Thursday, 30 October 2014

Autumn colours

Having been blown away by the wonderful autumn colours I've seen from other countries in the following blogs Morning Musings by CathyDesign Dreams by Anne and Amateurs ventures on life. I was determined to search out some autumn colour in England too! Although there are a few woods around here, unfortunately many have already shed their leaves and the autumn colour we found was mainly from the bracken.

Is it me or are the autumn colours not quite as magnificent as the last two years?

Colmer Hill with the Caledonian pine trees on the top is a distinctive local landmark. The trees were planted during the 1st World War. This looks so different to the last time I took a picture of this hill in spring, when the bluebells were covering it's slopes.

As my husband rapidly walked through this field of cows I couldn't resist capturing this moment!

The colour of the bracken on the cliffs blends in so well with the brown cow and the cliffs and the  pebbles on the shore. We are still appreciating the thrill of all this scenery being accessible from our doorstop by foot!

Wishing you all a good weekend. We shall be enjoying homemade pumpkin soup, yet another way of celebrating the season! Thank you as always for popping by, I do appreciate your visits and also the lovely comments that you leave.
 Sarah x

Monday, 20 October 2014

In the garden

It seems a long time since I did a gardening post! Our new garden is very different to our last garden. Unlike our previous garden it currently only has a few flowers.  However, I was pleased to see this nasturtium - something I haven't be able to grow for years due to the slugs and snails. We have already been enjoying eating the younger leaves and flowers in colourful salads.

The greenhouse still has some tomatoes and one of the vegetable borders has salad leaves and a huge crop of parsley. The vegetable garden is made up of six raised beds. It is good that the garden is so different as it gives us an opportunity to try different things.

As well as a greenhouse we now have a potting shed, where hopefully we will be very busy come the spring! We found the yellow enamel sign behind some old pieces of wood that had been left behind. Unfortunately it does advertise Woodbine cigarettes, but the colour just gives a finishing colourful touch to the shed and I am all for recycling!

low water - grasses, mexican sage, succulents // Great Gardens & Ideas // - near front ditch so no-mow natural ball-catching fence!
via pinterest

Wallflowers and bulbs have also been planted. We still are in the process of planning the design for a smaller herbaceous flower border.  A few cuttings from our old garden have accompanied us. We have already realised that our planting plan needs to only include those plants that will withstand strong winds!

Our first border  (in a more sheltered area) has now been planted and I am hoping it may look something like this next year!

 Meanwhile Twinkle has now been let out to explore her new surroundings, she hasn't come across fields before! The top heavy conifer in the garden may have to stay as it provides a cosy look out! We just need to move some neighbouring branches that may attract the birds!

 What is growing in your garden at the moment?

Sarah x

Monday, 13 October 2014

Watching the waves

As we move into our second week of living in a new location our new favourite past time has been to watch the waves. 

We are used to the relatively calm bay of Weymouth 20 miles along the coast, and the waves by West Bay seem huge in comparsion, especially when the winds increase as they did mid-week!

In stormy conditions you can really appreciate the power of the sea and feel how challenging it must be at times out on the ocean waves.

On Saturday morning the sea had returned to a calm state, and it was wonderful to wander along the  sandy beach, with the waves this time gently lapping the shore. These pictures haven't been altered the colours really were this bright!

In the harbour the boats colours and shapes were reflected in the water. At the weekend many of the boats were pulled out of the water for the winter. We stayed and watched this well organised operation. It made the task look so simple and the boats so light!

 I still can't get used to passing the harbour and seeing the boats bobbing in the water every time we go out in the car!

The boat hire by the river on the other side of the harbour was still under water following the heavy rain we received.We will have to wait until next summer before trying this. Based on our skills of rowing it is likely to turn into an adventure!

I am still not managing to keep up to date with getting around to visit everyone. Thank you as always for your lovely comments. Wishing you a good week.
 Sarah x

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Settling in

Thank you for all the good wishes about moving, as you can see we have arrived! Moving day went remarkably smoothly, although we were shocked when a very small removal van turned up!  Luckily a larger van followed a few minutes later. We ended up only needing the larger van ... our decluttering must have helped!

The picture was taken on a walk further up the hill from us, looking back towards West Bay and the Chesil Beach and the Isle of Portland to the right.

Above is the sea view from our  new home - the  ragged edge  of  East Cliff  is eye catching and watching the colour of the sea constantly changing has been a welcome distraction from the unpacking.

Down at sea level West cliff looks equally as dramatic, as many families enjoy some autumn sunshine.

 We have unpacked all the boxes and we are enjoying our new home now we have more time to relax.  Initially it felt like we were on staying in a holiday home but had brought all our belongings and furniture with us!  Twinkle is settling down well in her new surroundings. I don't think it will be long before she is demanding to be let out! Our son and daughter's boyfriend joined the three of us for the weekend and we even found time to visit one of our favourite cafes at Eype, which is now in walking distance.

We have inherited a huge grape vine, spending a few moments sitting underneath it in the sunshine makes me feel that I am in the Mediterranean! We shall be busy trying to convert this crop into juice and wine. Does anyone have any good recipes?

Now the house is sorted we can start to plan where to plant all the cuttings that came with us from the old garden!

We will also be taking many more walks along the seashore, hopefully with you alongside too!

You have to dream before your dreams come true.-A. Abdul Kalam
 Sarah x


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