Sunday, 18 September 2016

Holbrook Gardens

When we were redesigning our front garden in our previous home we came across Holbrook Gardens in Devon. Their style of naturalistic planting appealed to us and after visiting them we came home full of inspiration and plants. It is extremely remiss on our part therefore for it to take over 10 years before we visited this amazing garden again!

As you can see the colours particularly at this time of year are spectacular! They really are a feast to the eyes, in every direction.


Needless to say we came away again with great plans and inspiration to change our new front garden. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have some of these lovely bright flowers brightening the view from the inside, instead of the gravel?

New front garden

And something more like we created previously ? What do you think? Is your front garden a feast for the eyes too?

Old front garden
Thank you for all your recent comments. It was fun to read about your filming experiences too, especially Vagabond's encounter with Clint Eastwood.

 Enjoy your week, until next time,
Sarah x


  1. Such a beautiful garden! My garden lacks colour this time of year.

  2. Hello Sarah! I so understand about those bright delights in the garden. We just came back from a great walk enjoying the late summer color that is slowly dying away, but seems to be putting on such a great show. Oh how I love the earth's bounty!

  3. Holbrok Gardens, another beautiful place to visit. I don't think my frontgarden is a feast for the eyes, it is just water, gravel and Hydrangeas. I love all the vivid colours of these beautiful late summer gardens, it's too dry last 2 months and I have not been watering the garden.....
    Regards, Janneke

  4. Holbrook Garden is pretty and I love seeing all the different colorful flowers thriving together...the kind of garden I have not succeeded in growing yet. Recently, I have been appreciating all the shades of green in plants and thinking I need to focus more on them in my planting. A few days ago I posted photos of a friend's garden. She and her husband used many textures and shades of green in their planting over many years. There are shows of color in berries and leaves at this time of year, but overall the greens embrace benches and chairs around the edges of the yard, inviting one to sit and be soothed by green. Mostly I am thrilled with just keeping whatever I plant alive! xx

  5. have Californian orange and Flanders red poppies singing out front!
    I like to share that part of our garden with people walking past.
    As I in turn enjoy wandering past neighbour's gardens.

  6. How fabulous! I have high hopes for my garden once Izzy grows up...

  7. Such a gorgeous garden with so much colour. My front garden is the Tarmac where cars are parked sadly. We do have hanging baskets on the wall and a trough to make up. I'm always envious of colourful front gardens. If you've got one make the most of it is my motto :) B

  8. Holbrook Gardens looks gorgeous! Gardens here in Canada rarely live up to the beauty of the ones you have in the UK. But right now there is one garden in BC that is getting lots of attention. It's the garden at Government House in Victoria, which will soon be hosting Prince William, Kate and their children. Here's a link to the article.

    1. Thank you for the link. It is a wonderful reward for all those volunteers. I'm sure their wonderful garden will be seen all over the world. Sarah x

  9. Several years ago we removed our lawn because the voles kept decimating it and put down gravel. I made several round garden beds, though, in it and add pots of flowers every Spring for added color. Now I'm thinking of adding small boxwoods to fill in around the circles because it feels like too much gravel!

  10. Lovely display of flowers Sarah, all lush and colourful with many different shades of green too. As I look out into our front garden there is a great second cropping of dandelions sprouting forth, time of the year I suppose and if it stays mild we might even see a few primroses out too. Oh by the way Holbrook Gardens is near Tiverton in Devon not Somerset :-) xx

  11. We have had such a hot, dry summer (in central North Carolina) that no garden is looking its best! But for me, the Cannas are my hot summer winners. They never complain and keep on flowering!

  12. We can always rely on rudbeckia to brighten up any spot. Smashing Sarah.

  13. It's good to visit other gardens and come away with ideas for your own. Our front garden needs brightening up in the border next to the front door. I'm going to dig everything out and start again, but I haven't decided what to do with it yet.

  14. Such beautiful flowers! Nice photos ♥

  15. Holbrook garden is inspiring, and I agree, it is nice to have colour in autumn as well as spring/summer. I'm always inspired in spring, and it has worn off by autumn! Gardening blogs help me not to lose enthusiasm!

  16. I had some unexpected rudbeckia come up this year and it has brightened the fall garden beautifully.

  17. Oh, I poor Thing have no frontgarden, only a hill! The pictures from this garden are wonderful, I have not seen this garden.


  18. There are some lovely colours in Holbrook Gardens at this time of year. Most of my flowers are fading now, it's really just the dahlias and japanese anemones that are looking good. I love to see the heleniums. Mine are just going over now but they really are the stars of my main flower border in late summer. The bees love them.

  19. Holbrook Gardens looks amazing and how lovely to have found a gem filled with inspiration and colour. And open gardens are perfect in that way, you can visit and be inspired to make changes in your own garden. Our front garden will go through quite a lot of change next year. A lot of hard work but hopefully rewarding. :)

    Thank you so very much for this beautiful post about Holbrook Gardens sweet Sarah and have a lovely weekend.♥


  20. Every garden you show is beautiful!

  21. Colour this time of the year is hard but we're not doing too badly here. Love all the photos. Great to have a place that inspires xx

  22. I simply loved all of your pictures, the garden looks lovely.

    I like your header picture too!

    Have a great weekend, perhaps enjoy an Autumn walk if the weather is good!

    All the best Jan

  23. I'm with Jan, the photos are so lovely. I also prefer a more natural looking garden with plenty of color, a garden you can relax in.


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