Through the Garden Gate May 2021

Welcome to my wild and unkept May garden this month.  Not only have we had so much rain this month  (it is predicted that this May is the wettest on record since the 19th Century. We have also returned from just over a week’s holiday. As it was wet during the days prior to our holiday there wasn't much maintenance done before our break!

There has been much promotion on social media of No Mow May run by  the charity Plantlife asking garden owners not to mow their lawns in May - ours happened by accident, it was interesting to observe that all the insect life was in our rich garden borders rather than on the lawn. Did anyone else join in with No Mow May?  

The plants in the garden have really enjoyed the extra water and have put on extra height and vigor!

It has been nice to see the garden showing a different character, the joys of gardening is that you can always discover something in your garden. What have you discovered in your garden this month?

Coastal Ripples

 Crafty Gardener

 Margaret's Patch

Zeleni Trenutki

Pam's English Cottage Garden

Elephant's Eye on False Bay

I'm glad you can't  hear me swearing, not only have I had my usual blogger problems but my touch pad has been playing up too, so apologies for the quality of the post this month after 3 hours attempting to get it to work I am stopping while the going is good and treating myself to a large glass of wine! Cheers to a new month in the garden!



  1. It’s lovely to see your lush garden with beautiful aqualegias. We have so little grass that would make little difference to no mow May. Perennial wallflowers are my hive of insect activity theses days. So many different varieties of bee visit and so do the butterflies when it’s warm enough. I’m looking forward to hearing about your holiday. B x

    1. Mine is up

    2. A lawn with daisies is the very BEST sort!

    3. Just a thought - your site is Not Secure, Chrome warns me.
      I changed to https long ago, when we were offered that option.
      Maybe that would help resolve your issues.
      None of the (should be) links work on this post. But they do on the earlier ones. Very strange.

    4. The blooms are gorgeous . Forget-me-nots are in bloom here too. I saw lots of them along the trails in the national park today. Such a prolific and sweet bloom.

    5. A "no mow May" would suit my husband fine. He hates to mow but won't let anyone (me) help him because he knows where all the rock are located. He fears a broken mower if I touched it. Fair enough. I won't let him weed the garden.

      I do like the softer look of the lawn with flowers blooming.


    6. Seems the only way to comment is to reply to your first one. I can't follow any links to visit other sites either. Here is mine for May

    7. The links did work for a time and now they aren't ! When I go on Blogger I just get a blank page for the post. Very frustrating sorry everyone I will keep trying!

    8. My husband found a bad weather as an excuse not to mow and I like lawn with little flowers. The pink aquilegia is so beautiful!

    9. try toggling between HTML and Compose view, top left ?


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