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The longest day

When the alarm went at 3:30am yesterday morning it didn't seem such a good idea to get up early and watch the sunrise on the longest day, however as we drove towards the dawn we realised why we had  taken part in this experience. It was just so beautiful.....

We joined with 30 others on the top of Black Down Hill  located in the heart of the South Dorset Ridgeway. This is an ancient land of Stones and Bones, it has been populated for over 6,000 years and is full of Bronze Age round barrow cemeteries and sinkholes,and Iron Age forts.

We met at a stone sculpture that has recently been built. It comprises of four large pillars with windows that capture perfectly the sun rising and setting on the longest and shortest days of the year.

As we waited for the sun to rise we were entertained by musicians and a story teller. We stood in the middle of the circle and the sound of the gongs completely enveloped us.

 The alignment of the stone worked perfectly as the sun rose right in the midd…

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