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Through the Garden Gate May 2018

Nature has completely transformed the garden in May. The bluebells and tulips and the wild garlic that were the highlight of last month have  all gone over, and have been replaced by so many other  lovely plants.

 The purple and white versions of Mattihola incanula have filled the garden with colour and wonderful scent.

Our broad beans have also been growing well and  I am looking forward to picking our first crop this weekend. I much prefer the eating beans when they are small.

 We have lots of perennial geranium plants and these have also started flowering in perfusion this month.
I love watching the growth on the perennial poppy, as the outer petals open to reveal the flower inside. We always seem to get rain when this happens each year and the flowers never seem the same afterwards.

The clematis have also started flowering , the flowers of this one is huge!

Some changes in the garden are well thought out ,and others happen in an afternoon with no pre-planning. We  suddenly decide…

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