Through the Garden Gate October 2019

Another busy month is coming to an end and I have to admit that I have seen more of the garden from the inside rather than out! From the window it looked as if everything is coming to an end but take out the camera and look carefully there are still some treasures to be found in amongst the decaying vegetation!

 As you can see the sedum is still providing the main colour in the garden.

This beauty dusty pink chrysanthemum plant bought for 50p in the Spring has produced some beautiful flowers.

Back at the end of July I saw this Viper’s Bugloss, (echium plantagineum), annual on Instagram and visited Charles Chesshire's local nursery to buy it. Unfortunately he didn't have any plants but offered me some seeds promising me if I sowed half on them they would flower this year - he was right! They are smaller than the biennial variety of this plant that you can find on the roadside or on the Isle of Portland.

Most of the plants that are still flowering in October are originally from seeds I planted back in the Spring and have taken some time to fully develop such as ammi visnaga above and the Shasta Crazy Daisy below.

Not only did I manage to find some flowers to photograph but also picked a bunch of flowers before the rain returned.

It's half-term here this week I have been collecting and pressing some leaves ready for some Autumn children's craft activities in the Centre.  It is amazing what pictures can be made using just one leaf.

What are the highlights in your garden this month?
It is always wonderful to see other gardens and watch their development during the year. If you want to join in with Through the garden gate each month please let me know in the comments below and I will add your site, it is always fantastic to see a range of gardens from all around the world, and share our love of gardening. 

Sarah x


  1. Today I was looking at a beetle with soft brown pleated leaves - you mean wings Alison smiled at me.

  2. Everything is sleeping here and the only bloom I had this month was a perennial aster. It didn't bloom until September and its purple colour was a bright spot in the garden.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Children are so creative, I am always amazed by how they see the world. They will enjoy the leaf art activities, I would enjoy them too.

    My summer garden plants will all end tonight. The weather will be dropping to 26 degrees (F) for three nights in a row. This year I am tired and ready for a rest. Winter has my permission to come (like it ever cared about what I thought anyway).


    Please add a link to my end of the month garden.

  4. What a gorgeous collection of jewels in your garden. The chrysanthemum is a beautiful shade. Hope your children’s workshop goes well. B x

  5. I still love collecting leaves and pressing them even though my grandchildren have got past the age of wanting to do crafts with me. I managed to join with you and do a blog post this month.

  6. So pretty!

    I like the little butterfly. 😊

  7. You always have such pretty flowers in your garden. This week I am in the house in Georgia and have been trying to find good fall foliage, but with the drought last summer, the leaves turned brown early and color is hard to find.

  8. Love your leaf pictures, especially the hedgehog. I miss hedgehogs -- none in this country. Sorry I didn't participate in the meme for October. My computer was being repaired. I did an early November entry to catch up. P. x


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