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Through the Garden Gate June 2021

June is one of the best months in the garden! So many flowers, and scent and the buzzing of bees.  We have been covered in a mass of white daisies, they are spreading everywhere so we will have to be ruthless! Living in a bungalow it has been wonderful to open the curtains and look out on a sea of daisies! The changes we made last year to the front and back gardens have enhanced the garden and we have spent more time looking at enjoying these areas in the last month and marvelling how quickly the plants have grown to give us an amazing display! After some very helpful suggestions last month I thought I had solved my blogging problems and created a post about our holiday with no problem! The gremlins have reappeared again and it will only work using the phone so apologies for mainly images! If you wish to join on Through the Garden Gate and connect with other gardens around the world please leave a link in the comments and I will try and list them! Happy Gardening! Sarah x Get me to the

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