Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Reviewing 2014

It's that time of year again to reflect on the year that has gone. Looking back at the pictures I took in the first three months of the year the floods and storms dominate. It was a relief to enjoy the longer spring and summer evenings and take a wonderful holiday in St Ives.

The second half of the year seemed for us to be dominated by the house move, selling, buying, packing and settling in. My first post of 2014 mentioned "New Horizons" and featured the cliffs we now see from our new home, A walk in May to the " "The Look Out" featured part of the view we now enjoy  but from the opposite direction. At both these points in time we hadn't considered living here!

Despite the move we still managed to get out and enjoy the seasonal offerings, from observing the summer havest, to Weymouth carnival, watching local fishermen returning home with a boat full of mullet, enjoying the late autumn sunshine in our new location and the first frost of winter.

Our new garden is very different from our old one. Although we bought many cuttings with us they will take a while to establish. In the meantime I will have to reflect on the favourite flowers from the garden in Weymouth in 2014.

We have had so many changes this year - my husband retiring, daughter graduating and getting a job, son moving house and job - to loosing our dear dog Daisy and then gaining a new bundle of mischief named Tavi. Thank you all for your support and taking time to stop by visit and to continue to show interest in our lives by the sea, it is always such a pleasure to share it with you.

Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2015.  I hope some of your dreams may be fulfilled in the forthcoming year too,
Sarah x

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Searching for Christmas greenery...

One of our Christmas family traditions is to gather some holly and ivy and other greenery to decorate our home on the weekend before Christmas. We set out in the car to find a local woodland but with hindsight it might have been better to look at the map first rather than trust our memories from over 20 years ago!

The West Dorset countryside landscape is very rolling and full of secret little villages huddled amongst the hills, along winding lanes, some or which we travelled along more than once! In the end we gave up on our search for woods and went for a walk in the countryside instead!

The church bells were ringing very loudly for morning service, and the local cows were curious to meet a young puppy! Tavi was unconcerned by both of these new experiences but was very frightened when he heard a cock crowing!

We passed pretty little stone cottages with thatched roofs, many with Christmas trees lit up in the little windows and beautiful wreaths hanging on the doors.

 This reminded me of the cottage featured in the Christmas film" Holiday". The only difference was the cottage below was just a realistic fibreglass set, rather than the real thing.

Rosehill Cottage

Our son will be coming home for Christmas, so we will be enjoying  our first family Christmas in our new home with the four of us and the animals too. On Christmas Day is one of our traditions that we will still be following. 

Finally just to say wishing you and your families
  a very


Sarah x

Monday, 15 December 2014

Thinking of Christmas

 Our Christmas tree is up and decorated and, at the moment, it is still standing!

We visited a Christmas tree festival this weekend and admired the fantastic decorated trees. The 60 trees are decorated by local groups, each one different and unique. The decorations created by children were so special, but the one that touched me was the white one in the middle of the second picture. It was created by a local day centre for the elderly and featured one of the clients memories of walking holidays in Austria before the War. It featured the Austrian flag. edelweiss and black and white photographs of those visits.

Meanwhile, in a neighbouring village these cheerful characters are looking for a welcome home!

We have bought Tavi a coat. It somehow reminds me of Sherlock Homes, while my husband remarked it looked like one of the kilts my mother used to wear! 

On our travels this week we passed the Sidmouth Donkey Santuary. We just had to pop into see the donkeys. One donkey in particular was very keen to say hello to Tavi - after this he was quite reluctant to come home!

The Donkey Santuary were preparing for their annual candlelight carol service, unfortunately due to other commitments we couldn't stay. All the paths were lined with tealights, it must have been a magical moment and one that we hope to participate in next year. Ann from Studiohyde was there see her post here.

In the garden we have our first flower in bloom. In our previous home our camillia never made an appearance until February. Are you also noticing flowers appearing earlier than usual?

We have suffered with high winds this week, but have had also had some beautiful cold and clear mornings. Walking down to pick up a paper on Saturday morning the light was fantastic and the colours sublime. The moon was still out too!

 Hope your Christmas preparations are going well  wishing you a happy week. Thank you as always for all the comments you leave.
Sarah x

Monday, 8 December 2014

Following the footsteps in the sand

How would you like to follow the footsteps or paw marks in the sand?

 Just make sure that you have bought your wellington boots with you!

Otherwise you might end up with wet feet.Some of the waves are quite strong ....

  Watch out!

  Maybe we should take the coast path on the return journey and admire the waves from a distance.

 We might also spot a peregrine falcon if we are lucky!

   Tavi's first visit to the beach was more tame. He wasn't too sure of the waves and thought the pebbles were safer and much more interesting!

  Being on solid ground with a good look out is much better!

The strange items just in reach are much more fun to play with than toys!

 In a more serious moment....

Wishing you a happy week!
Sarah x

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Butchers, bakers and bookshops.

The last few weeks have flown by and Christmas seems to be fast approaching! I missed "Stir up Sunday" by 8 days and only made my Christmas pudding last night using my Mother in law's recipe see here.

This Saturday 8th December is "Support Small Business Day".  I have always been passionate about buying local and particularly at this time of year I seek out the unique shops. This slogan for me says it all.

We are lucky with our closest town of Bridport being full of independent retailers, reminding me of how high streets used to look in long forgotten Christmas's of the past. Not only are the shops in Bridport unique, but some of them have some great names too .....

Books are always at the top of my Christmas list and there are four bookshops to lose myself in!

So no guesses where I will be this Saturday. Is your High Street a clone of so many other towns or do you have some hidden gems like me?

Sarah x

Monday, 24 November 2014

A frosty start

We awoke to the first frost this morning. As I walked past some of the neighbours scraping their car windscreens before their journeys into work. I was so glad to have a few days off and could admire the scenery in all its glory instead!

Living by the sea the frost was not too heavy but it still gave the mobile homes - now mainly empty a white coating.

Sunrise is always one of my favourite times of the day ......

 and watching the sun rise over our old home town of Weymouth in the distance, was a moment to savour.

There was a thin line of mist as the warmer water flowing out from the harbour met the colder sea water.

 and the hummocks of grass captured the colour of the sun.

Thank you for all the lovely comments welcoming Tavi.  He had his second injections today, so we have another week before he can joining us for short walks and meeting other dogs. Tavi is keeping us amused in the house and garden with his cheeky antics. Some of this favourite toys are those he has captured from elsewhere in the house ......

He has looking with interest at the bottom shelf of this bookcase this morning, I'm not sure how much longer the items will remain here!

  Until next time.

Sarah x

Sunday, 16 November 2014

A new member of the family!

Apologies for being absent from the blogging world for a few weeks, we have been busy with a new bundle of trouble!

Meet Tavi our 9 week old West Highland terrier puppy.  Tavi's  name is taken from Tavistock, a town on the edge of Dartmoor, which is a location that means so much to our family. We have had over 14 family holidays in this area over the years, with many happy memories. A few years ago I also discovered that my husbands ancestors had originated from here back in the late 1700's.

We weren't planning to have another dog quite so soon after our dear Daisy died back in August. We have always had second-hand animals before, but one of us happened to notice that there was a breeder in Dorset that had puppies for sale (quite a rare occurance), Once we had seen Tavi there was no going back! So many people had recommended getting a dog from Many Tears Rescue, Most of their dogs wanting homes needed to have another dog present in the house, so sadly it was not to be, but something we may consider again in the future. We met a beautiful adopted female Westie from there a few weeks ago in the fields beyond our home. She was having a wonderful time running with other dogs from her family. They told us how she was still getting used to family life but was still to scared to be attached to a lead. 

Tavi's quite difficult to capture at the moment. He is always on the move, unless he is sound asleep or held! So these are just a few of the best ones so far!

I will attempt to read some posts this week, puppy obliging!

Sarah x


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