Through the Garden Gate - January 2021

 Welcome to Through the Garden Gate for another garden year. Although it may be miserable outside January always marks the promise of the year to come in the garden. So what's  has been happening in my garden this month?

We don't have any snowdrops in flower yet, but the bulbs in the garden grow taller every day. The primroses provide some welcome colour in the woodland border.

Last year I purchased a Daphne Perfume Princess from Hardy's Cottage Garden Plants. Sometimes it takes a couple of years to flower. The scent of the flowers is amazing and it is a plant that we have missed. We  tried one before in this garden and it didn't seem to like it here, this plant however is looking more healthy and happier!

Another welcome sight is the occasional appearance of a solitary rose.


 Instead of gardening we have been observing more the wildlife in our garden this month including using the infrared camera to see what animals pass by during the night. We had to smile when we saw the robin using it to perch on!  We only noticed there were two robins in the picture after it had been taken!

Another frequent visitor to the garden is this tiny wren. 


As the weather has been colder the roe deer who are rarely seen, are appearing closer to the house, it is so lovely to watch them on the skyline.

What are the highlights of your garden this month? 

It is always wonderful to see other gardens from around the world and share our love of gardening. If you want to join in Through the Garden Gate please let me know in the comments below and I will add you blog below. You are welcome to join in for any time during the year , and it can just be a one off or a more regular monthly visit, it's up to you!

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Take care, stay safe. I'm having internet and blogger problems again so if your link doesn't appear very quickly, apologies. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible !



  1. Lovely to see the roe deer. How brave. Hope the daphne does well, we are loving ours although hard to detect a fragrance at the moment with the cold. Everything seems a little later this year. I expect your snow drops will appear soon B x

  2. The primrose makes me smile. It always amazes me to see things blooming in your garden at this time of year. We are so far away from blooms here in Virginia. Snow storm is on the way. The robins are delightful. Best, Kim

  3. Everything here is buried in snow. It looks like spring there already. Lucky you. Take care.

  4. No flowers as the ground is frozen solid here in Pennsylvania and a snow storm is on the way, so I have been watching the birds, too. I have sweet wrens that remind me of my home in England, but how I miss the robins. Your lovely picture of them made me homesick, Sarah. I am working on my January post for your meme and hope to have it published tomorrow (sorry I missed last month.)
    Stay safe and healthy. P. x

  5. The January here is very cold, despite low temperatures there is no snow here. So we have been watching the birds instead of gardening. I found tiny little snowdrops a few day ago. Stay safe!

  6. Lovely to see the English Robin, our robins are so different. January has been a mixed weather month for us. Here is my recap of the month

  7. Two lonely crocus tried to bloom this month. It didn't matter to me, just to see some purple color in the yard was a welcome relief. My winter vegetable garden is doing better than ever this year. I think planting way too much was the right thing to do.
    I am sorry I missed last month - no internet for a few weeks.

  8. Cold here too! January has been a mixes of weather! Sun, rain, snow and fog...
    Let's hope the spring will come soon :)

  9. Lovely to see your primrose in the middle of a damp winter! They flower bravely even in Australia!
    Your robins are very pretty and remind me of pictures of robins in books we had as children.

  10. There's not much happening in the garden at the moment, Sarah, but its lovely to see the bulbs coming through. Here's my post for this month

  11. Wonderful to be reconnected and see your garden again. Full of the promise of Spring which is surely just round the corner. Good to know that you and the garden are thriving. A blessing to have such a wonderful outdoor place to enjoy in these strange and difficult times.

  12. Will finish my post for you tomorrow.
    I've never grown primroses.

  13. Like that one of the robin using it as a perch.



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