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It seems a long time since I did a gardening post! Our new garden is very different to our last garden. Unlike our previous garden it currently only has a few flowers.  However, I was pleased to see this nasturtium - something I haven't be able to grow for years due to the slugs and snails. We have already been enjoying eating the younger leaves and flowers in colourful salads.

The greenhouse still has some tomatoes and one of the vegetable borders has salad leaves and a huge crop of parsley. The vegetable garden is made up of six raised beds. It is good that the garden is so different as it gives us an opportunity to try different things.

As well as a greenhouse we now have a potting shed, where hopefully we will be very busy come the spring! We found the yellow enamel sign behind some old pieces of wood that had been left behind. Unfortunately it does advertise Woodbine cigarettes, but the colour just gives a finishing colourful touch to the shed and I am all for recycling!

low water - grasses, mexican sage, succulents // Great Gardens & Ideas // - near front ditch so no-mow natural ball-catching fence!
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Wallflowers and bulbs have also been planted. We still are in the process of planning the design for a smaller herbaceous flower border.  A few cuttings from our old garden have accompanied us. We have already realised that our planting plan needs to only include those plants that will withstand strong winds!

Our first border  (in a more sheltered area) has now been planted and I am hoping it may look something like this next year!

 Meanwhile Twinkle has now been let out to explore her new surroundings, she hasn't come across fields before! The top heavy conifer in the garden may have to stay as it provides a cosy look out! We just need to move some neighbouring branches that may attract the birds!

 What is growing in your garden at the moment?

Sarah x


  1. It's so exciting to have a new garden to play with and make your own. I fear we may all need to accommodate strong winds the way the climate is going. Take care x

  2. That's very clever of you to grow pussy cats in your garden Sarah :o) Twinkle looks very happy there. The nasturtiums I grew from seed this year have suddenly put on new growth too- such a lovely fresh green on the leaves at this time of the year when everything else is dying back. I had forgotten you could eat them so thank you for the memory jog. Very exciting to have a new patch to get to know and explore ideas for. Will look forward to seeing how it progresses and I'm sure it'll be beautiful, as your old garden was xx

  3. Oh Sarah! Heaven on earth! Isn't it wonderful to plan it all and to imagine what it will be like! Consulting garden books, looking at other gardens and get ideas of it or see what you certainly are not aiming for! Twinkle seems happy too! I would not mind about the vintage sign - cigarettes or not it is nice anyway! (I do not smoke...) My nasturtium will be torn out tomorrow! Mind you it is not at all blooming anymore but like you I love the extra color in the salad and absolutely love the taste of the "capres"! Have a good time and make your dreams come through! Christa

  4. It's all looking lovely, what a beautiful place you live in now. CJ xx

  5. Oh Sarah, it looks so pretty! Twinkle looks soooooooooo happy! Ahhh, Nasturtiums... I just love them...
    I love the last photo.. Enjoy!

  6. Looks like you have settled in well to your new home and surroundings. Those fields backing on to your garden look lovely.
    We were in your area a few days ago, well, sort of near...we actually stopped at Morrisons in Bridport for a pit-stop, lol.

  7. I think Twinkle is going to have lots of adventures in this new garden, even your potting shed looks magical.

  8. It looks and sounds as though there will be lots of lovely times to be had in your new garden! I hope that you enjoy it. xx

  9. Lots of potential for some fun there Sarah!

  10. Hi Sarah,
    your garden is beautiful! And your veggies look great, the tomatoes seem to be big ones!
    Twinkle is such a Beauty, she loves to hide in the garden green like our cat :O)
    Here now autumn is coming, abd all veggies are gone .... in summer I have salad leaves and tomatoes too, and strawberries , blackberries and red currants are growing then.. Chives and parsley I have all the year through in pots. But this is all, because we only have a tiny garden. In summer I have red peppers and courgettes in pots on the patio ;O)
    Enjoy your harvest and have a lovely week!
    Hugs to you,

  11. A beautiful garden, Sarah - and a lot of chances for something new!
    Gook luck for the cat - it is wonderful, that she now can stroll trough the fields.
    We have still a lot of swith chard and noone will eat it!


  12. I am very jealous of your potting shed and the sign is fab! Your lettuce is very colourful and pretty xxx

  13. You Know! I've always said...You can have the loveliest
    house on the planet, but, lf you have'nt got a cat, it's not
    a home...!
    And, Sarah, it looks as though you have that in order!
    Your photos/pictures always look so lovely. And, l've lived
    in Dorset, a very long time now, would'nt move for the world!

    And, Twinkle...Looks like a little star...! Bless!x

  14. Your nasturtiums look wonderful Sarah!
    I'm on the other side of the world and I've got them growing here too. In fact we've had so much rain followed by warmer sunny days, that they have taken over an area of our garden - like triffids!!!
    Twinkle seems to have settled in and is taking a great interest in his surroundings.
    Wishing you a happy week

  15. Your new garden looks full of potential for you to put your own mark on it, but also it appears to have some good bones. I really like the raised beds with the gravel pathways, and also the views of open countryside beyond.

  16. Not a lot is the answer although the hardy geraniums are still hanging on. Lots of foliage but very few flowers. I have some Nasturtiums in a pot still going though. Delicious - I agree!

  17. Lovely post Sarah. I love your garden and what beautiful views you have overlooking the fields and downs at the rear. I'd love a little potting shed and a greenhouse but my garden is simply too small. Enjoy! P x

  18. A new garden, a different design, new plants, a greenhouse and a potting shed, what else should we want. I envy your 6 raised beds, it looks nice and tidy. In our country we grow our vegetables just flat in the soil. I think the English way is much better.
    And a new experience for your cat, she will get used to and love it too.

  19. Haha, when I first saw those tomatoes, I thought they were pumpkins!! Your shed looks great and what a fab sign ...
    M x

  20. HAAAHHAHAHA! Hello there, Twinkle! What a darling photo of her, Sarah! And what a sweet potting shed you have! You must be loving your new home by the sea - yes, coming home to a place like yours has to be a celebration of coziness and happiness! Thank you for coming to visit me and I just love seeing your new garden! Many hugs, Anita

  21. Oh how I covet your greenhouse! My garden is put to bed now, I just planted my tulip bulbs and now I can't wait for spring! Twinkle is adorable. Have a happy week xox

  22. It seems that your new garden has different things to offer you. I like to try something new and I'm sure that all of you, including Twinkle will find a great pleasure to experiment new garden adventures.

  23. I think you are going to have fun gardening at your new home! We had a lot of wind in Kamloops, and one of the plants that we had were ornamental grasses. They withstand the wind, and they also look pretty when it's blowing. I'm a bit sad about my garden right now, as the slugs have eaten away at my fall kale crop. I think I'm going to have to pull it all out.

  24. Twinkle looks very cute in the conifer! Looks like you have a great garden already. The leaves are being blown off the trees right now and my lovely potted red acer was looking beautiful until today. Also saw a Ladybird in the leaves on the ground. I'm going to have to get rid of my greenhouse as it wont fit in the new place (garden is too terraced and small and greenhouse is too big) so if you know of anyone who would like it please let me know.

  25. A potting shed I am exciting is a new garden :-) I have loads of ideas for our alas they will have to wait for the house to be done. I have a stream a steep banking, and a soggy lawn to redesign. But will look forward to seeing yours bloom. Annie x

  26. Everything looks lovely.

    As to what is growing in my garden, NOT MUCH! Water restrictions do not allow me to water the garden. My mums are blooming all over the garden though and I am not sure how they are surviving.

  27. Hi Sarah, your new garden looks lovely and I can't wait to see how you change it all! Love your potting shed, wish I had one, and your greenhouse...all very exciting moving to a new home with new views....enjoy it all! Sharon x

  28. I'm enjoying starting our brand new garden from scratch. I have some Ruba rubosa to plant in the next few days, when the weather dries, and warms, up a bit! Hopefully hide the oil tank and good for the birds and beasties too. I love your new potting shed, wow! Juliex

  29. We've talked about putting up a greenhouse just to overwinter all my potted plants. I'd love to be able to start plants from seed, too. Your new garden must be exciting for you--a chance to try out new ideas. I love Twinkle!. I had a cat once who'd climb to almost the top of our arborvitae (at least 30 feet) and poke her head out like that.

  30. Weeds and washing in my garden at the moment, and lots of both!!! Don't do to much to the garden because you never know what might pop up and surprise you in the spring!!! Looking at Twinkle peering into the distant field, my guess is you are at the top of that hill!!! I hope you are somewhat sheltered from the very strong winds today? Enjoy your gardening! X

  31. Neat a greenhouse. I miss my home grown tomatoes. Love your photos of Twinkle. She looks very interested in her new enviorment. Happy gardening. : )
    Here in my garden, the roses are still blooming. With beautiful Fall weather in Southern California is a great season for them. My butternut vine is still producing. : ) Maybe a few more. I'm trying to grow carrots in potted containers. Looking at some new roses for the garden.
    Have a wonderful day and rest of the week too.

  32. Yes we are close to the top of the hill! The winds weren't so bad yesterday - they were stronger in our first week! Sarah x

  33. I can see that the garden has lots of potential and I love your potting shed - plenty of time over winter to do lots of planning to make the garden your own. What a lovely view you have too.

  34. I can hardly remember what my current garden was like when I took it over - we've had the same house now for 23 years - but it must be exciting to be able to plan how you will make the new place your own. I have seven raised beds much like yours, so I will be interested to see what you grow in yours, and how.

  35. Such a lovely post Sarah.
    I have been thinking about you, there in your new home.
    It sounds as though you are settling in nicely.
    Delightful photos of your cat, having fun exploring the new garden and trees.
    I can imagine that you would need plants that grow well near the sea.
    love your raised veggie boxes.. my son has them too, ever so efficient.
    I didnt know that you could eat nasturtium leaves! amazing.
    Those tomatoes are so big..
    Super potting room. You sure will be busy there in the spring.
    wishing you lots of happiness ... best wishes val xxx

  36. I assume that the veg you've got has been left behind by the previous owners? Very lucky, you can't go wrong with a big clump of parsley and, not sure about the size of those tomatoes, but they look like a meal in themselves! (I also thought the one on the left was a pumpkin.) Loving the potting shed and the light that you have there, you've got the perfect set up now. Pinterest is fab for inspiration; that's a wonderful combination of drought tolerant plants in the inspiration for your 'calm' border: I've got perovskia, echinacea, lavender, verbena bon. and carex grasses growing among euphorbia with spreading succulents around the front. I like the idea of adding some artemesia though, or possibly santolina. I'll be watching your garden develop with great interest! Have a good weekend, Sarah. Caro x

    1. Yes we were lucky to have some crops left by the previous owners! We have another two huge clumps of parsley one is flat leaf so I will have to make some pesto. We bought the santolina for our garden rather than the artemesia! Sarah x

  37. I can't wait to watch from afar as you develop your new garden.

    Growing in mine? The last of the marigolds and the cosmos, and some unwelcome herb robert seedlings.

  38. My garden is winding down for season. I had planned on sowing fall/winter veggies but forgot. Oh well. Your vegetable garden looks wonderful. I'm sure Twinkle will find lots of cat-sized spaces to squeeze into. :o)

  39. Dear Sarah,

    Your new garden is looking wonderful and love the raised beds and the potting shed and looks like you are going to be set with the tomatoes, parsley and salad greens. Twinkle looks like she has settled in well and must be fun exploring over in the gorgeous fields. I have some roses that are blooming and will share soon.
    Many thanks for the kind visit and note you left me. It brings comfort to read the words.
    Happy weekend

  40. Your garden looks lovely Sarah and I just love your potting shed. It's so clean and organised

  41. Sarah - your new home is oh so lovely. I want to hang out with you in your lovely potting shed. Twinkle is adorable. I look forward to your new gardening adventures. Our gardens are winding down and getting ready for the winter. The zinna's and cosmo are still blooming as are a few rose bushes. I hate to say goodbye to them as the frost moves in. Cheers!

  42. Your new garden appears to be just as lovely as the last one! and might I add your shed is so nicely decorated and organized. Hope you are well Sarah :).

  43. I've been looking back through your recent posts. You have moved to a specially dramatic bit of the coastline and it seems you have taken over a very special house and garden. (Grapes!) The potting shed looks very flash.
    About tree following. It's a rolling project so, when you've had time to settle in and take a look around . . . do feel free to chose a tree to replace the one you've left behind.


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