Friday, 30 September 2016

Through the garden gate September 2016

Time flies by so fast, I only realised this morning that it was the end of month, and I hadn't taken any recent images of the garden or written my monthly post. Luckily the sun decided to shine today it wouldn't have looked quite the same in the rain!

The star plant this month is Gladiolus Callianthus. I have tried at least three years to get this bulb to flowers so I was delighted to discover the first flowers appearing on it this week. It has a lovely scent too.

Michelmas daisies are also in flower, this variety Helen Picton is one we recently bought from Holbrook Gardens, I love the colour, it is such a deep purple.

The sedum too provides so much colour at this time of year, and the penstemon we bought as a cutting variety unknown for 50p a year ago, has been flowering for months.

I only have a small patch for a cutting garden but it has provided us with a bunch of flowers each week since June. The ammi visnaga I grew from seed (that looks like cow parsley) has been a great success. This variety is so much larger and prettier than ammi majus, the structure of the flower is incredible viewed from upside down too.The cosmos and dahlias provide a contrast in colour and shape of the flower.

The rest of the vegetable garden is looking full, we have a wonderful crop of leeks and the courgettes although showing signs of mildew are still cropping. We have again not been keeping a watchful eye on the crop this week and now have 3 over sized specimens to eat. The achohca seeds I received from Caro have been very productive and have been an attractive addition  growing up bamboo canes in the vegetable garden (see far left.)

 The grapes I showed last month have turned black, with a quieter week hopefully next week, we can make grape juice and may also try making some wine.

The sun was shining through the leaves on the blackcurrant bush this afternoon the leaves, show a clear sign of Autumn! What has been the best thing in your garden in  September?

It is amazing that it is two years ago today that we moved here, as I said at the start of the post,time flies especially when you are having fun!

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Sarah x

Monday, 26 September 2016

Down in Devon

  We have just returned from a wonderful week's holiday in Dartmoor in Devon. It is one of our favourite places to visit. The scenery is wild and beautiful, walking across the moors you are treated to some amazing scenery - weather permitting! We spent several days just walking on the moors.

Which way now?

Merrivale stones

The presence of autumn could be seen all around us with the bracken turning colour. 

 We also spotted various types of fungi.

 Most of the sheep, cattle and ponies on Dartmoor are free to roam. You often find them standing at the top of the Tors. On our walks we came across many Dartmoor foals that were born earlier in the year.

We stayed just outside of Tavistock at a holiday cottage that we have been visiting for many years and has been featured here before. It was our 16th visit, we first visited there 20 years ago and to celebrate this our son joined the three of us, just for the weekend. It was lovely to share memories and create new ones too! Have you returned to somewhere special many times?

One morning the  autumn sunshine filtering through the trees and the mist was just so magical..........

One evening we visited Brent Tor to watch the sun set. A church has existed on the top of the Tor since the 12th century,  Dartmoor is full of legends and there are several different versions of why the church was built here. Unfortunately it was covered in scaffolding so it didn't look as picturesque as it usually does, but the views from 1100 foot above sea level, were breathtaking.

It may look like rabbit's ears poking up but they definitely belong to Tavi!

Next time I will share pictures of the North Coast of Devon, in the meantime I am having a huge pile of ironing and some catching up of blogs to do!
 Wishing you a happy week.
Sarah x

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Holbrook Gardens

When we were redesigning our front garden in our previous home we came across Holbrook Gardens in Devon. Their style of naturalistic planting appealed to us and after visiting them we came home full of inspiration and plants. It is extremely remiss on our part therefore for it to take over 10 years before we visited this amazing garden again!

As you can see the colours particularly at this time of year are spectacular! They really are a feast to the eyes, in every direction.


Needless to say we came away again with great plans and inspiration to change our new front garden. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have some of these lovely bright flowers brightening the view from the inside, instead of the gravel?

New front garden

And something more like we created previously ? What do you think? Is your front garden a feast for the eyes too?

Old front garden
Thank you for all your recent comments. It was fun to read about your filming experiences too, especially Vagabond's encounter with Clint Eastwood.

 Enjoy your week, until next time,
Sarah x

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Lights, Camera, Action!

Throughout the summer the outside scenes for the third and final series of Broadchurch have been filmed in West Bay.

One evening last week I went down to the Bay to enjoy the sunset, which was quite magnificent as you can see...

The film company were also around, preparing for some night time filming.

When we moved here almost two years ago, they were competing the filming of the second series, so we didn't have time to observe what was going on.  This year I have occasionally been around the harbour when they have been filming and have stood and watched. It is surprising how long it takes to set up and record a scene that will be shown for a minute or two. There are also so many people involved in the production.

The rain and dark doesn't stop the filming....

As the sun set earlier in the week, the huge spot lights came on and showed West Bay in a completely different light. 

West Bay is no stranger to filming -' Harbour Lights' which featured Nick Berry as the harbour master was filmed here in the 1980's and in the 1970's the opening scene of The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin. This location has always been one of the stars!

Have you ever watched anything being filmed for television or a film?

Sarah x

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Through the Garden Gate August

Another glimpse of the garden unfortunately posted a few days after the end of the month...

 We have many insects visiting the garden this month, it is lovely to hear the hum of the bees as they collect pollen from the flowers.

The caterpillars of the white butterfly haven't been such a welcome sight they have devastated the nasturtiums

The garden can look so different in different shades of light the one above and below was taken when the sensor lights came on.

 Whereas the early morning sunlight gave the neighbouring hedgerow a golden glow especially against the darker vegetable garden and cutting patch.

The cosmos and verbena are the stars of this month in the flowering garden,

I bought a mixed selection of Cosmos seeds from Sarah Raven this year. Although they are lovely I think I prefer the double variety I had last year. What do you think?

The roses are producing a second bloom. This one is called Burgundy Ice.

I always enjoy having flowers with more autumnal colours in the garden at this time of year .

 We have had a huge crop of tomatoes with four different varieties, they all have a unique taste, which prevents us feeling overloaded with them.

Thank you so much for all the suggestions you gave me of what to do with the courgettes. We have had some delicious dishes. We only had two plants one green and one yellow one. I'm just so glad the yellow one isn't quite so vigorous!

In another corner of the garden the grape vine on the pergola has been producing so many bunches of grapes. We have enjoyed sitting under the shade but we probably should have reduced the leaf canopy more thoroughly to allow the grapes to develop more. Oh well there is always next year!

What has been the best thing in your garden in August?

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Thank you for all your recent comments it was interesting to read about how life saving at sea operates in other countries. I have been struggling to get around to visiting everyone lately, I thought I was going to have so much spare time after giving up work!

Sarah x


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