Through the Garden Gate 2018

 It's that time of year again when I look back over the year in the garden and think about the future. This year the garden hasn't had so much attention due to our lack of time. I noticed looking back on the year, that the views were more of individual flowers rather than wider angles of the garden!
The garden had to endure heavy snowfall from "The Beast from the East" and drought conditions during the summer and recent gales. The drought did work in our favour because the plants and grass didn't grow so high or quickly! We did however run out of water from the water butts and we have recently added another two now making 5 in total.

January - Euphorbia Wulfenii 

February - a selection of Hellebores from Lidl which were planted in a pot. I replanted them in the garden  but unfortunately some did not survive.

March -  Blue Pulmonaria

April - Tulip, one of the varieties from Sarah Raven.

May -Mattihola incanula 

June -Ornamental poppy ' Patty's Plum it didn't last long in the heat

June - Rose Burgundy Ice

June - Sweet Williams, a wonderful variety from Sarah Raven

July - Sweet peas

August - Cream spider dahlia

September - Dark Blue Salvia 

Cosmos, dahlias and carrots (gone to seed!)

November - Smashed greenhouse  windows and broken fences. 

The only change we made during the year was to cut down the hazel bushes that were over 12 foot high, it really opened up the view into the fields giving light to the plants underneath. What have been the highlights in your garden this year?

So what plans for 2019 - nothing ambitious, we are hoping to spend more time in the garden and with a RHS Membership and garden tokens for Christmas I'm sure we will find some additional plants and inspiration to do something different. Do you have any plans for your garden in 2019?

Thank you so much to my regular companions who also invite us into their gardens each month and to everyone who takes an interest in what we are doing.

If you would like to join in with Through the garden gate each month please let me know in the comments below and I will add your site.  
Sarah x


  1. Beautiful photos, that June rose is sublime, and the dahlia too. I'd like more garden time next year, but it's often hard to make enough time I know. Great to hear you have an RHS membership and garden tokens, lucky you, you will enjoy them both. I hope you and yours have a very happy 2019. CJ xx

  2. Dear Sarah - what a lovely selection of flowers in your garden seen throughout 2018. Love the photo of the Sweet peas, and that pretty dusty pink Hellebore from Lidl, hope that one survived, but I don't expect you will know until flowering begins again in February - what a lovely thought.
    Wishing you and your family a really Happy New Year 2019,

  3. So many beautiful flowers! They are an inspiration in themselves to continue being creative in your garden.

  4. Wonderful photos. Your garden provided you with colour throughout the year. Enjoy gardening in 2019.

  5. Good morning, Sarah! I'm enjoying seeing bloggers go through each month of 2018 and to hear of the triumphs and struggles of their gardens. Due to what appears to be a shift in climate for all of us, our gardens are having to adjust to a number of strange changes! We here in Minnesota are experiencing a dry winter, with very little snow. Last year a similar pattern destroyed many evergreen shrubs and we are keeping our fingers crossed that this year will not be the same.

    Let's hope that the weather in 2019 will produce for us a spectacular garden season!

  6. As glasses are raised and fireworks explode into the sky, it’s important to recognize the special symbolism this holiday brings with it. A time of new beginnings and fresh starts also comes with a time of reflection. Whether your resolutions consist of keeping your hands out of the cookie jar or giving your heartfelt word to work on relationships with loved ones, it can take work. And it can make all the difference to put these hopes into words and warm wishes. Seeing is believing....
    God Bless to one and all.......
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  7. Such a great selection through the year, Sarah!

  8. Back later to read.
    Hot off the press

  9. Lovely to see highlights of your garden month by month. It has been lovely joining with you each month sharing gardens and plants. Wishing you a very happy 2019. B x

  10. Sarah, your gardens are sublime. Must be your climate. I have gardened for so long, I can't imagine what else I'd do. I think I'll plant more phlox this coming spring, but other than my waist high vegetable planters, that will be it. I have too many things to work on in the garden; the ever constant problems with the goldfish pond and powdery mildew that likes more and more plants every year. Those keep me as busy as I want. Happy new year! Donna@gather

  11. What a beautiful year in the garden for you (smashed greenhouse aside!)

  12. Hope your geenhouse is restored and dealing with winter weather.
    In a busy year I have been grateful for the motivation to record my garden each month, then to look back to earlier years and remind myself how it was meant / used to look.
    Happy new year!

  13. Very inspiring to see your garden through the seasons...hope you have a lovely restful holiday and a very happy New Year......a quote I read recently said ""In the New Year, may your harvest be plentiful and your friends and neighbours be good and kind.''

  14. A lovely look back on the year. I hope to be joining in again next month. Last year the blog lost its way somewhat with bathroom angst and then travelling. Both it, and the garden, need a bit more attention this year!
    A very Happy New Year to you both.

  15. So many lovely pictures and best wishes for a HAPPY 2019!
    Love, Titti

  16. Hi Sarah. Diana Studer commented on my blog: 'Why don't you join the Through the Garden Gate meme? Let more of us enjoy your garden.' So here is my contribution:

    1. Hi Denise, Your pictures are stunning, thank you for joining us! Sarah x

    2. Thank you Sarah. So nice of Diana to mention your blog to me, I look forward to reading all your blog posts.

  17. You take such good care of your garden. We are limited here since we live in a parsonage. However I do manage to have some flowers and a small vegetable garden. I plan in putting up some vegetable this coming Spring which here is the first week of May. Happy 2019 !!

  18. It must be difficult to pick only one photo to represent one month! Such beautiful blooms - I've been meaning to add a few Hellebores to the garden - they are just so lovely & would be a welcome sight in the spring. Perhaps 2019 will be the year when I actually get around to that :)

  19. Lovely pictures summarising your year in the garden. I hope 2019 is good for both of you.

  20. Oh, I did enjoy your post.
    What a beautiful selection of flowers in your garden.

    Happy New Year Wishes and Happy Gardening too :)

    All the best Jan

  21. Dear Sarah,

    Lovely to see your beautiful flowers over the past year - the Hellebores and Poppies are pretty.
    Your garden is always lovely and enjoy seeing what you have growing.
    Sorry I am late here, but wish you and your family a happy 2019

  22. Hi Sarah - it is so nice to see a look back at all your lovely flowers from the past year. It is so hard to pick a favorite, they all make me smile - except of course the broken glass. Wishing you a good new year and successful gardening! May I join your party - Through the Garden Gate? My gardens aren't formal and so sophisticated, they do bring me enjoyment. Last year we had too much rain that ended up killing a lot of long living plants. The year before we had a too little rain. Who knows what is in store for this year. I hope to expand our wildflower gardens this year. Best, Kim

  23. Oh my, what a lovely idea to post flowers from each month. And how nice to see them right now when things seem so bleak. Winter is not my favorite! Dreaming of spring. Thank you for this talk through your garden!


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