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75 years ago...

Today marks the 75th Anniversary of D Day and it is a moment to remember those who were involved in the landings and those who never made it home alive.

 In West Bay we have been remembering the GI's who lived here from November 1943 until May 1944 with an exhibition that has been running since April. In the short time the GI's were living in this area the community took them to their hearts. In the neighbouring village of Burton Bradstock the American PR was brought in to show the folks back home how their boys were getting on here.

Locals who were children at the time shared their very fond memories with us, and told us how they had woken one morning to find them gone without even a goodbye. The soldiers who were living here were on the first assault of Omaha Beach where the casualties were so high.

It has been emotional the last few days watching the elderly veterans recreating the journey they made on D-Day.My Dad was involved in the invasion of Normandy but was lucky enoug…

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