Burrow Farm Gardens

One of our favourite gardens to visit is Burrow Farm Gardens, just over the border in Devon. I have featured it many times before, but there is always something different to see, so I'm sure you won't mind seeing it again too!

I love the way they borrow the amazing landscape that surrounds the gardens. Notice the thatched cottage in the distance and the combination of leaf colours edging the path.

As you walk towards the view it feels like you are looking out of a huge window!

I don't think I have seen a green cone before. It was quite eye catching!

Pink peonies

Pink azaleas

There were wonderful smells, and it was a treat to see this mistle thrush and listen to its song.

 Hope you enjoyed this visit too. Have you been anywhere special recently?


  1. A beautiful garden and such beautiful photos! Such vivid greens and pinks. This is one to add to our list. Best, Jane :)

  2. Yes.We went to Bodnant Garden in N Wales last Saturday.Less than an hour from our house.

  3. I love the green and vibrant colours. We are still in the greys of twig and trunk. It is cold and wet. The grass is green now though. Maybe the leaves will be out soon. I live in hope.

  4. Lovely gardens and beautiful photos of it!

  5. Oh my goodness...now that my husband and I have been watching Escape to the Country and other British shows, we have fallen in love even more with your countryside. These tours you host Sarah are just delightful and I truly hope that my husband and I will visit your country one day. What open spaces and brilliant colors!!

  6. So much to love in that garden. I think May is such a perfect month to visit gardens.The peonies are definitely my favourite . B x

  7. Beautiful! It looks so green and lovely and all those flowers are just gorgeous!

  8. What a beautiful garden :)

  9. What a garden! Love it!


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