Through the Garden Gate November 2019

Another month has flown by and unfortunately, I haven't spent much of it in the garden. Looking out of the window it doesn't look that inviting until you get up close!

Our variegated holly bush has grown so much over the years and it proves a welcome colourful highlight. It is also not so prickly as the common variety,

The bird feeders have been busy, it is so lovely to watch the birds while eating breakfast, the majority of our visitors are blue tits, the robin seems to be outnumbered and isn't ruling the roost!

Is it just me or are some leaves hanging on for longer this year?  (the picture below isn't from my garden but I had to capture it on while trying to find an unflooded path for a dog walk last weekend!)

The hazel leaves are just turning colour and the sedum is going over.

Primroses are back in flower although seem to have been eaten, a few roses are still making an appearance. We have had such a wet and windy November.

We do have some salad growing in the greenhouse so hopefully, it will continue to thrive and give us some welcome salad leaves during the winter.

Sorry I'm late this month - I got distracted by the amount of mini plastic items I picked off the beach yesterday in just 20 minutes! This time I brought them home to use to demonstrate what is turning on the beach after stormy seas.

What are the highlights in your garden this month?
It is always wonderful to see other gardens and watch their development during the year. If you want to join in with Through the garden gate each month please let me know in the comments below and I will add your site, it is always fantastic to see a range of gardens from all around the world, and share our love of gardening. 


  1. How lovely to have the salad leaves still. My veggie patch hasn’t fared well this year. Thank goodness for the evergreens. Hopefully you’ll have more time for your garden next month and fingers crossed for drier weather

  2. Last time we walked on the beach I came across the abandoned bottom of a sandwich box (from a picnic lunch?) Just a nice size to carry to pick up those menacing bits, and the expletive deleted cigarette butts!

  3. Such an interesting holly and not as prickly is a great thing. My female holly is thriving but the male bush died this summer. It never took off like the female bush did. I’ll buy another male this spring.

    Our oak tree has leaves now, even after our fist major snowfall. There are few leaves left overhead along the trails.

    Your garden continues to look pretty.

    I rarely see anything along the beaches. Maybe I am not looking closely enough. That will change.

  4. I thought I was the only one who picked up trash while out walking. Beer and soda bottles are what I find. It really irritates me.

  5. Oh, please add my site to your list for this month's garden update.

  6. Its not often we get to the beach so I am quite amazed by all that plastic you found. I'm a little late but have done a post .


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