A blaze of colour

When you discover there is space in your garden for some new plants and need some inspiration then a visit to a garden is a good way to find the perfect plant.

Our plans for visiting Burrow Farm Gardens. on the Saturday of the Bank Holiday weekend were nearly called off when we awoke to find damp and dreary conditions. It must have put everyone else off, as we had the whole 13 acres to ourselves.

We had never visited at this time of year before, the azalea's were magnificent and their colours so eye catching.

The yellow one had the most wonderful scent and we kept coming across it in several locations in the garden.

The nearby fields were ablaze with buttercups. The fields near to us are also full of buttercups at the moment. There are so many in West Dorset with footpath access that a wander through a buttercup  field has become another of our annual events after the bluebells are over.

A final glimpse of Burrow Farm gardens, admiring the wisteria, before we headed to the nursery and bought four plants. I could have easily come back with so many more! I was delighted to find a Ozothamunus Rosmarinifolius Silver Jubilee. I first saw this plant at East Lambrook Manor over 3 years ago and couldn't identify what it was (see bottom right hand corner).
Flowers at East Lambrook in 2015
If you have enjoyed this visit and would like to see it at different times of the year see Rusty Duck's visit in April here, or one of my previous visits here. There are so many good planting ideas, at Burrow Farm Gardens that can be copied back at home.

Tavi wasn't so interested in the planting ideas!

 Wishing you a good week.
Sarah x


  1. Thank you for sharing! I'm so glad you did not let the wet day keep you away, what amazingly bountiful blooms and colors! And I love that last photo of the back of Tavi's head. Made me smile.

  2. What a lovely garden to visit. Mine sadly is not good for azaleas or rhododendrons so it’s nice to see them through your blog post. We visited Powys Castle a couple of weeks ago and they had the same yellow rhododendron. The smell is wonderful I agree. I must get busy on my through the garden gate post, nearly the end of another month yikes! B x

  3. A piece of paradise. It was a great time to visit! Just gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful and colorful flowers. I love flowers and wonder what the world would be if we didn't had flowers. I have never seen the Ozothamunus Rosmarinifolius Silver Jubilee before , thank you for sharing this photo. It's beautiful and exotic!

  5. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Love it...
    Have a sunny week, take care :)

  6. Good morning Sarah! Yes, our part of the world as well is blooming in PRAISE! How gorgeous is England...how I long to be there!

  7. I've just enjoyed ALL of last week at Chelsea Flower Show...No! Not actually their,
    but on the TV...Brilliant! Never been, but would love to...ALL the photos above are
    amazing, l love flowers all growing together in a blaze of colour.... A Blaze of Colour
    is about right to...Love them..! :).

    Did you catch this on TV or in the paper......

    1. Chelsea is always amazing too, I must go out in the garden and finish the Chelsea chop. Thanks for the report from the Sun - we missed that it never surprises us how stupid people can be on the cliffs! Sarah x

  8. What a difference a month makes!
    The ducks make a point of avoiding visitors apparently.. they were doing a good job with Tavi. The nursery tested my self restraint as well. They have some gorgeous stuff. But I can see a revisit is in order. It would be lovely to meet up there for tea sometime!

  9. Ozothamunus looks like an Australian cousin to our Metalasia (both with those flat pompom daisy flowers)

    1. Thank for the this information it does look a that,do you know how tall the Metalasias grow?

  10. What a beautiful garden ... I remember Jessica's Rusty Duck tour too .. Such a lovely garden in all seasons.. We are thinking we should be writing down these gorgeous gardens for a future visit. Tavi has his special interest groups..

  11. I think the best time to visit and photograph gardens are when you did! The colors stand out so much more. Gabriel would be right there with Tavi viewing what's going on in the pond and not the flowers.


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