Through the Garden Gate February 2019

Welcome to our garden this month, we have been basking in sun for the last few days and the flowers have been loving it, just look at these amazing crocus. We bought the bulbs the September before last, they were the recommended star buy and it's not hard to see why, the bees are loving them too.

I'm a bit hesitant to mention "Spring" in the garden this month, shortly after posting last month's post  the garden ended up looking like this!

This year on our monthly visits into our garden I am going to concentrate on colour combinations. I have realised over the years that although my preference is on the blue, purple, pink spectrum, that my favourite combinations vary according to the seasons and the plants in flower at the time. Do you have any favourtite colours in your garden?   A yellow and purple colour combination looks so dramatic. One of my favourite garden designers Penelope Hobhouse once said :

"The ideal garden is one in which a collection of trees, shrubs and plants have been procured and allotted to the best space available and are so arranged and tended that they are seen to their advantage, each in relation to the other. Every plant, of whatever shape or size, should be chosen not only for its individual merits but for its power to enhance the charms of neighbouring plants by contrast or combination in foliage or in flower colour."

One colour combination that I am never comfortable with is yellow and pink as can be seen with these daffodils and hellebores growing in the woodland border.

 We have had a chance of spending more time in the garden this month, we ordered 600 litres of manure. It took two sessions to move it into the garden and prepare the vegetable garden for this year's growing season.

On of our weekly dog walks involves walking past a small holding.  We look forward to seeing what these lambs are doing. Their mothers seem to get exasperated with them and keep trying to call them away from here! This afternoon they were jumping in the air and chasing each other up and down the mound. 

The local wildlife experts have noticed that the swallows have already appeared. This is almost a month earlier than usual, have you seen any yet or any other wildlife sightings?

 What are the highlights in your garden this month?

It is always wonderful to see other gardens and watch their development during the year. If you want to join in with Through the garden gate each month please let me know in the comments below and I will add your site. 
Until next time!


  1. Hi Sarah - Those crocus are stunning! I too enjoy yellow and blue and purple in the garden, but I have to admit I also like pink and yellow. I love planting pink cone flower next to bright yellow sunflowers. Or pink zinnias and black eyed susan - that 's the great thing about gardening everybody had their own take on what they like and enjoy. The photo of the lambs is wonderfully adorable. I'm join along today here is my link. Best, Kim

  2. How delightful your garden is looking Sarah - I love the vibrant combination of the deep purple together the pale yellow of the daffodils, and how delightful your little pots are too showing off their flowers in this glorious February sunshine.
    I am enjoying my beds of spring Heathers which have formed tapestries of pinks, mauves, purple, and white.

  3. Your colour combinations always seem to work well. Those purple crocuses look stunning. We were so lucky to escape the snow and the last few weeks have seen it move rapidly towards Spring. I could do with a bit of that manure here. You should have good crops this year.
    My post is now online too. B x

  4. Yes I also like the crocuses but against the yellow of the daffodils.
    Here it is only one or two swallows that have been reported so perhaps only a few early arrivals. Many people have reported spring bees earlier than usual but not here in Devon, at least I havent seen any!

  5. Your spring flowers are stunning, Sarah. I have joined in this month, although I have little to show in my Pennsylvania garden this dreary winter. P.x

  6. Spring is taking hold there. Such pretty blooms. The lambs are adorable. I’d have to stop and watch them too!

  7. Sending some sun to that snow!

  8. If the swallows are early, are the insects also ready for them?

  9. I would love to join you every month to share how our gardens look. This month, all that happened is that we survived the rain!

  10. You garden is looking lovely in to sunshine. I haven't seen any swallows yet (or any lambs) but have seen quite a few large bumblebees in the past week so so and saw my first butterfly of the year a couple of days ago.

  11. I tend to go for pinks, purples and blues in the garden too. Later in the year I go for yellow too.
    One of my new borders has bright red and bright yellow geums in it and although they are lovely plants these colours seem too bright for the pinks and blues which are in there too. This is why when you read my blog you will see that I am going to have to move some plants because they are in the wrong place.

  12. Daffodils and hellebores as a combo is growing on me, although it did take a while and it does need to be the purple side of pink! Those lambs are so cute. What is it about sheep that they love to be on the highest point in their plot?
    I tried but failed to get a post ready in time this month. I shall do better in March.

  13. Thank you for adding my post to the link up. I have added a link back to your site so others can see the wonderful gardens from around the world.

  14. Your garden look´s just beautiful even in February, love the first picture...
    Have a lovely week!

  15. Swallows?? No lambs here in Argyll yet either but daffodils and pulmonaria and some prunus blossom. Your garden is a treat for my eyes until mine comes on a bit Sarah. (The late Christopher Lloyd was a great fan of pink and yellow but it's not for me.)


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