Through the Garden Gate April 2019

There is lots to see in the April garden, let's have a look around!

It's difficult to choose a favourite but this angelique tulip takes some beating. It looks as if it has been washed with  pink and white water colours.

The honesty is in full flower.

The fig tree is just coming into leaf.

The purple leafed elder Sambucus nigra Black Beauty is just coming into flower.

 The Granny bonnets ( Aquilegia)  have suddenly come into flower.       

The apple tree unlike last year is full of blossom.

The main flower border is full of forget-me-nots, tulips and euphorbia.

The cutting border also has lots of new growth, in the vegetable border the salad crop is
growing fast.

I can see where the saying busy as a bee comes from, the bees they have been buzzing around all the flowers and the  mason bee house, how many can you see?

 In the woodland area of the garden the washed up buoy is surrounded by bluebells. In the wild the nearby woods are carpeted in a blue haze the smell is wonderful!

What are the highlights in your garden this month?
It is always wonderful to see other gardens and watch their development during the year. If you want to join in with Through the garden gate each month please let me know in the comments below and I will add your site, last month we had such a range of gardens from all around the world.

Coastal Ripples

Pam's English Cottage Garden

Until next time!


  1. I love April when everything is bursting into flower. Your Tulip is gorgeous - I must make a note of it. We are in Scotland at the moment about to tackle the cottage garden- the weeds are everywhere - it must have been fairly mild here in our absence.

  2. The last of the snow disappeared last week. Everything is still brown here.

    Your garden is gorgeous. The first tulip is is so Monet!

  3. Interesting to see that you are having a good blossom year for the Apple as well. Hopefully a good harvest. Beautiful tulips and I always love your forget me nots. Must try again this year to get some growing they fizzled out last year. B x

  4. Your April garden is just lovely, Sarah. I forgot that in England you call Aquilegia 'Granny bonnets' -- a blast from my past. So apt. I joined in the fun again this month. Thank you for a great meme. P.x

  5. We have a few crocus growing and I can see the Peonies are starting to show one inch or so from the ground. Your bees are so cute!! Wish we had bluebells around here.
    Your garden is beautiful!

  6. It's lovely how everything is bursting into flower now. Aquilegias are one of my favourite flowers. I have joined with you again this month

  7. We have only started to be able to see some blooms and life again!! My gardens are still in process. Here is a post sharing my gardens- hope you like it!!

  8. We have finally past our last frost date (April 15th) and I feel like a horse who has been let out of the starting gate. The race is on! I am working as fast as I can to get things planted before the hot weather arrives. Here is my end of the month post showing the progress.

  9. Your main border combo of tulips, forget-me-nots and euphorbia is lovely! And you've reminded me I really need to get a fig tree this year.
    Here's my post:

  10. So green and beautiful! Yes it´s SPRINGTIME!
    Love from Titti

  11. It seems like a good year for the bee houses, we have one at the front of our house and it is very busy with red mason bees.

  12. April was all about tulips in my garden! My very favorite flower...and now they are gone until next year. Here is my post:
    Thank you, Sarah, these posts are always such a pleasaure to read...

  13. At last - I'm back online!

  14. Nothing is quite so beautiful as apple blossom - delicate perfection!


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