Thursday, 25 May 2017

A new arrival

We have a new arrival in the house - please meet Jackson.

He is a very handsome tom cat who is five years old. We weren't planning to have another cat so soon after we had lost Twinkle.  While looking on the Cats Protection League web site our daughter was astonished to see a picture of Jackson, who needed a new home. (She already knew him, as he had lived in one of the locations she visited in her job and she would often come home and mention him.) It was therefore difficult not to take him into our home....

He is very friendly and especially enjoys sleeping, eating and being groomed. It has taken a while for Tavi and Jackson to get used to each other.  It does feel as if they are getting there - we did find them both asleep on the same bed today!

Jackson has just started going outside and he is enjoying exploring the new territory!  He hasn't been used to large fields and lots of catmint plants before. Jackson is the third rescue cat that we have had and he has settled in much more quickly than our previous cats. Have you taken in any rescue animals?

I am very busy at the moment so have to apologise for spending less time on the internet at the moment.
 Wishing you a lovely and sunny weekend.
Sarah x

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Views of the sea

As promised some sea views this time, but I couldn't get away from including some wild flowers as they are in abundance around here at the moment!

On our almost daily walk in this direction down to the sea, the red valerian is framing the view.

We frequently meet other local dogs that are enjoying the beach too!

Sunset at West Bay

Early evening light at Eype, before heading down to a barbecue on the beach.

We recently discovered this viewpoint looking along the Chesil Beach towards Portland, it clearly shows the inland water of the Fleet.. This week we had the pleasure of meeting one of my favourite gardening blogging friends, Sigrun and her partner from Hillside Garden who were staying in Portland. It was just a shame that when they visited us, the weather here was cold and grey.
It was lovely to show them our garden, their English was so good and Sigrun is so knowledgeable about English gardens, as she has visited so many over the years. Sigrun would love some more English blogging friends so if you haven't met her do pop over to her website and say hello. It's not a problem if you leave comments in English and you can easily translate her posts.

Another fellow blogger Philip Strange, alerted me in last week's comments that the fields around Stonebarrow were full of wild flowers. As the sun was shining on Saturday and we needed to take the dog on a long walk we ended up heading in that direction. Do you notice that yellow field above, it was a like a beacon encouraging us to head in that direction. As we got closer we could see it was full of buttercups......

On our walk we also discovered our first foxglove in flower, caught our first glimpse of swallows and saw our first blue butterfly. so thank you Philip for suggesting this location, aren't blogging friends great?

The re- opening of Bridport Museum is only a couple of weeks off and the town is currently celebrating a Season of Heritage. We were so lucky that the sun shone over the weekend and we had an amazing parade when puppets aided by humans marched through the Town.  The puppets were made by a local artist and she was assisted by many local schoolchildren. There were some fantastic creations that included local historical buildings, boats, seagulls and fishes and tractors. The 12 foot 'Spirit of Bridport' towered over us, isn't she wonderful?

It is always good to join in with others and share in events, is anyone else taking part in the Great Get Together with the Big Lunch in June?  There are already 105,000 events taking place in the UK this year. I originally saw this idea at the Eden Project many years ago and this year we are getting together with our neighbours and having a street party! It is not to late to do something in your area too, for more details see The Great get together with the Big Lunch 2017.

 Wishing you a Happy and healthy week. Thank you for all your comments, I do appreciate them.
 Until next time.
Sarah x

Monday, 8 May 2017

Where the wildflowers grow

 We are making the most of the spring flowering and seeking out places to see the wildflowers at their best before they start to fade.....

We are spoilt for choice there are so many woodland floors close by that are currently covered in a sea of blue. This location Coney's Castle was an Iron Age Fort, but now the only dominant army is one of nature.

It must have be an ideal spot to observe approaching enemies, now we can just stand and admire the views in all directions.

Although these logs did make us stop in our tracks - from a distance they looked like a huge animal.

The fresh colours of the leaves are just so beautiful!

There are quite a number of orchards in the rolling West Dorset countryside. The trees are currently smothered in blossom. The local fruit farm provides wonderful local grown apples from September right through to February.

At the base of the hedgerows are the white flowers of Greater Stitchwort and the Buttercup. There are many varieties of stitchwort for such a small flower, it has so many old names including "Wedding cake" and "Daddy's shirt buttons", you can easily see why these names occurred!

I love the  Queen Anne's lace (Cow Parsley) that in May fills the edge of the country lanes with its froth of tiny white blooms. Last evening we went to a garden party at a friends and the evening light just shone through the flowers. Have you be wandering in the countryside finding hidden beauty too?

I have just realised I haven't posted any sea pictures for quite sometime, I will have to make amends next time. Until then, take care.
Sarah x

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Through the garden gate April 2017

This is not my garden gate unfortunately, but one I noticed while out walking in the countryside this month. It immediately reminded me of the children's book The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Having shown you a glimpse of the garden I had to show you what was behind the door, didn't I! The blue flowers were Camassia. I have never seen them planted in this way before.

Back into my garden and the borders are full of spring flowers. The mix of tulips I bought from Sarah Raven - this is the third year they have reappeared.

This is a perennial honesty plant Lunaria rediviva we bought from East Lambrook Gardens two years ago it has been very feeble until this year when it has created quite a show.

Tavi posing amongst the forget me not and the annual hop plant!

The leaves on the grape vine on the pergola has just started to open.  We have had a cold snap this week and vineyards in France and England have tried to protect the vines by lighting up candles  hopefully it worked and the crop will survive and produce a good crop later in the year. Luckily living by the sea it is milder and we don't have to revert to such drastic measures.

Favourite plants of the month include Aquilegia  (Granny's bonnets) and  Euphorbia  Wulfenii , the  pink blossom from the step-over apple cordon. Geraniums feature strongly in the garden, one of the first to appear is the small purple flower at the front is know as Mourning Widow or Geranium phaeum.

The white honesty is still flowering in profusion - and Tavi has got into the picture again, at least he was looking quite white for a change!

There is more white honesty in the cutting garden .....

 and displayed in the home too!

The fruit border is also full of promise and the green house is full of seeds, dahlias and tomato plants. Looking back at last months post it is amazing to see how the plants have come on. Today we have seen some rain, the first for about five weeks. It was a welcome sight as our three water barrels ran dry towards the end of the week and it was even enjoyable to sit tin the conservatory and listen and watch the rain!

What is your favourite plant in your garden at the moment?

If you would like to join in with Through the garden gate each month please let me know in the comments below and I will add your site. Those participating this month so far are :-


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