Through the Garden Gate July 2019

I try and capture images of the garden throughout the month to share in this monthly post. In July it seems due to the heatwave and lack of rain that the flowers have appeared and gone so quickly ...

I usually give my Campanula Lodden Anna a Chelsea chop (at end of May), this year I only cut those branches in the centre and the earlier flowers have been wonderful and full of bees too!

The lavender has flowered and now gone over, we had a lovely scented morning removing the dead flowers and we managed to save some of the lavender petals to scent the house.

My favourite rose 'Felicia' had so many clusters of flowers, we are waiting now for its second flowering, which won't be quite so magnificent but will still be welcome.

The view from the back and side of one of the borders, excuse the dog toys they seem to appear all over the garden!

Under the bay tree catmint, alchmellia mollis, yellow loosestrife, daises and yellow grass.

Whoops the campanula seems to have sneeked into several of the pictures. This time it is accompanied by Black Knight buddelia, echinops, pink phlox and allium sphaerocephalon,  I have been impressed with this allium, the bulbs seem to increase in good numbers each year.

Looking back in the other direction, the meadow in the background has turned golden.

This pink hollyhock originally bought from Lidl is another plant gets better each year. Some of the blooms were affected half way through the month with high winds but after rushing out to tidy them up they have survived.
 Clematis Julia Correvon
We are also have some wonderful clematis flowers that are still flowering.

Clematis Prince Charles

The cutting garden is full of cosmos, dahlias and day lillies.

In the vegetable borders we have been enjoying broad beans and this evening have had our first potatoes from the garden.

We have a glut of tomatoes from the greenhouse. I need to make some chilli jam urgently  that's after I have made a 1st birthday cake for the Discovery Centre. We had a early birthday present last week when we reached 20.000 visitors! Throughout the past year I have started many blog posts and never finished them. I'm glad  I have still been able to continue "Through the Garden Gate", thanks to the knowledge that other blogging friends will be joining me.

What are the highlights in your garden this month?
It is always wonderful to see other gardens and watch their development during the year. If you want to join in with Through the garden gate each month please let me know in the comments below and I will add your site, it is always fantastic to see a range of gardens from all around the world, and share our love of gardening.

Do take a look at Pam's English Cottage Garden who has been part of "Through the Garden Gate'  for the past few months. Not only is it situated in Pennsylvania but her garden this month has had a photo shoot for a national magazine, been part of a TV show and she has also won an award for her gardening writing!

Or take a trip over to Jersey on the Channel Islands and visit Barbara's lovely garden at Coastal Ripples.

Or take a visit to Lancashire and visit Margaret's Patch.

Or travel further and visit Diana Cape Town, South Africa at Elephant's Eye in False Bay



  1. It's absolutely glorious in your garden, a summer explosion of flowers and greenery. These are the sorts of photos I like to look back at the depths of winter to remind myself how wonderful summer is. The hollyhock is a triumph. I have a wonderful white wisteria that I got from Aldi a few years back, and a couple of roses too that I planted at the allotment. Your tomatoes are brilliant, I'm very envious. I have a few outdoor ones on the go, but they're never particularly productive. I'm growing some very dark ones this year (Indigo Rose) and I can't tell if they're ripe. Also, I'm not sure if anyone (except me) will bring themselves to eat one. They're quite novel though. CJ xx

  2. Good morning Sarah! It seems like every year, I glean more out of summer. It may be age/wisdom....whatever it is, it's pleasant yet bittersweet. I have become more in tune with the types of flowers available as well as changing out some of my typical color and placement patterns. So this year in an attempt to try something new, I discovered something even better for next year. Gardening is about looking at the future while admiring the present. However like you all, occasional heat waves then cooling down with lots of rain has seemed to confuse our plants!

  3. The flowers are glorious. My favourites here are the hollyhocks.

    I will have an abundance of tomatoes this year. That jam will be on the menu!

  4. What a lovely post and images - I especially love the hollyhocks clambering the fence with all the vegetable beds beneath - heavenly

  5. Loving all the colour mixes in your garden this month. Such a beautiful rose and your campanula is magnificent. Your cosmos looking good too in your cutting garden. I can imagine the scent in the evening must be glorious. B x

  6. There are some beautiful colours in your garden, Sarah and that campanula looks very much like the one I have in my garden. I have picked the first tomatoes from the allotment this week too. I am finding it harder to find the time to blog too, I compose lots in my head but never get around to writing them up! At least I have managed to do a garden blog this month

  7. I'm glad you were able to capture your flowers in photographs before they disappeared! They are beautiful! Many of flowers went out of bloom sooner than usual here, too, because of the heat.

  8. Your garden is gorgeous!! Our harvest has been a bit poor this year. The beetroots and courgettes have really struggled though the peas and kale have been never ending. The tomatoes are taking their time to ripen. Best, Jane x

  9. Congratulations on the first birthday of the Discovery Centre and the number of visitors!

  10. Stunning pictures, Sarah! How I envy your hollyhocks! And thank you for mentioning my blog! P x

  11. Running late - lost our internet for the strategic few days.

    1. Sorry you lost the internet just at the wrong moment! Sarah x

  12. Beautiful garden like always!! I love to see all the colors and shapes of these flowers. Your photos are lovely!

  13. Your garden is like a dream. Lovely pictures!

  14. I also appreciate your motivation - then glance out of the window and sadly realise I missed photographing THAT before it faded.

  15. Hi Sarah, my name is Tina and I write a gardening blog from Texas (US):
    On my blog, I have a page with links to regular garden memes and Diana Studer graciously pointed me to your meme and I've added it to my calendar of gardening memes page:

    1. Hi Tina, Thanks fo doing this unfortunately I can't see anything on your blog/


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