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Mixed emotions

A day out brought mixed emotions .......

Having a husband and a son who are keen on football has mixed blessings. From standing on the edge of a youth football pitch in all weathers for many years, to following big teams with the opportunity of visiting some lovely locations. The football pitch at Plymouth is close to some lovely National Trust gardens giving Tavi and myself a nice day out too.

With the last match of the season starting at 17:30, visiting a garden was not an option, so instead we headed to the Hoe in Plymouth wondering how we could occupy a few hours! We need not have worried as it was a beautiful evening and the views were stunning.

After a wander we came across a fantastic cafe right on the waters edge with amazing views, that welcomed dogs too. We both enjoyed sitting and watching what was going on all around us!

Looking out towards Drakes Island
We watched a naval ship being escorted into port with the help of three tugs.We have often seen this when we have staye…

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