Following a tree in May

On the last visit to following a tree I was promising apple blossom in the next post ........

It was however, not to be! I had to photograph our neighbours tree instead as there was not even one flower on our tree!

The blossom on the ground is from the neighbouring trees. The last 2 years we have had a huge crop of apples to the extent that we have still been eating them 5 months later. Our apple tree has usually had alternative years of a smaller crop but we have never before had none. Could this be because the mistletoe has started to grow? Only time will tell......

I did notice this snail on one of the branches. I didn't realise until afterwards it was so battered!
Snails can cause damage to young fruit trees, it is best to place a coarse substance (coarse coffee grinds, grit or crushed egg shells around the base to discourage them). Our garden provides such an abundance of food that they have taken over and go everywhere!

 This magnificent tree below was one of my options for following a tree this year. I pass it on the way to work and I just had to capture, from afar, it's first fresh leaves.

The cow parsley is now in flower and lining the sides of the country road around here. I expect as usual in the next week or so, the council will be out cutting it all down before it has reached it's prime! I will be making the most of appreciating it while it is still there!

I am not going to predict anything for my apple tree next month! To see other tree followers visit Loose and leafy.

Sarah x


  1. Hello Sarah:

    How lovely is the apple blossom and how sad that there should be none on your own tree particularly as you have had much, albeit more on some years than others, in the past.

    Equally wonderful is the cow parsley. It lined the lane which led to our house in Herefordshire and was always a delight at this time of year. Happily the local authority seldom cut it since the road only led to a farm where it petered out.

  2. What a shame you had no blossom when it has been such a good year for it.

  3. The cow parsley is lovely at this time of year isn't it. What a shame about the lack of apple blossom. Maybe you're tree is having a rest this year. I love the shady shot taken underneath it, such beautiful contrasts in the light. The snail shot's good too, isn't it wonderful what you can find when you look through a lens.

  4. You live in such a beautiful place! Sorry to hear about the lack of apple blossom. Ours didn't have many last year, due to a late freeze. We had it pruned this winter because there were some dead branches. This year it's better than ever, so I hope it was a one-off thing. Interesting to see the snail close-up. I found a snail shell in some old potting soil in a planter last week, but I don't think I've ever found one with the snail still living in it.

  5. I always thought that apple trees needed a rest period every other year. I know mine only produces a large amount of fruit every 2nd year. Maybe that's why??

    Happy Sunday!

  6. Some apple trees need a 'quiet year'. But definitely I would ask a fruit tree-expert in your region.
    Oh, I love the cow parsley, too! Together with the grazing cows it is a wonderful photo!
    Sunny greetings,

  7. How lovely to see your tree, I hope that you get some fruit. I am no expert, but I don't think that the mistletoe would be affecting the blossom or fruiting, certainly not if the mistletoe has only just started to grow and is still very small. Lovely to see your neighbours blossom in any case! xx

  8. That is really interesting regarding the "no flowers" on your apple tree. Hope you will see some soon.
    Lovely photos of your surroundings. Lucky cows.

  9. What a pity you have no blossom on your tree. I've found a wild crab apple tree now as well as wild apple so I've been delighting in apple blossom lately.

    Do the council cut even along the lanes where you are? Luckily here they only decimate the verges of the main routes.

  10. They always cut this road which is obviously a main road but it is used by many! Verge cutting has received over the past few years with Government cut backs but this route isn't exempt yet! Sarah x

  11. It just shows how you can never expect anything and be delighted by something new...that's gardening. So sad your tree didn't flower as I think this year has been marvelous for apple blossom. Love you new banner photos. I don't think the cow parsley is out yet here on the coastal path.

  12. What a shame that you're not going to get any fruit this year! The pear tree here has dropped all the 'bits' (technical term!!) left after the blossom so I've just been looking on the RHS site to see if I can find out why. Apparently some trees that put their energy into blossom one year have nothing left for the following year! As opposed to my pear tree that hasn't fruited once yet! I don't suppose your neighbour will have fruit hanging over the fence, by any chance? ;)

  13. Dear Sarah,

    How beautiful the apple blossom tree is and must be such a gorgeous time of the year there.
    Shame you have not any flowers on your tree this year and hopefully they may come later. I do remember the great crop you had last year.

  14. Poor, exhausted tree! But interesting too. If you hadn't decided this is the tree you will follow you would have passed it by in your posts. We seem to be getting two trees for the price of one - you can't resist the tree in the field.


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