Through the Garden Gate July 2021

Welcome ! Come on in and enjoy a wander around my July garden and other gardens around the world.  Let's capture a moment in time as we look over the garden gate and share the highlights from our gardens since me last met in blogging land. 

One of my favourite flowers this month has been alluim sphaerocephalon, it flowers a month later than the other alliums and only has a small flower head, but it is eye catching and stands out in the border (see another image of it further down the page.)

We have also had an amazing display of poppies. This pink peony poppy is just so beautiful, I'm sure the seeds originated from a fellow blogger and have suddenly made a very welcome reappearance in the garden.

 It wasn't the only poppy that appeared, I love the structure of the poppy seed heads too, don't you?

 We have spent lots of time outside in the garden this month, some of the hedges around the garden have been covered with honeysuckle. I wish I could share the beautiful scent, as well as images with you!

We moved the artichoke last year, it is much happier in it's new position. It is always a dilemma whether to eat the heads or leave them to flower and attract the wildlife. Most of the heads do stay as my husband isn't that keen on eating them!

The evening sunshine lit up the Crazy daisies (leucanthemum Superbum)  that I grew from seed a few years ago. The flower heads are bigger than the ox-eye daisies and the twisted white petals are unusual with them pointing in different directions.

July is also a good time for clematis.The purple clematis, The President has so many flowers on it this year. It had a good prune when it's support blew over in the winter storms.

Just like actors in a play, I love the way that as one plant goes over, there is always another in the wings ready to give it's best performance too. The buddleia and phlox have just come into flower and we bought some Penstemon Pensham Czar to fill a gap, when we reduced the size of the geranium Blue Cloud, which had outgrown it's space.

When we took over this garden nearly seven years ago I was quite disappointed that the garden wasn't reaching the same appearance as our previous garden that we had worked on for over 20 years. I now realise how long it can take for plants to develop and give the same effect just like this clump of achillea millefolium Lilac beauty. The individual flowers are so tiny and are often covered with pollinating insects. Achilleas grow well here,(there are wild ones in the neighbouring field.) We are gradually introducing other colours of this plant around the garden 

In another area of the garden we moved the grey Lambs Ears to a different position and introduced Penstemon Dark Towers, and we have been enjoying this combination. 

As mentioned at the start just look at these alliums standing out against other plants.

A twilight view of part of the garden

 I have named these yellow flowers my lockdown daisies. Last year a friend gave me a bunch of flowers grown locally, just after we were allowed to meet in our gardens after the first lockdown. I loved the flowers so much that I tried to save the seeds. I was delighted when the seeds grew and have flowered so abundantly.

Last week we had a heatwave which was then followed by heavy rain the garden didn't suffer too badly with this weather. It was far too hot sitting out in the sun and we were so glad to have the grapevine pergola to sit under. It has been good to meet up again with friends and neighbours in our garden. Our garden furniture is nearly falling apart, it has lasted over 15 years. There is a national shortage at the moment so hopefully the furniture will last until we can buy some more!

It has been so good this month to write more fully! Thank you for bearing with me as I have struggled to overcome my computer problems over the past few months. Thank you for all the help and advice you have given me. It has taken me too long to sort it all out but despite nearly giving up I got there. I realised after last month that the problem must be with my computer and after some investigation I deleted all my caches and browsing and download history and it seems to have worked! HURRAH!

It's hard to believe this border in the front garden was created last spring, the agapanthus obviously love it here, there are so many of their beautiful flowerheads! 

What are the highlights of your garden this month? 

If you want to join in Through the Garden Gate please let me know in the comments below and I will add you blog below. You are welcome to join in for any time during the year, and it can just be a one off or a more regular monthly visit, it's up to you!

Sarah x


  1. Your garden is glorious. So pretty with wonderful colours. Love it.

    Peonies here were great this year.

  2. Glad your computer problems are now sorted. Your garden is looking glorious with so much to enjoy. We too were seeking out shady spots last week to escape the heat. I love the way you have extensive views of the fields beyond. Your garden has really matured in the last few years. Beautiful. Barbara x

    1. We love sitting and looking at the neighbouring field despite the seeds from it that sow on the garden! It is amazing that this view was blocked previously with hazel and bay.

  3. My July post can be found here:-

  4. You have such a variety of beautiful blooms. My July garden journal is at

  5. So glad you have sorted your blogging issues - frustrating when it WON'T cooperate! (I use CCleaner and Glary once or twice a month, and that sorts the broken bits)

    That view across the fields is something to linger with and enjoy.
    (Hope to get my post done, just in time, tomorrow)

    1. Thanks for all your suggestions over the past few months. I will try and use those 2 programmes to prevent it happening again !

  6. Your garden looks beautiful as always. The poppies are wonderful, the pink peony poppy is amazing. I'm glad you have solved computer problems. Thank you for visiting my garden.

  7. Your garden is looking lovely, Sarah. We have honeysuckle in our garden, I really love the scent.
    Here's my garden post for July:

  8. I am finally back on the internet!

  9. When I saw the pink peony poppy, I thought it was a peony until I read your information. I was fooled! It and all of your garden is beautiful.

    Don't feel alone with the computer problems. My cell phone gave me trouble for a year and I was about to return it and buy another when my son cleared the "cookies" and it has worked fine ever since.


  10. Your garden looks glorious. I have a bunch of poppies edging my vegetable gardens that have been self seeding and they went nuts this year. Like you, I love the seed pods. We've been here six years now, and now matter how much I think I am dutifully dividing some plants are getting out of control by midsummer. Yours looks much more constrained and elegant!

  11. Your July garden is stunning, Sarah. I have the alliums, and love them. Clever you to fix your computer issues. I did my post in time this month, but only just getting around to visiting other blogs. P. x

  12. Your July garden is just fantastic! Wow!

  13. I always love seeing your garden!


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