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Through the Garden Gate September 2022

Apologies for the late post again, it has been a busy time with a week's holiday close to Bath and then helping out at events in the Great Big Green Week that has been taking place in many communities in the UK this week including Bridport! The garden has therefore been a bit neglected but I'm glad to say that it doesn't look bad despite this! The golden flowers of the rudbeckia are still providing so much colour, they started flowering at the end of July. The sweet peas are still flowering too. I have never known them still be flowering at the end of September. The garden has enjoyed having more rain after a very dry summer. It is lovely to see so much green in the garden and the green fields again appearing on the surrounding hills.  We should buy more asters they provide such a burst of colour on the garden at this time of year - the pink one is Harrington pink, do you have any asters in your garden? We saw this one when were on holiday. I think it is Aster Twilight, I&#

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