Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Through the garden gate March 2017

The garden has made a remarkable transformation in the last month, so much has started to reappear from plants to bees and butterflies. The birds seems to be singing constantly in daylight hours and we are already appreciating the longer evenings.

The first tulips have appeared in the garden with the promise of many more to follow, these grape hyacinths have been a uplifting sight from my kitchen window.

Some flowers like the crocus have appeared and disappeared in a short space of time.

 These daffodils were a new addition to the garden.Having failed to find any Thalia daffodils last Autumn I was initially attracted to the name of these Sailboat daffodils- the swept back petals look like sails catching the breeze.  At one point this month they had to contend with gale force winds. The casualties of this were taken inside to admire and filled the rooms with a beautiful scent. Do you have a favourite daffodil?

March has also been a busy time in the garden. We ordered 750 litres of  composted cow manure from a local farm. It arrived when my daughter was away in Tenerife and with my husband still recovering from his operation the job of putting it on the beds was left to me!. The beds did look good  when I had finished and then when Monty Don, on Gardeners World recommended this job, it felt good that I had already achieved it!

I have previously shared my cutting flower border with some fruit plants. In one of those moments of
direct action I decided to remove the rhubarb and gooseberry to a different part of the garden and have gained so much more space for flowers! This is probably just as well with the number of seeds I have just started to propagate!

Same views as last month just much greener!
The garden is erupting in so many different shades. Plants or seeds from friends are always treasured. The white honesty flowers are from seeds that fellow blogger CT sent me.

 The start of Spring is such a wonderful time these daffodils brightened my day and made me smile ,  I hope they brighten yours too!

If you want to join in with Through the garden gate each month please let me know in the comments below and I will add your site. Those participating this month so far are :-

Coastal Ripples

Rusty Duck

Glebe House Garden

Urban Veg Patch

 Thank you for the supportive comments about dear Twinkle they gave us such comfort.
Sarah x

Thursday, 23 March 2017

A tribute to Twinkle

Yesterday was  a sad day for us. we had to say goodbye to our beloved cat Twinkle.

If you think of life as a play she held the role of director in the family. She knew how to keep Daisy and then Tavi in check, was a reliable time keeper reminding us that meal times were due, and provided a calming influence most of the time! She rarely appeared in the limelight but her antics brought us joy, laughter and fun.

Twinkle and Daisy

Twinkle and Tavi

A cat in a bird's nest

We first met her when she was about six months old when she started to appear in our previous garden. She seemed fascinated by our West Highland Terrier Daisy and often appeared on the fence. Then on our son's 16th birthday as we sat in the garden after school she came into the garden injured. We rushed her to the vet who told us that she was 9 months old, was pregnant and had been hit by something possibly a car or a person. We put up posters and went from house to house to find out where she had come from, but although she had been spotted by others no one claimed her.  We never did discover what had happened to her but she never appeared to be frightened of vehicles and would sit at the bottom of the drive watching the cars,buts and lorries go by. She was however very frightened of men apart from my husband and son and would hide away when any workmen or male friends came into our home. One of her eyes was damaged and over the years her sight deteriorated.

There was one instance when we were planning on taking her to the cattery before we went on holiday that she took matters into her own hand, escaped into the garden and found a good hiding place. Luckily our neighbour offered to feed her while we were away and she never went to the cattery again while we were on holiday!

We were concerned that when we moved that she would not like her new surroundings and despite already living with us for nearly eight years she might disappear. She did however love her new home, the neighbouring field provided a good place for shrews and the fence posts provided a good look out . Luckily, she never, as far as we were aware, ventured as far as the cliff edge or saw the sea.

Last year her breathing became more shallow and we had to inject her every day, she still however enjoyed the pleasures that she had previously enjoyed. Over the past year we have had many occasions when we thought that she wouldn't make it but each time she managed to bounce back. Last month we had numerous visits to the vet and had to inject her 3 times a day, her heart-beat was so fast the vet couldn't count it. Yesterday on returning home from a walk with Tavi we discovered her lying in the bedroom in pain and unable to move, the vet confirmed that the kindest thing would be to put her to sleep.

The house feels empty and quiet without her,  when we opened the door for her she would always meow her thanks. The passing of pets can be so sad but we had the privilege of being chosen by her to be her human companions and share our lives with her for almost ten years. Rest in peace little one.

Sarah x

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Spot the seagull!

Another week has flown by with a lack of many images at the moment! I am currently walking our neighbour's dog with Tavi in the mornings, while she recovers from a nasty fall in the mud. With two dogs who love balls there is no spare time to stop for photos as well! We did manage a trip over to Lyme Regis and enjoyed a walk along the shore, despite the greyness of the sky!

There seemed to be more seagulls around than humans! 

It feels more like spring everyday, the garden is calling and as the Green Fortnight I am involved in draws nearer there doesn't seem much time at the moment to stop and stare.

I do appreciate your visit, normal service will resume soon!
Sarah x

Monday, 6 March 2017

My town

What are the favourite things about where you live? Obviously the highlight for me is living by the sea, but I also love the town of Bridport, even in the winter - let me show you some of my favourite  buildings.

This is Bucky Doo Square and is always a hive of activity on a Saturday morning with live music and it is the place where everyone congregates at times of celebration, such as the famous annual Bridport Hat Festival ....

The oldest building in Bridport is the Chantry dating back to the 1253. It was once used as a Priest's house. The Council have recently put it on the market, it is a shame that it will fall into private hands.

Bridport had a strong dissenting tradition - this led to many different non-conformist chapels being built in the town during the 18th and 19th century. Following a recommendation from Brenda at Brenda I have been reading many of Tracey Chevalier's novels. Even my husband who is not usually interested in historical novels has been enjoying reading them. I was quite surprised when I picked up The Runaway to discover that it started in Bridport and mentions the Quakers Meeting House. Has anyone read it?

Bridport Quakers Meeting House

 The Unitarian Chapel in the Garden has a lovely dove cote outside and inside upstairs the box pews are now used to sell donated second hand books. I always love to rummage through old books, you never know what you may find. Looking the opposite way and facing each other is another magnificent church!

The Methodist chapel is now the popular Arts Centre,

The Electric Palace is another popular entertainment location. It was the second cinema in town and opened in 1926. Today it is used for films and also for live music. The art deco interior is wonderful.

There has been lots of work going on around Bridport during the winter. it makes it difficult to take a picture in some locations!. The pavements are been dug up by the Electricity Board,

There are many winding streets and further places to explore.

There are many independent shops which make shopping a pleasure and a unique experience.

I should point out that it is not usually this empty! We were up early on a Sunday morning while everyone else was probably still in bed!

I would love to hear about your home town too.
Sarah x


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