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Through the Garden Gate August 2019

We have been enjoying sharing our garden with lots of visiting insects this month. It seems that most flower images have included an insect or two!

Other aspects have not been so welcome, gales of over 60 miles per hour caused three huge fence panels each measuring 5 foot wide and 6 foot tall were blown over to an angle of 45 degrees onto the neighbouring footpath. This was the day before the Jurassic run, whose route uses the footpath! We managed to prop it up with half an hour to spare!

The overall colouring in the borders seems less intense. Although there are some bursts of colour in small patches. We couldn't come home empty handed when we spied this bronze Rudbeckia at the garden centre.

The cutting border was battered by the gales too, one cosmos plant was blown out of the ground! As the wind blew I rushed around cutting the long stalks down to prevent any further damage. The plants don't seem to have minded the heavy cut and three weeks later are looking good again!


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