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Through the Garden Gate April 2021

There has been such a transformation this month in the garden it has filled with colour from the tulips, we have  had lots of birds and bees in the garden and a few peacock butterflies. On the down side we have had a lack of rain all month until this Wednesday. it was such  a relief to have water back in our water butts and take a break from daily watering! Back in the Autumn with another lockdown looming I treated myself to lots of bulbs in the hope it would create some brighter days in the future and put a smile on our faces and it worked! They were mainly bought from Sarah Raven and Farmer Gracy both of which I highly recommend.   This selection above from Farmer Gracey's was called Fish and Chips! How could I resist a name like that living by the sea! You can't see from this image but the daffodils have a pale orange centre. Continuing the sea theme the garden bluebells are opening in amongst the jetsam of a boat buoy washed up from the shore.  I was attracted to these Tuli

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