Monday, 30 April 2012

Scavenger hunt April

This is my second attempt at the monthly photo scavenger hunt. I found last month so interesting to see how the title of the photograph could be interpreted in such different ways! I look forward to viewing all the other entrants for April see postcards from the pp for further details.
The rock is from the Uk Pink Floyd Experience - both the light show and music were spectacular - well worth seeing if you ever get the chance.

This one was easy for me it had to be the tide going in and out.

I did think about having a picture of the rain, but this is more pleasant -the Dorset coast line.
 Can't live without
 It has to be my family and the sea even if you can't detach the children from their mobiles!
On the move

The train taking our son back to Uni for his last term......

Daisy our dog always makes me smile and I couldn't persuade anyone else to pose.

Tulips are my favourite spring time flower

My daughter and I painted our nails in rainbow colours and joined in solidarity with many in the blog world to wish healing thoughts and wishes to Annie in Australia who was diagnosed with breast cancer.
The stickiest thing in our house is treacle and the design of the tin is an icon. The design has been used since 1885. 
This bird bath is hidden in the tangle of branches.
Cream choux buns a rare treat!


Thanks again Kathy for organising it, hope everyone has a good month.
Sarah x

Friday, 27 April 2012

Bring back the sunshine!

I took these photos back in March and I had forgotten about them! I was lured then into the thought that summer had arrived , how wrong I was! Looking back at these pictures I can't believe how blue everything was!
For a change there are no cliffs in the pictures below as they are taken in Poole.

Poole harbour has one of the largest natural harbours in the world. It has 8 islands and several rivers flow into its estuary. It is also a very popular place for watersports. Further pictures can be seen here.

I love the contrast between the size of the boats and jet skis.

It still has a working harbour

Custom House Quay is a beautiful Georgian building, which is now a restaurant. In 1747 a band of 60 cut throat smugglers smashed into the building and stole 2 tons of tea! Things are bit more peaceful now.....

We had a picnic lunch in Poole Park, luckily we had just finished it when these Canada geese came to investigate!

This swan was very helpful and posed for the camera, unlike the last swan photo I took!

The men in the park were racing their radio controlled yachts, it looked quite competitive.

Finally  hello and welcome to Laura, thank you for following me, it's lovely to meet you.
 I hope you all have a good weekend, hopefully we will have some sunshine during the breaks in the rain! I am taking a 24 hour break from the internet so won't be around on Saturday.

Sarah x

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bridport Vintage Quarter

I have been meaning to take you with me to visit Bridport for sometime, and share with you their wonderful Vintage Quarter.  Historically Bridport was famous for making rope and nets which were used on warships, fishermans boats and for hangman nooses. The making of rope and net still continues here today, but on a smaller scale.  There are old winding sheds and early factories, and some of these now been converted into workshops, studios and antique warehouses but this area is now sadly under theat from developers.

Furniture restorers

I remember having a picture similar to this when I was a child.

The displays are beautiful - I would love an old dresser like this!

It also has a wonderful cafe.

They have recently set up an Industrial and Provident Society to try and raise funds to regenerate this area and sustain the development of low cost small businesses. I shall be supporting them in this quest as it is such a lovely and unique place, how awful it would be to lose this. I love vintage!

Welcome to my new followers Kate and Franka it's wonderful to link up with others from different countries. I saw Suzy from Rustic Village Country always welcomes new followers. I thought it was a nice touch so I will be doing this in future too! I'm sorry I haven't enough space to individually mention all my 32 followers especially those that have been there from the early days. Thank you and welcome to everyone who regularly pops in to read my ramblings.


Saturday, 21 April 2012

Drip, drip drop little April showers

April is known in the United Kingdom for April showers (spring rain), and we are experiencing some at the moment. We have had a very dry winter so the rain is most welcome, but it can come down very fast without much warning, as the weather can change quite quickly.
As I said last week the children are back to Uni this week, and after I had dropped my son off at Axminster station I stopped at West Bay (formerly known as Bridport Harbour) for some refreshment.

Daisy and I sat outside at the Watch House cafe, out of the wind enjoying the sunshine, the view, bakewell tart and hot chocolate.  We were not the only ones interested in the bakewell tart, the seagulls were looking at it too! Luckily they weren't interested in taking a bite. I have become more wary of seagulls since one took a complete icecream cornet out of my OH's hand in St Ives last summer!

We had a lovely walk on the beach. I love these sandstone cliffs, I recently saw them described as gingerbread cliffs - what a great description ! This is the far end of the Chesil beach that I took you to in February, the size of the pebbles changes as you travel along the 18 miles (28km). At West Bay the pebbles are the size of grains of sand.

The April showers were not far away in the distance, the sky was turning very dark.

The train stopped running here in the 1960's and the old train station is now converted into a cafe.

In the far distance you can see the Isle of Portland at the other end of the Chesil beach.

We managed to get back to the car before it started raining and luckily reached home, to get the washing in before the clouds burst.

 I hope you have a good weekend with not too many April showers!
Sarah x

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Following a tree visit 4

Another visit to the beautiful willow tree I am following . I am pleased to report the leaves are now coming out. It looks so different with it now showing signs of life.........

I shall let the pictures do the talking.

 If you are interested in following a tree too, go to Loose and Leafy for more details.

The River Jordan beside the willow tree tinkling in the evening light.


Sunday, 15 April 2012

Relaxing Sunday

We try to keep at least one day a week free to allow us to relax without having a long list of jobs to do. Today was one of those days.....

The children will be back at Uni towards the end of the week and so the day started with having a leisurely  cooked breakfast at our favourite cafe in Weymouth, before we went our separate ways - the children were working and we were off to one of our favourite charity plant sales.

We have a number of charity plant sales held in Dorset at this time of the year. They are held in the grounds of old manor houses which have beautiful gardens, that you can also wander around .There are usually up to 20 local plant sellers many selling unusual plants. It is like being a child in a sweet shop and of course we couldn't resist! The sale today was at Mapperton House, originally built in the 16th century with additions added over the centuries.

The gardens are below the house in a valley, the first pool is a swimming pool  what surroundings to swim in!

 loved this stall I could have bought the lot if only I wasn't de-cluttering.......

These amazing sculptures were also for sale and have been made out of wire aren't they beautiful?

As you may have noticed I have been making a few changes to my blog  these are :-
A new banner.
New tabs at the top of the page. 
All the sites I am now following are listed on the front page.
A new button down the side if you wish I will automatically notify you of new posts by email .
Some viewers were having problems leaving comments and hopefully this has now been rectified.

Thanks again for visiting me, I hope you like the changes and that you managed to relax sometime over the weekend too.


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

De-cluttering towards a simple life

We have lived in our current house for over 20 years and we have managed to fill up all the storage spaces! Now with the children having moved out, even if only temporarily to Uni, I have more time to start to empty those storage spaces, de-clutter and live a more simple life. I want to spend less time maintaining and looking after things and free up time to do more enjoyable things and appreciate the things around me like the wonders of nature.

Over the years I have read many books and watched TV programmes about de-cluttering and have had   clear outs, but it was only about a year and a half ago that I first read about the idea of  throwing out one item a day. I have now been doing this for about 15 months and for me it has had the greatest impact. Rather than do it once a day, I will do it once a week (removing 7 items).

Do we really ever think about how many items we have? I have removed at least 420 items and the cupboards still have lots in them! Some things are easier to get rid of than others. My difficulties include books, magazines, vases and sentimental items. My OH is less of a hoarder than me and has embraced my new enthusiasm. During the winter he has been scanning into the computer all our old photographs. I have to say initially I was not very keen on this idea, but we all look at them more now they are more accessible. Since we have had a digital camera the majority of the photographs are only on the computer in any case.

I now have a rule that I can only bring something into the house if I remove something else. I have always enjoyed shopping and love visiting charity shops and car boot sales hunting for bargains. I still do this, but not quite so often, and things are now bought on less of a whim and weighed up against what I already have. As William Morris once said :-

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."

A less known quote of his was " Simplicity of life, even the barest, is not a misery but the very foundation of refinement: a sanded floor and whitewashed walls, and the green trees, and flowery meads, and living waters outside:"

That sounds like perfection to me!


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