Through the Garden Gate June 2020

June is a wonderful time in the garden when everything seems to be blooming!  The double poppies I buy as seeds never appear, where-as the ones that seed themselves have appeared around the garden in a variety of colours from red through to pink and purple.

It has been a good year for the oriental poppies we have had more flowers and unlike other years they weren't so badly hit by rain and wind when they just start to bloom. I love to watch these flowers unfurl and observe the insects visiting them.

Perry's White oriental poppy

Pink Ruffles oriental poppy

The borders now look so full with a variety of plants and colours and smells.

I pruned this clematis back in March it must have been at the right time as there have been a multitude of flowers.

Rose Apple blossom

June is the month for roses, these are just a small selection!

Rose Iceberg

 Rose Dortmund

The vegetable garden has been doing well too. We have been enjoying a wide selection of lettuce and salad leaves as well as new potatoes, broad beans. chard and purple-podded peas. The runner beans have taken off, as they reach for the sky!

With more time on our hands, a spur of a moment idea can be brought into immediate action. Hubby suddenly suggested removing the bay tree. It has brought so much more light into the garden and  opened up our the vista of the meadow, We have already noticed so many birds in the meadow as it is easier to track their flight. The remainder of the tree will be removed in the Autumn so the underplanting isn't further damaged.

 What have been the highlights in your garden this month?

It is always wonderful to see other gardens from around the world and share our love of gardening. If you want to join in with Through the garden gate please let me know in the comments below and I will add you below.

Hope you are all staying well and safe.


  1. I would love to have a go at this - my last two posts would fall under your title of Through the Garden Gate for June - though mine are titled differently and hope I can keep up each month.
    Lovely to see your garden - it is always a treat.

  2. Now I see why they talk about 'tall poppy' syndrome.
    They are imposing. My red volunteers have been overwhelmed as the garden has filled in.

    It is amazing how the garden steadily obscures the view. I look at old pictures and realise I need to cut that back, hard, so we get that slice of view again. I love to see into the distance.

    1. Hot off the press on a winter day

  3. Amazing the difference of a little bit of tree removal. Bays do get out of hand and it’s lovely to have the light and the view. Your borders are looking so mature now. I’m loving the clematis and lupins particularly . Do you cut your poppies back or pull them out and start again each year? B x

    1. I pull the seeded poppies out is that where I am going wrong? The Oriental poppies are just cut back.

    2. No we pull out our seeded poppies too. It’s the oriental ones you cut back.

  4. Your poppies are lovely and it's a beautiful view on the meadow now.

  5. I’m joining in for June. Gardens are lovely at this time of the year.

  6. I love the blooms in your garden. I'm joining in again for June.

  7. The absence of the bay transforms the atmosphere of that part of the garden. It looks very old though, with an interesting trunk.

  8. Ahhh...I needed that. Just glorious!

    That ruffles is quite something!

  9. Oh what a difference cutting down the bay tree makes. It really does open up the view. I like the trunk still standing, it adds an odd focal point.

  10. What lovely poppies, Sarah especially the ruffles! I only have one poppy in my garden at the moment, I might have to get more. How lovely to have the field at the bottom of your garden, it must make it seem much bigger. Here is my garden blog for June

  11. I just love poppies and here on the island they grow wild´s lovely!
    Beautiful pictures you share with us :)
    Love from Titti

  12. I always enjoy reading about everyone's gardens!


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