Favourite monthly flower

I love gardening and have many favourite plants in my garden, and I have set myself a challenge of choosing just one to as my favourite flower of the month. This will be difficult to do in June and July with some many to choose from!

January - Hellebore (lenten rose)

Februarry -Snowdrops

April - Tulips

May - Apple blossom

Roses - I couldn't choose a favourite!


Liliac and white phlox


  1. These are all beautiful choices!! My personal favorite is the peony, with roses coming in at a close second. Hugs ~ Donna E.

  2. In this time my favourite flower ist Helleborus orientalis, the lenten rose. All the best for you Edith from Germany

  3. Lilacs are truly my favorite flower and scent in the whole world. I have two large bushes outside my bedroom window so the wonderful fragrance fills the room, night and day.

    Growing Lilacs is hard here because we don't often get really cold weather, so early January every year I dump a couple of loads of ice at the base of the bushes to freeze the ground. Works wonders!


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