Help in the garden

Before my daughter went back to Uni she helped us by doing some clearing up in the garden with cutting down plants and removing the last remaining leaves.

We also had help from another member of the family too! Twinkle always appears whenever she sees us gardening in the hope she can join in and get under our feet and in amongst the undergrowth!

We were so busy working that I only took the photo of Twinkle and it was only later I went out for the camera, so I'm sorry that these following pictures are on the dark side! Daisy decided she was going to join in  too, she knows she is not allowed on the garden !

It's lovely to see a few early signs of spring the hellbores (Lenten roses) are starting to show their first buds.

I love the fresh green of the stinking hellebore(bear- foot) hellebore foetidus.  It  also provides rare nectar for bees and insects at this time of year.

I saw the first bunch of tulips in the shops this week, and couldn't resist buying an bunch to remind us that spring is just around the corner.

We had an appointment with the consultant today and the news is that it appears that the prostrate cancer has been caught in the early stages.My husband  now needs to decide what treatment option to have. Thank you for your thoughts.I have been surprised to discover how common this cancer is and why it doesn't have a larger national awareness and profile.

 Sarah x


  1. Such sweet photos of your Twinkle and Daisy.
    Animals like to be where we are .. mine follow me all over.
    I am not familiar with the plan hellebor ...must read up about it.
    wishing your hubby all the best for a speedy decision and recovery.
    Doc's do wonders today.
    happy week Sarah.

  2. It is lovely to see things coming on in the garden, and I too bought a lovely bunch of tulips! (Early detection is good news for your wishes.)

  3. Beautiful photos of Twinkle and Daisy...I do love Westies! Fantastic news about your husband. Claire xx

  4. Dear Sarah,
    What a worry for you. I hope everything turns out alright. Love the photos of Twinkle and Daisy helping in the garden.

  5. Ooh thinking of you, Sarah, and hoping all goes well with your hubbie! You both have a lot on your plate, dear friend....
    Love 'Twinkle' and Heidi~ always makes me smile! :)I bought Daffies for the same reason and think I will treat my self to Tulips too!Bring on the spring time....Thinking of you both x
    Love Maria x

  6. I'm so pleased to hear the illness in early stage - that much be a big relief. Hope everything goes well with the treatment.

  7. Dear Sarah - so pleased to learn that the news is positive for your husband. It is wonderful to see the first signs of spring, makes you feel happy.

  8. That IS good news about your husband! Fingers crossed for him.

    Twinkle and Daisy are both lovely.

    I must look out for buds on our hellebores.

  9. That's the best news about your husband, love your little helpers in te garden, I have helpers just like that.

  10. I adore hellebores but sadly don't have any in my new minimal garden - so lovely to catch a glimpse. Good news on the health front, Sarah xo

  11. Hi; It looks like Spring is already in England...Here in Holland there will be frost and a bit snow this weekend....
    I also like the Helleborus! I've a white and purple one.
    Wish you the best with your husbands health!
    greetings from Fleur in de polder

  12. Hellebores are one of my favourite plants although I hand't heard the name lenten rose before. So pleased to hear that you have had such relatively positive news about your husband. Good luck to him with his treatment. Juliex

  13. Good news about your husband Sarah. Thoughts and prayers still coming your way for the weeks ahead and his treatment decision. Your little helpers in the garden are so sweet.
    Patricia x

  14. Hello Sarah:
    Oh how one's heart lifts at the first signs of these harbingers of early spring! Hellebores are amongst our favourite flowers and brave even the most awful of weather to show their delicious blooms. Yours look lovely!

    We have been away from the keyboard and so have just caught up with the new of your husband's illness. From our own experiences, we know how worrying this all can be. But, treatments improve all the time and being positive is one of the best medications. You are both in our thoughts and prayers, and we are confident that you will give each other the strength needed to get through it all.And, get through it all you will!!!

  15. THANK GOD the cancer was caught in the early stages my dear one. THANK GOD!

    Now Twinkle is just a sweet little furball! And of course Daisy will always be my favorite little girl....she does seem to show that she is FORBIDDEN in the garden!

    It looks as if 2013 is starting off on a positive note for you. I cannot thank God enough for your news. Anita

  16. Good news about your husband - hope his treatment goes well. I believe 'Movember' was started to raise awareness/money for prostate cancer?

  17. That's excellent news about your husband. I'm sure you are both greatly relieved.

    I must admit to being a bit jealous that you have the first signs of spring where you live. We have so much snow here I fear it will be the end of March before it goes away.

  18. Hello Sarah,
    I will keep you and your husband in my prayers and all goes well with him. I just love your sweet adorable pets. Thank you for being a wonderful blog friend in 2012 and hope we can continue.
    Bobbie Lynn

  19. Oh, degli aiutanti in giardino sono sempre importanti, ed anche belli vedo! Anche io stò vedendo i primi bulbi spuntare in giradino, speriamo in una bella e abbbondante fioritura. Tanti auguri per tuo marito!

  20. Hello Sarah
    Your cat is so cheeky I love her expression..the Hellebores are lovely, I looked at mine today they are comming along too
    Glad your hubby is getting things sorted brother in law had the same, he ended up having an op last year..he is all clear now thankfully .. you are right it is very common
    Thinking of you
    Thea x

  21. Hi Sarah - what wonderful news I am sure your hubby will be fine - like you say it is quite a common cancer and they have done a lot of research for Prostate cancer and in the early stages it is much more treatable. I will continue to keep you both in my thoughts and prayers and I hope 2013 will turn out to be a good year after all.
    Viv xx

  22. Hello Sarah,
    It's very good news about your husband! I've been checking it in my language(medical terms are hard still!)and found that this cancer rate is very low in Japan. I hope I can find some useful info.
    Isn't it great to have many helpers in gardening!
    Thinking of you.
    Yoshiko(I'm sorry I don't have a google account yet)

  23. Lovely photos of your precious four legged family members. Sorry to hear the prognosis for your husband, but tell him to stay positive, they can do wonders nowadays, and if caught early its one of the ones they can fix quite easily. My dad was diagnosed with it 20 years ago, and he's still doing fine now in his mid 70's. Fortunately in Australia we have free prostate and breast cancer checks every few years - its something I think every country and government should offer.

  24. The bright side of this being a common "illness" is medical professionals would know the treatment options. I hope everything goes well.

  25. It's funny how pets are like little children and want to be a part of every activity. Great news regarding your husband! Best wishes. XXX

  26. I missed the post about your husband's cancer. We have one friend who recovered quickly from the surgery and was right back in the ocean surfing. Another friend can't decide whether to have surgery or not. I never heard of it when I was a child, but it is so common nowadays.

    I pray he is well.

    Thank you for the lovely photos - so colorful and springy.

  27. I am glad the cancer was caught quickly and good luck with your husbands treatment.
    I am also glad to see signs of spring...spring to me is hope.

  28. great puss photo the pictures dont look dark to me I like them like that, all the best David

  29. Hello Sarah. I just found your blog. The name is so inviting. I love your Daisy. What a perfect name for her too!

  30. Have been negelectful of blogging over the last month so hadn't realised about your husband. Glad it looks as if it will work out ok. Best wishes to you both as decisions are made. I forget, every year, how long it is between bulb leaves appearing and plants flowering. How I can still be astonished by spring after so many re-enactments, I don't know . . . but I am.

  31. Oh those two love-bug creatures of yours......I am thrilled to see your visit sweet Sarah, AND I am again overjoyed about your husband's news. Let us pray and march on boldly into 2013! Anita

  32. Just stumbled on your blog.... what amazing and beautiful photos....

    So glad to hear that your husbands cancer has been caught so early


  33. Dear Sarah,

    I am happy to hear the good news of your husband. I hope all will be well! Thinking of you often too.

    It must have been a delight working in the garden together. We haven't been there lately, but looking forward to spring very much. I can't wait to go there again.

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  34. Oh that is good news. Big hugs and best wishes for the treatment. x

  35. So glad to hear the news about your husband, the earlier it's caught the better are the chances of a successful treatment.

    I saw daffs for sale the other day at the local flower shop, I thought I'd plant some bulbs this year but what being busy at the library didn't get round to do it.

  36. Dear Sarah,

    You have been much in my thoughts and was so happy to read that the cancer has been caught in the early stages. Wishing you all the very best and hope the treatment goes well.
    My Dad had it and lived to a good old age of 89. Seems like it is very common and over here they have 'Movember' ( where many men grown moustaches in the month of November to raise money for the awareness.
    Thank you for visiting me today and you asked if we live in the Country - we actually live on an Island.

    Have a lovely weekend


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