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Through the Garden Gate February 2019

Welcome to our garden this month, we have been basking in sun for the last few days and the flowers have been loving it, just look at these amazing crocus. We bought the bulbs the September before last, they were the recommended star buy and it's not hard to see why, the bees are loving them too.

I'm a bit hesitant to mention "Spring" in the garden this month, shortly after posting last month's post  the garden ended up looking like this!

This year on our monthly visits into our garden I am going to concentrate on colour combinations. I have realised over the years that although my preference is on the blue, purple, pink spectrum, that my favourite combinations vary according to the seasons and the plants in flower at the time. Do you have any favourtite colours in your garden?   A yellow and purple colour combination looks so dramatic. One of my favourite garden designers Penelope Hobhouse once said :

"The ideal garden is one in which a collection of trees,…

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