Through the Garden Gate April 2021

There has been such a transformation this month in the garden it has filled with colour from the tulips, we have  had lots of birds and bees in the garden and a few peacock butterflies. On the down side we have had a lack of rain all month until this Wednesday. it was such  a relief to have water back in our water butts and take a break from daily watering!

Back in the Autumn with another lockdown looming I treated myself to lots of bulbs in the hope it would create some brighter days in the future and put a smile on our faces and it worked! They were mainly bought from Sarah Raven and Farmer Gracy both of which I highly recommend.


This selection above from Farmer Gracey's was called Fish and Chips! How could I resist a name like that living by the sea! You can't see from this image but the daffodils have a pale orange centre.

Continuing the sea theme the garden bluebells are opening in amongst the jetsam of a boat buoy washed up from the shore.

 I was attracted to these Tulip Nachtwacht (Night watch) both for the German name and the fullness of flower aren't they beautiful?

I would highly recommend these daffodils Narcissus 'Segovia' they have been fantastic in a pot and have flowered for such a long time.

Beautiful colours from Tulip Royale

I still have some way to go to create a garden full of flowers at this time of year. We visited  Burrow Farm Gardens a few weeks ago and I thought this display of Matthiola incana was magnificent, an idea to carry forward to next year!

We were also treated to a huge beautiful pink moon, it is such a beautiful time of year! How has your garden and life been in April?

It is always wonderful to see other gardens from around the world and share our love of gardening. If you want to join in Through the Garden Gate please let me know in the comments below and I will add you blog below. You are welcome to join in for any time during the year , and it can just be a one off or a more regular monthly visit, it's up to you!

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Pam's English Cottage Garden

Crafty Gardener

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Zeleni Trenutki

Elephant's Eye on False Bay

 I am hoping this will post properly, if anyone has solved the problems on blogger or has swopped to something better please let me know, I find it so frustrating that it stops me doing more posts! Wishing you all a very Happy Month.

 Leaving you with a coastal view from a walk we have taken this month .Take care, until next time.
Sarah x


  1. Your tulips are lovely, especially Tulip Nachtwacht. It reminds me of roses. I am a little late with my post for April but here it is

  2. That final scene is breathtaking. Your blooms brightened my day for sure. It is cold and wet here again today!

  3. The colors in your garden! Oh, the bright colors are beautiful! Tulips are one of my favorite flowers and I can't grow them. I am at the wrong (latitude or is it longitude) location on planet earth. The bulbs bloom once and then never return again. Thank you for letting me enjoy yours.

  4. Lovely to see all your beautiful tulips and narcissi . Your garden looks so colourful. Shame you are still having blogger problems. I’m wondering which browser you are using. I’ve been using google chrome for some while and touch wood all is good. I use google photos to upload too. Not sure if that would help. I do most of my posts just on an iPad these days. Hope you have a lovely weekend. B x

  5. Here is mine

  6. Your post looks 'proper' to me?
    Lush tulips are wonderful! That Matthiola has gone feral along our coastal roads.

    1. Your coastal roads must look and smell fantastic !

  7. Your tulips are lovely, ours are just starting to bloom. I gave up blogger a long time ago, now have a self hosted wordpress site. Happy gardening.

  8. Dear Sarah, just found you at Margi's place and felt in love with your wonderful blog. What a very charming combination - garden and sea! Your pictures are taking me in a garden made whith love and by heart. Tulips, narcissi, bluebells, all are special beauties. Put your site on my blog list on my blog. So I don't miss a post anymore.
    And for sure I would like to join this party :)! I'm a curious person and I've seen Diana is also here. Love her blog.
    So for now, all my best from Austria, happy days and happy spring in your garden paradise

  9. I love the 'Night Watch'tulips. I have bought tulips from Sarah Raven in the past and been very pleased with them too. Here is my garden blog for this month:

  10. Dear Sarah, I always love your photos from your garden and from the English landscape. I have been visiting the Southwest of England for many years with my family. How I miss England in these strange times. Hopefully we will be able to visit the UK next year.
    About the name of the tulip ‘de Nachtwacht’: this is a Dutch word. In German it is ‘der Nachtw√§chter’. It’s the same name as the famous painting of Rembrandt in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. I didn’t want to be a wiseacre (?), but I thought it would be nice to know.
    Kind regards,
    Mirjam from Haarlem

    1. Many thanks for that additional information it is always fascinating to learn the stories behind plant names.


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