Through the Garden Gate August 2017

This month it feels as if we have had more rain than sunshine.


At least the plants have enjoyed the conditions and continue to grow and flower.


Sweet peas and osteospermum

This year the sweet peas have been magnificent they have been flowering continually since June and I have picked so many bunches. The stalks have even stayed long, I used the same packet of seeds as last year too, with much better results.

Irish Spring Rudbeckia

My dear daughter always buys me plants for my birthday or Mother's Day. This year her theme was yellow and they have added a golden touch to the garden!

Playing with the camera I noticed the details of this lacecap hydrangea isn't it beautiful?

Our two apple trees are full of fruit. I helped pick Discovery apples from the tree in the Community Orchard and it has been wonderful to enjoy eating the first of the English apples that are now appearing in our greengrocers.

Our grapes are beginning to change colour, you can notice the changes on a daily basis and we are now experiencing a runner bean glut. We have been enjoying a runner bean curry which was recommended by our son, it was surprisingly good!

Finally I'll finish with the usual views of the garden, what are the favourite things in your garden this month?

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Sarah x


  1. Such glorious blooms, Sarah. Our tomatoes are ripening now. Delicious.

  2. Lovely! I even sprayed my apple tree this year and still the worms are in half of the apples. Izzy loves to eat the apples that fall to the ground and has become very possessive of them. God forbid I should pick any of them up! lol xox

  3. I have several purple flowers in bloom this month--one of my favorite colors in the garden. It has been cool here for August so things look a little more lush than usual. Your garden is lovely!

  4. It's looking gorgeous Sarah, that photo of the cosmos is absolutely stunning. We've been enjoying British apples, including home and allotment ones too. I like the look of the runner bean curry, I'll definitely give it a go, we love veggie curry here. We've just had a big garden tidy here so I'm a bit more in love with things out there at the moment. Pots have been moved around and things trimmed and neatened up. I've finally managed to grow a dahlia which the bees are loving, and a couple of bay trees that I grew from cuttings are doing nicely. Rain today, which will water everything so I don't need to! CJ xx

  5. All looking lovely at your place, Sarah. I love the colour of the penstemon and hydrangea close-up. We've had some glorious weather recently and the zinnias have been looking amazing. Pouring with rain today, though, which is also good for the garden!

  6. I am loving the cyclamen from last year, which has just started flowering, their colours are a welcome addition to the garden. I have loads all saved from last year and now planted around the plot.

  7. Hey Sarah,
    I always adore Cosmos at this time of year. I have four varieties blooming in my garden this year, and they bob in the breeze most elegantly. Sadly my sweet peas were a disaster, so no heady bunches to bring inside. I've had to settle for bunches bought from the greengrocer in Hayle.
    Leanne xx

  8. Hi Sarah, you are a farmer! ;) We have no apples, only slugs and snails, a lot of rain and 30 ° today, I feel like dead.
    Nice idea from your daughter, to give you yellow flowers,I love this colour very much!


  9. Darling Sarah, good morning! Well then, you all as well have had more rain than sun, like us! Our August felt more like late September, and now that September is coming, it's starting to get hot again here!

    Nonetheless, your flowers are beautiful. Happy day!

  10. I am glad to see that you have had some sun! Everything looks to be flourishing. I'm envious of your apples, ours are too young to bear fruit yet. But we did get two peaches!

  11. Here is mine

    There were golden yellow daisies on the mountain today, and a sister to the Blushing Bride in yellow.

  12. Such pretty flowers.. stunning. Those apples look delicious.

  13. Hello Sara, passing by to see the news.
    Everything is very beautiful here.
    I loved the flowers.
    Good entry for the month of September.

  14. The Cosmos is gorgeous - I didn't grow any this year and have missed it. I only just managed to buy Sweet Peas as everyone had sold out and so they are only just coming into flower - but better late than never! Your garden and produce are stunning.

  15. We make a runner bean in tomato sauce pasta dish which is good to eat.

  16. Yes it would appear that there's been more rain than sunshine. The flowers never seem to complain and life goes on all around us. Very lovely photos indeed, warm greetings to you.

  17. Such a lot going on in your garden still. Our sweet peas have done well too although they are just going over now. Love the shot of your hydrangea. I've finally done my post, just in time!
    B x

  18. Oh wow, your garden is sumptuous! What amazing grapes, apples and beans! We have had sooooooooooooooooooo many apples and pears but we can't reach the pears and they just plop onto the lawn and mostly have to be thrown in the compost. The poor worms were all scrambling to get out- I think the fermented air was too much for them!x

  19. Sarah - I'd say those flowers are in enjoying the rain - simply beautiful. And yes, I too love that photo of the lacecap hydrangea - it is like something from the sea, very magical. Thanks for taking us out to your lovely garden. xo

  20. Your garden looks gorgeous, makes me long for summer. I love the apples and the photo of the lacecap hydrangea looks really interesting, I'll have to look at hydrangea flowers more carefully now. Enjoy the rest of your warm weather.

  21. So lovely...every picture is a blooming masterpiece!
    Have a happy weekend now.
    Love from Titti

  22. So much colour there Sarah, it looks lovely. Ours is fading a little now although still lots of insects using the blooms. Xx

  23. We have a runner bean glut too, but I love them, and the ones we have this year are so tender.
    Lovely photos of your flowers and fruits, and the hydrangea done in macro detail is lovely.

  24. September link for you


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