Through the Garden Gate June 2018

The long days of June encourage so much growth and flowers that garden looks so different from day to day. June is always the highlight of the gardening year.

These beautiful ornamental poppy ' Patty's Plum only gave us a fleeting appearance.

It has been extremely dry this month, the water barrels all ran out a few weeks ago and we have only watered the plants that really need it.

Around every corner there is the wonderful scent of different flowers and the humming of lots of bees. The lavender has been as crowded as spectators at a football match!

                                                                                                                                                               The best time to wander around the garden is with the first coffee of the day or as the sun goes down
when the scents are at their strongest. 

In recent days these scents have been joined by the smell of the sheep in the neighbouring field who have been seeking out the only shade they can find under the hedge. They haven't been in this field since March and it really feels as if we are in the country awaking to the sound off the sheep ba-ing when we wake up in the morning.

    With a week of warm days we too have retreated to eat in the shade under the grape vine. 

We planted the cat mint and Alchemlia Mollis three years ago, it is only this year that it has created the display I had originally planned.

 The vegetable garden is also doing well despite our lack of attention.  With a month to go before the centre we have been involved in developing opens to the public, we haven't spent as much time in the garden as we would like. It is just as well our regular dog walks still gives us the opportunity to admire June's flowering treasures just like these daisies.  Thank you for bearing with my absence. I do miss blogging and visiting you all.    

What is happening in your garden this month? If you would like to join in with Through the garden gate each month please let me know in the comments below and I will add your site.  

See you soon!


  1. I love your grape arbor--just a lovely place to dine!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous summer flowers, they really are spectacular. The alchemilla mollis and catmint together are wonderful, and I bet the bees love the flowers. Pinks are one of my favourite flowers, your deep pink ones are lovely. The table under the grape vine is beautiful, I don't think I'd move from there. What a pretty colour the furniture is too, all cool and soft and perfect with the am and catmint. All very beautifully done. My garden could do with a little more time being spent on it to be honest. Lots of raspberries and tayberries at the moment. One lot of strawberries have finished, but I have high hopes for a later variety which will ripen any day now. My pots are looking quite nice on the whole, but needing lots of water. The beans are the best I've ever grown so far, don't know what I've done differently this year! Have a lovely weekend. CJ xx

    1. Our beans have been awful we had too many plants gave the spare ones to a charity plant sale and then most of ours got eaten! Sarah x

  3. Such beautiful blooms Sarah. Our blooms are just beginning and are nothing like your. Two weeks for peonies I suspect.

  4. I can almost smell your garden from here. Love the combination of the alchemilla and catmint. Perfect. Your lavender looks wonderful too. Such a pretty seating area, giving you much needed shade. I will be along later today with my post. The garden looked like a jungle on our return from holiday and it’s taking a while to tame. B x

  5. How true, that June is a long month of growth for a variety of plants, but the perennials give us such a short show. My climbing roses are BRILLIANT in their pink but are so fleeting....what a lovely garden setting you have, Sarah!

  6. Beautiful gardens ! I like the garden patio in your garden, a perfect place for a cup of coffee!

  7. Here is mine just, squeaked into June.

  8. So strange to read about you - with empty water barrels and sheep seeking shade.
    How beautiful those delicate poppies are!

    An Austrian garden blog I read cut back her Alchemilla and made a wonderful wreath

  9. Your seating area looks lovely and shady, Sarah. Our garden doesn't have much shade yet, we are planning to plant more trees.

  10. it is lovely to see such an explosion of colour & blossoms in your garden, as we are looking at thick frost and bare garden beds in June, here in Canberra. I remember your garden patio from last summer ... So lovely and cool on a summer's day. The poor sheep looking for shade ... and rather depressing that you too, do not have enough water at the moment. Good luck with the opening of your centre.. 😀

  11. You have a lovely place to sit under the grapevine! Here it's far too dry too, but what can we do, except of some watering, wait and see and in the meantime enjoy our gardens and the weather.

  12. Your garden looks beautiful, dinning under the grape vine looks bliss especially in this weather.

  13. I always sigh with pleasure over your garden. So beautiful x

  14. I have just changed a few settings in Safari ti see if I can comment now.

  15. Oh, I love the Patty's Plum, which I had in my "old garden." I love your sheep picture, and all the pictures, really, so summery and evocative, they make me want to be right there!

  16. I think the scents of June are perhaps the best bit - and the honeysuckles are particulary good. Love your dining area Sarah.

  17. I have just added grape arbor to my dream garden list!

  18. Hi Sarah,

    Your summer garden is beautiful and lovely to see so many beautiful flowers blooming.
    Must be lovely hearing the sheep baa in the field and the table set under the grape vine looks like the perfect place to dine alfresco.
    Happy Sunday

  19. Your garden looks like such a beautiful spot to sit and relax, especially the furniture under the grapevine - so cool and inviting! I'm always swayed by the loveliness of flowers at this time of year and must do better in planning ahead with mine for next year. Poppies are so fleeting aren't they? I've bought some somniferum poppy seeds for next year as I prefer the leaf structure after the flowers have gone. Good luck with the opening of the centre, I hope all goes well. xx

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