Cliff erosion and landslips

All the excess rain we have had during the last year has resulted in more cliff erosion than usual. The South-west coast path, which celebrates it's 40th birthday this year stretches 630 miles (1013km) from Poole down to Land's End and back up to Bridgewater. There are usually 2 or 3 landslips a year, but this year between November 2012- January 2013 there have been 21. 

This is the cliff closest to where I live, we often walk here and during the winter a few more feet have disappeared. It has made us extra careful walking above or below the cliffs.

Even the sign has fallen down the cliff!

In Lyme Regis some of the holiday beach chalets worth over £200,000 have been demolished as they have become unstable. It must have been such a shock for the owners luckily no one was hurt.

Beach and cliff at Eype

The chalet below is at Eype (meaning steep place)  a bit further along the coast, the garden is gradually disappearing! The views from here however must be amazing.

Do you remember me telling you about the birds being rescued a few weeks ago - see here. Those that survived were released back into the wild last week - a wonderful sight to behold.

Oil stricken birds released from Portland Bill
Image taken from Dorset Echo

Has the recent weather caused any long term problems where you live ?

Sarah x


  1. I can't imagine watching parts of the landscape or homes just slipping into the sea - I guess that comes from being landlocked, but the thought of watching the landscape change so dramatically scares me a little!

    I'm really pleased to see some birds being released, but still sad/angry about the whole event.

  2. That's such a shame to see the erosion, bush fires and flooding.

  3. I'm glad no-one was hurt, but how sad that the holiday homes had to be demolished. I think the little chalet will be the next casualty.

    Thanks for popping over to me, and for your lovely comments

    Love Claire xx

  4. Yes, I've heard of such stories, it must be terrible for the habitants , their land disappears in one second! That's fine for the birds,I remember the story . Nature is stronger than us and we don't respect the earth , our planet. So, climate conditions have changed because of us. We are responsible for what is happens.
    You've done very well to share this topic with us. This is good for all of us. Good night Sarah!

  5. It's sad to see the land disappearing so fast!
    Glad nobody has got hurt near where you live, you hear such horrible stories about cliffs falling onto people etc.
    The picture at the end of the bird's been let back out into the wild makes me smile :)

  6. That chalet looks pretty but is a bit too close to the edge! I heard about the birds - great to see some of the rescued being released.

  7. We have also had more landslips than usual on the Rest and Be Thankful which is our alternative route home from Glasgow if the ferries are off. Quite scary! I'm glad you are being careful! Wonderful to see the saved birds.

  8. really disheartening about the land erosion Sarah but very heartening to see the birds being released back into the wild.

  9. WHAUW Sarah what a beautiful pictures i love the sea and the clives it looks wonderful. And that is what the nature us gives lovely.
    Greetings Petra.

  10. Hi Sarah,

    Had left a comment but seemed to be some fault with blogger so will try again.
    Beautiful coastline but must be so scary with what is happening - the views from the Chalet must be so lovely, but so close to the bank.
    Glad that some of the birds were able to be rescued.
    You asked about the roses I had dried, I just had the stems in about an inch of water and they just dried like that in the vase.

    Hope you are enjoying the week and many thanks for visiting me

  11. we also have issues with the weather here in the Philippines whenever we have low pressures and typhoons. It as well causes causes floods that destroys our rivers...:(


  12. It's horrible when you see the cliffs eroding and homes destroyed. I'm glad the birds had a happier ending! :) x

  13. That chalet is very pretty and it's in a beautiful location, not sure I'd want to live there though because of the danger of a landslide. We've got signs of landslides here too although in a much smaller scale.

  14. This sort of erosion seems to be happening all around the country, there have been similar problems with houses and gardens slipping and being demolished on the Yorkshire coast,and in York there has been more flooding this year than ever – makes you wonder if this is a real long term change in the weather or just a blip. On a more positive note its lovely to see the pictures of the birds being released , their story was so much in the news when they were found so it’s great to see that some had a happy ending.

  15. It must be terrifying living so close to the cliff edge. I guess when these people bought their properties maybe several years ago, they thought they were far enough from the edge to not worry. How awful for them. It seems to be happening more often these days. Lovely pictures of the landscape. How lovely that the birds have been released.
    Patricia x

  16. The weather's caused long term damage to some of the farmer's livelihoods hereabouts, but not to the landscape. That chalet looks dangerously close to the edge there! Do be careful on your walks m'dear, we wouldn't want you to be flattened, and having once been within yards of a landslip on that same stretch of coast (near Kilve, whilst on a school trip, years ago) I know how quickly a very great deal of rock and soil comes down.

    Fascinating post :)

  17. Bad winter weather results here- only a horribly muddy paddock for the horses which has now dried to dust! We need more balance in our weather patterns. Maybe that's the truth of global warming, not so much hot, but long periods of wet followed by long periods of dry. The land slips look incredible. I love that stretch of coast near Lyme, it's really nice to see the photos, and wonderful to see the birds being released- that was such an awful thing that happened thank goodness there are good people out there to help put the wrong right. CT x

  18. As a child I lived near a place called Walton-on-the-naze, The naze part of the little town where the big cliffs were was always giving way to the high tides...I hadnt been back there to that part of the east coast since my late teens and my lordy there must be two football fields missing of land since!- it makes you realise how quickly the sea takes the land,,,now living in devon 7 years, ive noticed its becming more and more so the same hear around the coastal towns, especially places like you mentioned which i think was teh place they mentioned in the local news a few weeks back. That chalet, be a bit nervous in there at high tide! but the sea views must be AMAZINGGG! X

  19. Sweet Sarah and Daisy!

    Yes my friends, the weather changes have been behaving quite strangely in our part of the world too. I guess that we are either witnessing a normal earth cycle of change, or some phenomenon of global change. Regardless, we must adapt and make the necessary changes to help make the transition as smooth as possible!

    Much love, Anita

  20. Hello, I've just come across your lovely photographs, although it is worrying to see the cliff erosion. I often visit the South West coastal path and had wondered how it would look after such a wet year. And it is wonderful to see the birds released after that terrible incident of pollution. The volunteers and charities working to save the birds did a fantastic job.

  21. It's a worrying thought that our country's slowly being washed away! I noticed a plot of land for sale near there with permission for a new house, but wondered who would be brave enough to build so close to the sea. xx

  22. gosh those are dramatic photos, nature is so powerful and we are so tiny! tho we can do many positive things and it's great to see the birds fly free...

  23. Blooming heck that's the reality of what's been happening with our climate, Sarah! Quite scary the picture of some ones home so near the cliff edge...The birds flying free is so wonderful to see...Thanks for sharing.~ With kindest thoughts Maria x

  24. I suppose erosion is all part of the natural cycle, but it is worrying that the weather has had such an impact.
    Such wonderful views from the top of the cliffs and so good to see those birds released too.

  25. These are gorgeous photo's, but also a bit alarming. Especially the one with the chalet. If you live ther, you won't sleep well, I suppose. Visiting your Coast is om my "want to go there some time"list. It's beautiful. And nature is alive. Groetjes, Gerda

  26. i didnt live in walton, we used to spend a lot of time there though my dad working for the RSPB and wild life actually from an island called west mersea not far from there by car x

  27. Oh such beautiful pictures. It is so sad that some of the people living there lost their homes and the wonderful view. We are still dealing with cold and a bit of snow but when the sun peaks out, our moods rise to the sky. We are so ready for spring, warmth and sunshine.

  28. I can imagine that you must be extra aware , while walking those cliff tops Sarah.
    We have cliff slides on our beaches sometimes and people have lost their lives. Take care.
    Magnificent views from atop the hills.
    I dont really know, what is happening to the weather. Since my arrival back from UK.. its been raining every day. I think just a little respite of a couple of days. This whole week , its been day and night rain, heavy winds and now the temp has dropped.
    My garden is getting saturated, as there is no where for the water to go now.
    Very depressing.
    I have also still got this awful flu. I am a little better, but far from well.
    Roll on spring and summer.
    happy weekend Sarah.

    val x

  29. thanks Sarah just had my dose of lovely Dorset that I miss so much

  30. You certainly see the changes due to climate change from close by. Such beautiful landscape. So sad to see it disappearing before your eyes. So heartbreaking to see houses and gardens disappear because of the erosion. Our garden is also wetter than it has ever been, it is a swamp with the water not being able to disappear but nothing really 'dangerous' compared to what's happening to these beautiful cliffs.

    Good thing the birds could be released!



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