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Through the Garden Gate March 2021

Where has the last month gone? Having taken a rare day away from the computer I suddenly realised tonight when I logged on that my gardening post was due and then once again it has taken me a few hours to get blogger to work!  Over the last few years we have increased the number of varieties of daffodils that we have in the garden. This has extended the daffodil flowering season and allowed us to appreciate and admire the different varieties as the appear a different times. You just can't help but feel cheerful when you see daffodils, they are so bright and sunny aren't they? Other colour in the garden this month has been provided by the hellebores (see above) and pulmonarias. (see below) we have a growing number of these too. They are low growing and provide masses of spring flowers in various colours. They are also known as lungwort as their leaves are shaped like lungs and they were once used to treat lung conditions.  I love the colour of these deep crimson Blood Red Wallfl

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