Through the Garden Gate December 2020

 Welcome to the last look Through the Garden Gate for 2020. I was going to say that the garden has done well this year with extra attention and more days of sunshine but then nature has a way or giving with one hand and taking with another!  

Storm Bella arrived, the gusts of wind were strong and frequent and it took down 2 trellis panels and our garden seat. It's amazing how large fence posts were snapped out of the ground! It did give us the opportunity of having a clear view over the garden.

There are already welcoming signs of spring with the hellebores starting to flower and bulbs slowly emerging from the ground. It is good to see the days slowly lengthening again. Have you been out in the garden this month cutting down the dead vegetation or do you leave it like this garden designed by Pier Oudolf?

This is the outside location we choose to meet up with our son and his girlfriend to exchange presents and also look around the garden. The seed heads are quite stunning particularly against a background of  a blue sky.

I had forgotten this was on my Christmas list and luckily stopped from buying one!

The last time we visited this garden was in August 2015, needless to say it looked very different then its summer splendour! We shouldn't leave it so long to visit again. 

I am keen to include more grasses in the borders next year and incorporate more ideas for this style of planting. Do you have any ambitious plans for your garden next year?

I still can't get blogger to work properly on the computer,so if you are joining in this month please leave a comment below, so others can pick up the link from there, until I can get something sorted.

In the meantime thank  you to everyone who has joined in Through the Garden Gate and shared your wonderful gardens with us throughout the year. Wishing you a safe and healthy New Year and a great gardening year ahead!

1st January 2021 - isn't nature so beautiful?

Take care,thanks for visiting. 
Sarah x


  1. Oh poor you with Storm Bella, that has made you quite exposed. We have a few grasses that we leave a fair while for the birds to enjoy. Only just got round to a good prune recently. Wishing you a very happy gardening new year.
    My post can be found here:-

  2. I always enjoy looking at your pretty pictures even if I don’t comment every time. I hope that 2021 will be a good one for you, that you will have great success in your garden as well as good health and joy.

  3. It is amazing, when it looks so calm and blue, what the wind can do.
    Way back, when my husband was ill, our neighbour told me - your trellis is flailing in the wind.
    I had to saw off a strategic chunk.

    But I look forward to seeing your lovely garden when you have a new version sorted. (PS I need a couple more days for my December garden post)

    1. Mine is finally up.

  4. The bits of sunlight in your garden are a welcome sight. How lovely the first hellebores are. I went outside to look at mine this week and they are nowhere near blooming, but the first shoots are emerging from the centre. Happy New Year - Happy Gardening!

  5. Love seeing your garden photos. I've added my post today, Enjoy your garden in 2021

  6. Sorry to hear about storm Bella. The first spring flowers are lovely. Here it is still winter. Welcome to my garden
    Happy gardening in 2021 and happy new year!

  7. I always intend to leave the seedheads but they never seem to last very long, usually collapsing in a heap! Happy New Year Sarah!

  8. Happy New Year. I remember in 2010 when the gales in Scotland took down 10 of our large pine trees and mangled the greenhouse at our cottage. These storms are crtainly getting worse now - I just hope our caravan will still be there when we are allowed to visit Scotland.

  9. We have had lots of snow over the last couple of weeks which is still on the ground. I would love to see some green again in the garden. I'm glad you're going to plant some grasses in your garden. We've got a ceonothus shrub which is turning into a tree and I'm wondering if I should move it to give it more space. My challenge for this year might be to work out where to move it to!


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