Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The quieter side of Sorrento

Sorrento is located on a cliff overlooking the Bay of Naples in South West Italy. It became a tourist destination in the 18th century, as one of the places to visit on the Grand Tour. (The Grand Tour was a traditional trip taken around Europe by wealthy young men.) It is still a very popular holiday destination today and has a wide range of hotels and visiting cruise ships that anchor in the bay. Although there are many sights, it is also nice to find quieter places to roam.......

We loved the fisherman's harbour at Marina Grande and returned here several times to enjoy the atmosphere, watch the fisherman at work and enjoy fresh local sea food.

We kept meeting this cat, who seemed used to posing for pictures!

 This old mill, located in a deep canyon in the centre of the town, was a peaceful location - but we couldn't find anyway to reach it.

Sorrento lemons are well known for their size, strong flavour and high content of lemon oil. It was lovely to walk in this lemon grove and enjoy the scent of so many lemons. Many of the lemons grown in this area are used to produce the limoncello, a liqueur and after dinner digestif. It tasted so much better than the version that I made here!

As I mentioned in my last post our hotel was perched above the town, away from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by olive groves - such a peaceful location. It might have been a short steep 15 minute walk into town, but living on a cliff it felt like just being back at home!

 Hotel La Badia is located is the highest building to the centre right,

Thank you everyone for your messages of support concerning my sister-in-law, they were so much appreciated.
Sarah x


  1. This quieter side is so lovely. I felt like I was almost there through your fine photography. I wish you could have found a way to that old mill in the cleft. Such intrigue it holds.

  2. I have never been to Sorrento, but my parents-in-law went once and enjoyed it a lot. It looks lovely. I think I would also prefer the slightly out-of-town place - especially with a view like that!

  3. Wonderful photos. I was right there with you, with Dean Martin crooning that Sorrento song in the background.

  4. Looks so beautiful, Sarah. I showed my husband and said 'One day we must go here!'. Thanks for sharing your holiday photographs. That poor cat looks as though it's been in the wars, though.

  5. I also appreciate quieter places to roam. Sorrento is a very famous coastal town and a lovely destination.I'm so happy you had a lovely stay and took so pretty photos to share with us.

  6. Lovely photos. Thank you for the tour, Sarah!

  7. It is wonderful to see more of Sorrento again! xx

  8. Lovely photos - I enjoyed 'visiting' Sorrento here!

  9. Lovely photos of a beautiful location. You sound like me in that you prefer the quieter areas away from the hustle and bustle. xx

  10. Oh Sarah, you too were on such an enchanting holiday! There is nowhere quite like Italy, NOWHERE! My time there 13 years ago was magical.

    I just got back from my holiday in Carmel, California. I love how each coastline has its distinct qualities of beauty,natural resources, culture. Anyway you look at it however, the sea is rife with life and beauty. Be well! Anita

  11. I really really want to go & think we shall 1 Thank you Sarah x

  12. Oh you went on your Italy trip! Hooray, I will enjoy reading all about it! x

  13. Soooo lovely, Sarah! Thanks for posting. I'm so glad you had a good trip...and shared with us xx


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