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We live in  the small fishing village of West Bay which is also known as Bridport Harbour and where the TV series Broadchurch is based.

West Bay is on the South  west coast of England in the county of Dorset.

My blog features many of our favourite locations along the Dorset coast see the links to my posts for further information.

We love the South West and frequently visit these counties too :-


  1. I'm glad to find your blog through Madelief.I'm not too far away in Zeeland, across the Channel. Since I'm a transplanted Texan married to a Dutchman I'm learning to enjoy the northern European life and culture.

  2. Hi, I've found your blog via CJ's Above the River blog and am pleased to see that you're a fellow tree follower! I used to live in Weymouth as a child, my dad was in the Fleet Air Arm at Portland. I remember always getting excited at the first glimpse of the sea as we drove down the hill toward the town when we'd been away as a family. It's a long time since I've been to Weymouth - your photos are making me think it's time for a return visit.

    1. Hi Caro,There is nothing like that first sight of the sea when returning home, it always excites us too! Sarah x

  3. By accident I found your lovely blog and I noticed that you are living in Weymouth where my husband was also sailing this Spring. With pleasure I'm virtually strolling in your beautiful garden and I'll certainly come back again.
    Greetings from Switzerland,

  4. As a Cornish family historian I love your site. Cousin Jack is also one of my favorite songs too. Here in Redruth we still have close links with Mexico and other areas through the Cornish Global Migration Programme. I help descendents of these 'Cousin Jacks' find their way back home and I love what I do. I am happy to offer any help or advice gratis on Cornish History. I also admire your wonderful photography which manages to capture the spirit of a place. Thank-you.
    History Fox

  5. I've have just found your blog via Patchwork Hearts site. I live in Kent and have holidayed in Dorset many times over the years. I love West Bay and we have stayed 4 times over the last 2 years and are returning again in October !! Your pictures are great and I look forward to following your site

  6. Hi Sue, Welcome and thank you for leaving a comment,it is nice to hear that you love West Bay too. I'm sure you will have a good time here in October and hopefully my views of West Bay will remind you of your previous trips. Sarah x

  7. Hi! You have a lovely blog. Found you through Madelief. I live far far away in India (Delhi) and dream of British gardens. The spring season in India does not coincide with that of yours , we have spring now. Its already warming up and the garden will soon wilt away..but the months from November to mid march are the only seasonal flowers' .

  8. Hi Veenita, Welcome, it is lovely to hear about the growing in India and see some of the pictures of it on your blog. I always find it interesting to compare gardens all around the world. Sarah x

  9. Hello, found your blog by accident as I was googling the tractor rides at Chaldon Herring. Lovely blog, I'm a blogger from Dorset too :)

  10. Dorset is one of my favourite holiday destinations. You have some beautiful gardens there, I particularly like Compton Acres with its Japanese Garden.


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