Spring in shades of pink

Our children have returned from Uni this weekend and the garden has come out in a blaze of colour to welcome them home.

The blossom on Linda's magnolia tree has been outstanding

 It has been another beautiful day today, we even managed to have a Sunday roast in the garden.

 My daughter made us a wonderful rhubarb crumble with the first rhubarb this year, picked from the garden, it was delicious.

The sun was shining through the leaves of the crocosmia. Daisy and Twinkle were in the garden too enjoying the company and the sunshine and made perfect models for my plants!.

Daisy with Euphorbia wulfenii
Twinkle with Euphorbia oblongata. I purchased the seed from Sarah Raven a few years ago, she uses it in most of her flower arrangements. It is a wonderful plant it is easy to grow and seeds everywhere but can easily be pulled out.

A couple of years ago my daughter an I attempted to cross pollinate a deep purple and white hellebore, and the result is this light pink one at the front of the picture, which I think is quite pretty.

A bowl of hellebores from the garden.

On Weymouth beach this afternoon everyone was enjoying the sunshine.  

visitor attractions are now back for the season

Hope you had a good weekend too.
Sarah x


  1. Hello Sarah,
    Beautiful photo of Spring. Just love hellebore. I do not have a spot for them in my yard. I like the way you displayed them, very pretty.
    Yes, I do have snails and slugs but we also have a lot of crows. I think that is a big help. I have seen on the orange nasturtium the caterpillars love that color more then the mahogany.
    Have a wonderful day and thanks for your visit also.

  2. That hellebore is gorgeous ... all the flowers are gorgeous ... a post to put a smile on ones face :D

  3. Beautiful flowers and lovely photos of the beach. Lets hope this weather continues!

  4. Love the pinky hues of your pics, our rhubarb is growing well, but not ready to pick yet, cant wait, love rhubarb. Weymouth looks nice and holidayey. Julie xxx

  5. I saw your comments on Madelief and came to visit. You have beautiful photos – it must be nice living by the sea. The closest we get to the sea is if we drive to Savannah here in Georgia and that takes 5 hours. I also love your garden and little dog and cat.

  6. Beautiful, almost summery photo's Sarah! I hope we will have a Sunday roast in the garden soon too. Unfortunately it's cold in Holland again. Hope we will get better weather over Easter.

    Enjoy your new week,

    Madelief x

  7. sunday roast in the garden sounds like heaven!!

  8. Have a lovely Easter break Sarah x

  9. What fabulous photos and I love the bowl of flowers, gorgeous. The change in the weather here is crazy, we've gone from the lovely blue skies and warm days to freezing winds and snow! Suzy x


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