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Through the Garden Gate June 2018

The long days of June encourage so much growth and flowers that garden looks so different from day to day. June is always the highlight of the gardening year.

These beautiful ornamental poppy ' Patty's Plum only gave us a fleeting appearance.

It has been extremely dry this month, the water barrels all ran out a few weeks ago and we have only watered the plants that really need it.

Around every corner there is the wonderful scent of different flowers and the humming of lots of bees. The lavender has been as crowded as spectators at a football match!

The best time to wander around the garden is with the first coffee of the day or as the sun goes down when the scents are at their strongest. 

In recent days these scents have been joined by the smell of the sheep in the neighbouring field who have been seeking out the only shade they can find under the hedge. They haven't been in this field since March and it really feels as if we are in the country awaking to the sound off th…

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