Through the Garden Gate July 2018

Only a few days  ago I was admiring the range of cosmos in the garden, they looked so good against a miniature buddleia and being in a rush I didn't have time to grab the camera. I did however manage to pick some to bring inside so I can still show you!

 Ths is the first heavy rain we have had for ages, it's a bit strange looking out through a wet spattered  window for a change! It's certainly good to see some rain, although  the  accompanied gale force winds aren't so welcome, they have played havoc in the garden and I haven't had a chance to discover the true extend of the damage caused.

 The rest of the pictures of the garden were taken a couple of weeks ago but they still show the garden in full bloom despite the lack of rain and limited watering.

Black Knight Buddleia, Annual Mallow and Persicaria

Persicaria and Verbascum chaixii Album

Persicaria with Echinops

A selection of scented geraniums with geranium ivy ruby twist
Verbascum chaixii Album much loved by the bees

Sweet peas still in flower

The cutting patch

 Thses Borage flowers have been constantly humming with the sound of many visiting bees.

 In contrast the neighbouring fields and edges of the cliffs are tinged with gold.

How has your garden been this month? If you would like to join in with Through the garden gate each month please let me know in the comments below and I will add your site.  

Back again soon!


  1. I’m glad you’ve got persicaria. It’s one of my favourites, it survives anything! Forgive me if I don’t post this month, we’re in total chaos here and I just haven’t had a chance. Back next month, oh gosh, I hope!

  2. The garden is gorgeous. The varieties you have together are beautiful.

    We have had heat advisories here for more than a week and they aren’t over yet. Global warming is getting real for even the most skeptic!

  3. Beautiful photos, and the contrast between the pretty colours of your garden and the golden fields and hills was also good. Yes the wind wasn't good! It is still breezy here, and we had blue skies and sun a few minutes ago, but I see it has clouded over again and must have poured down during the night.

  4. Sarah, it's good to hear that you all have received some much-needed rain! I've heard from so many Instagram pals from the UK that the drought has been incessant. Your garden however, looks as beautiful as can be!

  5. It seems strange to see so much brown in your part of the world. We had a dry, hot spell but now have more normal temperatures and rain. Some of my flowers have suffered for the heat and others have exploded in color. I guess as gardeners we learn to take the bad with the good.

  6. We had some very welcome rain, but like you said, the wind battered the garden a bit! I've been going around dead heading and tidying up after the stormy weather and things are looking a bit better now. At least it's cooler at night and we're sleeping better, the humid nights were so wearying. We also have a hosepipe ban coming into effect next week so the rain was very timely xx

  7. Just finished my post.

  8. England's green and pleasant land is golden.
    What a relief to see rain!

  9. Gorgeous colour in your garden. Echinops is lovely, something I’d like to grow. We too had heavy winds although only the trumpet vine suffered. So good to have the rain. The heat is building again now. B x

  10. Your garden is absolutely enchanting! Love all that color and despite little rain, looks very lush to me! Also love those golden fields! What a glorious place to walk and romp!

  11. Your flowers are looking lovely despite the weather.. great to have rain , but not Gale force winds! Your yellow fields are pretty, but much too dry! I like seeing your photos of flowers as individuals with the names underneath .. good reference for me in summer.

  12. Dare I say I am glad of the cooler duller weather? I was becoming too idle by far and have enjoyed a few active busy days clearing out my studio. The garden is overblown and blowsy now but still colourful. You have a lovely selection of plants!

  13. How welcome that rain was, but it will take a lot more rain to fill up the reservoirs. I love the colours in your garden, Sarah. Pinks, blues and purples are my favourite combination.

  14. We have had a VERY hot and dry summer here in Sweden. Too hot! No rain since May...
    Well now August har arrived - I love this time of year :)
    Love from Titti

  15. Hi Sarah,
    You must have welcomed the rain after the very hot temps you have been having over there.
    Your July garden is beautiful, love all your pretty flowers, and know how gorgeous the fragrance of
    the sweet peas must be.
    Happy weekend

  16. What a lovely set of photos. I especially like the burnt offerings of the cliff edge! Rain AT LAST today, not very much, but better than nothing.
    Please add me to through the garden gate.


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