Through the Garden Gate July 2020

Another month has flown by! In July we haven't spent as much time in the garden as before as our lives have slowly expanded outwards as more restrictions are lifted. (Some seascape and garden posts to follow shortly!)


Quite by accident, our collection of roses flower at different times. These Felicia roses have been flowering while other early roses have taken a rest and are now coming back into flower.

The mixed flower borders are still full of colour and flowers. Nature has also taken a hand in the design with the orange montbretia appearing from nowhere. I rather like the contrast in colour but will have to watch that it doesn't take over this part of the garden!

Herbs are also an essential part of the garden with rosemary, marjoram and distant chives providing an additional flavouring in the kitchen as well as being popular with visiting insects. 

The productive garden is providing us with welcome additions to the kitchen too, sometimes in greater quantities than we can eat in one go! It took a while to prepare this huge pile of runner beans for freezing, but it was enjoyable preparing them while sitting in the garden with the heat of the late afternoon sun on my back.

It is so difficult to choose a favourite flower in July as there are too many contenders! Other favourites not mentioned above include this beautiful unknown pink dahlia (I have lost the label) and the Navy Blue agapanthus that we have recently acquired from a local plant nursery.

In the front of the house, the new planting area we created in lockdown is flourishing and gives us an excuse to have a coffee break while watching the wildlife fly from plant and plant and enjoying distant views of the sea and the famous 'Broadchurch' cliffs.

 What have been the highlights in your garden this month?

It is always wonderful to see other gardens from around the world and share our love of gardening. If you want to join in with Through the garden gate please let me know in the comments below and I will add you below.

Hope you are all staying well and safe.


  1. The blue agapanthus is gorgeous. Of course, I like pink dahlia, too. Although it is a lot of work with dahlias, digging them for winter and planting in the spring. Have you got many varieties of dahlias?

    1. Yes we do have a number of dahlias which are almost in flower so I will feature more of them next month. My daughter always seems to buy me some each year for my birthday. As it is mild here they stay in the ground all year. Sarah x

  2. We are eating cucumber, kale, yellow beans. Lettuce has bolted. We had the first tomato out of the garden today. Delicious!

    Your blooms make me smile!

  3. Your garden looks beautiful and full of colour. Mine's looking a bit faded now, though the runner beans are bright and cheerful. A sensible sized marrow you have there!

  4. It's looking lovely out there. I love montebretia too and they are gradually taking over. I'm looking for some new repeat flowering roses, yours are lovely. Well done on all the veg. My green beans were very disappointing. My post is up for July now . B x

  5. and mine

    It is the orange grace notes that make the other colours sing and sparkle!


  6. so sorry. Was a broken URL

  7. My July posting is at
    My mother had orange montbretia; I have red. I must remember to show a picture next time. I miss agapanthus; I can't grow it here. I love the blue of yours. And of course I continue to envy your roses. Thank you for hosting, Sarah.

  8. Your garden is looking lovely. I am going to plant dahlias this spring and hope they don't need to be lifted here...they seem to tolerate heat, which is important here.

  9. I see you have grown potatoes too. Good job! It is the first time for me that I have been able to grow them. The flavor is so different than the store bought kind. In a few weeks I am going to try to grow some for fall. Trying new things is so much fun.

    Congratulations on lockdown restrictions being lifted. I felt like I was being released from prison. Rushed out everywhere, then returned home and sat down. I realized all that I love is at home.


  10. Your garden blooms look wonderful. We have been able to venture out a little bit too. Here is my link for this month

  11. Very beautiful. We also have marjoram in our garden and the bees love it!

  12. There are some lovely colours in the garden now, the montbretia is lovely but you are right it can take over the garden. I love your little seating area. Here is my post for this month

  13. Beautiful garden, Sarah. The Agapanthus is stunning!


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