Through the Garden Gate June 2019

With a garden mainly dominated by hardy perennials June has to be the star month in our garden. This is despite us being absent for a week on holiday and adverse weather with lots of rain, high winds and now a heat wave - the garden seems to be  have survived! This is the 4th year since we created this garden. We will have a busy autumn and winter reducing the size of some of the plants before they take over the borders!

I love these pastel colours produced by these pink carnations, pink felicia rose, thyme and wargrave pink geranium.

Succulents seem to have become very fashionable and I have to admit I have started buying more.I just couldn't resist these Red Hens and chicks when we visited the garden centre this week for dog food!

 The garden is full of the smell of roses, honeysuckle and philadelphus, with the long warm evenings it is a good time to linger in the garden and enjoy the scent.

Elsewhere in the garden nature has also created it's own showcase, these daisies have self-seeded both sides of the fence the footpath is covered with them too!

One of my favourite colour combinations is yellow and purple/blue. In the front garden we have added this Crambe cordifolia (seakale ). The white flower just adds a lightness to break up the colour of the lavender, marjoram and hebe. 

The same colour combination can be seen from the kitchen sink, I must have been looking more at the washing up as I have just noticed a few leaves of bind weed. They seem to be just like Jack's beanstalk twining around plants so fast!

The hydrangeas are all in bloom, last year they suffered so badly in the heat so I am determined not to let this happen this year.

Back and front of the border... 

One of the seating areas with the cutting garden in the foreground.

One of the garden pots in full flower

The more vibrant border- the colours look more diminished in this picture rather than in real life,

 There is always so much to look at and admire just look at the wonderful patterns produced on the petals of the Ballerina geranium.

It's not just the humans that are enjoying time out in the garden. Our cat Jack comes home frequently covered in grass seeds and pollen!

Tavi on the other hand is more interested in a ball or chasing pigeons or sunbathing!

What are the highlights in your garden this month?
It is always wonderful to see other gardens and watch their development during the year. If you want to join in with Through the garden gate each month please let me know in the comments below and I will add your site, it is always fantastic to see a range of gardens from all around the world.



  1. Your garden is a feast for the senses by the look of it. Just gorgeous, Sarah.

    The hens and chicks are unique and beautiful.

    I am waiting for the peonies to bloom. Another few weeks I suspect.

  2. Your garden looks so mature now, it doesn’t take long. Some gorgeous colour combinations. I’ve noticed Philadelphus everywhere this year, clearly the right weather conditions. Love the ballerina geranium. Some of my favourite plants. Looking forward to hearing about your holiday. B x

  3. Sweet Sarah and TAVI! Hello little Tavi! I bet you enjoy playing ball in the sun! And Sarah, your photos are glorious. For me, the highlight of the garden this month is my rose climber. Out here in beautiful Minneapolis Minnesota, rose climbers seem to have been limited in my 23 years of living here. New varieties have entered into our zone or rather, our zone has warmed up a notch so the climber I planted three years ago is now yielding the most gorgeous pink blooms. I was also surprised to see how long our peonies lasted, giving me joy every single day. May your summer continue to impress your gardening plans and give Tavi endless summer play.

  4. The garden looks absolutely beautiful ! Crambe cordifolia is one of my favourite plants too :)

  5. We were in your very lovely part of the world (well, nearby!) in Penzance. Oh so very lovely. Now back here in the States with endless heat and humidity: but the garden survived thanks to my watering systems! Cannot wait to get back your way.

  6. Beautiful and well kept flower garden! Love to see all these gorgeous colors!

  7. I Love the red hens and chick but have never seen them around her. If I do, they will be in my shopping cart .
    Please add my name to the list.

  8. Your garden is looking very summery and gorgeous. I think the combination of green, purple and yellow in the garden too, it is lovely..I am growing succulents too, they do love our hot weather, but do seem to need re-potting after winter. We also have hydrangeas, tucked away in the shade, but they do get floppy quickly in the heat...however they are such lovely flowers in the garden, and in a vase, they are worth the extra care, in our hot summer months.
    Lovely to see Tavi with a smile on his face, and Jack seems to have grown int o a big cat!

  9. June is definitely the peak month for your perennial garden, Sarah. Mine doesn't peak until July. Isn't the weather crazy? I'm glad your garden survived in your absence. I participated in your meme again this month. P x

  10. Your garden borders are looking lovely, Sarah and yes how quickly they grow. I know I will have to reduce the size of some of my plants soon. The blue nepeta and Alchemilla mollis are one of my favourite planting combinations in my garden too. Here is the link to my blog:


    And now I can catch up on reading blogs. Diana is a BAD blogger, sorry.

  12. Jack is like Thomas, loves to bring the garden home.

  13. Lovely lovely pictures...your garden is like an dream :)
    July has started rainy and dull, let´s hope for some summer now!
    Greetings from the island & Titti

  14. Looking fantastic as always!

  15. These are really incredible photographs.

    Love the pets! ☺️


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