the hellebores are in flower.                                              The euphorbia's are just about to bloom! The cold weather has kept us out of the garden this month although we did manage one sunny day to cut back some of the old growth, it was nice to see the new growth coming through.  Not only have I come across so many old blogging friends on Instagram since I started using it more frequently, in the last year it has given me the opport

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