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Through the Garden Gate October 2019

Another busy month is coming to an end and I have to admit that I have seen more of the garden from the inside rather than out! From the window it looked as if everything is coming to an end but take out the camera and look carefully there are still some treasures to be found in amongst the decaying vegetation!

 As you can see the sedum is still providing the main colour in the garden.

This beauty dusty pink chrysanthemum plant bought for 50p in the Spring has produced some beautiful flowers.

Back at the end of July I saw this Viper’s Bugloss, (echium plantagineum), annual on Instagram and visited Charles Chesshire's local nursery to buy it. Unfortunately he didn't have any plants but offered me some seeds promising me if I sowed half on them they would flower this year - he was right! They are smaller than the biennial variety of this plant that you can find on the roadside or on the Isle of Portland.

Most of the plants that are still flowering in October are originally from …

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