Those treasured days of summer

I'm sure I can feel a touch of Autumn in the air in the early mornings, so I am determined to make the most of the summer while it is still with us....

 What a difference a year makes! This scene here is such a complete contrast to last year when the Olympic sailing was taking place here.

There is always so much to see from watching the fall and rise of the sea in Topsham .........

To looking across the sea on a walk...........

Stopping at a beach cafe to buy an ice-cream and take in the view.

Watching the sun set over the sea .........

 Or the moon rise over the sea at Lulworth cove ........

Leanne from Tales of simple days recently mentioned Durdle Door looked like a dragon - we are on the Jurassic coast with rocks recording 185 million years of the Earth's history!

  These are the some of the images of the sea I will remember in those cold dark days of winter.

 Since my husband was diagnosed with cancer we appreciate even more the simple and beautiful things around us. We have make more of an effort to search them out and create a basketful of special moments. (My husband had his prostrate removed in April. He has recovered well, but because the cancer was found on the edge of the prostrate there is a chance it may reappear. Hopefully with regular checking it should be picked up early and treated.)  My heart goes out to those of you who are in a similar position, or in ill health and hope that better times are around the corner.

Do you have a special moment that has happened over the past few months that you will treasure? Money can't buy the things I appreciate most - family, friendship, blogging and appreciating the beautiful things around me. It's the simple things that make my heart sing.

One of the farms nearby over the past few years has had campers using their fields. The fields overlook the sea, the council will only allow them to open for 28 days a year. Over the years the number of campers and fields have increased. The other evening we took Daisy for a walk a bit further along from this farm and discovered even more fields being used. It is a joy to see so many others enjoying this special location and creating their own treasured family moments too.

We realised the camera was missing it's battery so these pictures of the tents are some supplied by the farm in preparation for last years opening and the picture of the fields was taken in May!

Wishing you a week of treasured moments.
Sarah x


  1. This is a lovely thought provoking post. Such beautiful photos, memories of those places stay with you for ever. We visited Lulworth cove (actually stayed there for a week) and Durdle door a few years ago and it was amazing.
    Sorry to hear about your husband but hopefully with careful monitoring it will be kept in check. I have lost people nearest and dearest to me over the last few years and realize that its the little things that matter most.Family and friends and time spent sharing special moments.

  2. What lovely pictures!! Another 3 weeks and I will see the sea!! Yippee!! Those Bell Tents!! Son No.1 has just spent a week under similar on the Isle of Wight at his last Boys' Brigade camp! He started going to camp at a year old, when I was an Officer in BB and he has just given up after being an Officer too! Those tents are pretty drafty!! Sadly, this week I have heard of 2 ladies I know that have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I am ever grateful for good health.

  3. Your post touched me too Sarah.
    Wishing you both all the very best. Jx

  4. What a wonderful position those tents are in, I can almost smell the ozone from here. Sending positive thoughts for your husband's health. You are right, the only things that really matter are family health and happiness, everything else is a bonus! xx

  5. Beautiful photos and words Sarah, I can see why you want to hold onto summer for as long as possible. Here's hoping your winter is not as bad as you think it will be, ours has turned out to be very mild and dry, we're getting more rain now it's spring, so you never know! Best wishes for the months ahead, keep looking for the simple and beautiful things. Sx

  6. Sarah this post has touched me deeply and I am sending you and your husband love and best wishes. My sister in law and I were having a similar conversation today about similar things. When all is said and done your loved ones, and the simple pleasures of life are what's important.

    Leanne xx

  7. Dear Sarah....Forgive me for a late visit to your lovely corner! As always your pictures are post card beautiful...We have been remembering last year also, with the wonderful memories that will stay in our heart always of the Olympics and Paralympics! Sarah you are so right about the important things in life and when Cancer touches you or yours it kinda gets things in perspective of what matters most! I wish your man well! I really do!
    ~ Thank you for popping in on me too....Olivia did really well in exams, and has decided to stay on at sixth form to do the Art foundation! ahhh a big relief to me as she helps me always with spelling and punctuation on my blog! shhhhh don't tell, i am a product of ITA from my younger years and always write the way I was taught then! hehe..Seriously it is lovely to have her another year! Wishing you a lovely week ahead....With hugs and kisses Maria x

  8. Illness within the family is an anxious time for everyone - it does make you stop and reassess the things that are really important - I think that you and your husband have got it right.
    I love those tents on the cliff tops - they remind me of the tents that I went camping in with the guides. I hope that they are sufficiently far enough away from the cliff edge, in case anyone needs a call of nature in the middle of the night!!!

  9. Oh Sarah, what beautiful scenery. I am sorry to hear your husband is unwell. Time with loved ones is so precious, making memories from simple pleasures is what is important in life. Glad you enjoying getting out and about with your husband and enjoying the beautiful countryside.

  10. Oh how relaxing of a walk this has been!!! And I believe I spotted the back end of Daisy!!!!!!

    Lovely tour today my sweet Sarah. Anita

  11. Beautiful photos as always. This area is somewhere I really want to visit (though that is a long list!). I used to go to Devon and Cornwall a lot as a child as my aunt moved down there for 5 years, but I haven't been for over twenty years.

  12. Such beautiful photos again. I agree with you totally about the most important things in life and I hope all turns out well with your husband.

  13. Every time I see your lovely photographs of your area Sarah, I want to visit it. It truly is beautifully stunning.
    I am sure that your hubby will recover well.. the docs are well up with all the new technology today.
    I send him best wishes.
    You are so right Sarah, its the simple things in life that count.. enjoy every moment.
    Being together and sharing will give you both strength..
    thinking of you.. wishing you a happy Sunday and Monday tomorrow.
    val x x x

  14. Lissa Rankin ( talks about the real and measurable health benefits of the approach that you and your husband are taking to his cancer Sarah - good medical care but also focussing on simple pleasures and the people you love and creating lovely memories at the same time. I wish you both the very best and thank you for sharing, and your wonderful photographs.

  15. Such a lovely post. Wishing you and your husband all the best x

  16. This is a lovely post. My hubby too had cancer, bladder cancer, and that was the moment that we decided life was not all about work and are now taking steps to be able to retire xxxx

  17. Dear Sarah,

    Beautiful photos taken out and about in your wonderful part of the world. So glad that you are still enjoying the nice weather and having some lovely walks with Daisy. I do remember your fabulous photos of the Olympics and the boat racing.
    Best wishes for your husband, for good health
    I agree it is the small things that make us happy, to see all the beauty everywhere and having family around us.

    Enjoy the new week

  18. "Money can't buy the things I appreciate most - family, friendship, blogging and appreciating the beautiful things around me. It's the simple things that make my heart sing." You said it best.

    Thank you Sarah, for always taking the time to visit my blog and leaving your kind words. I really appreciate it. We're all, in some way, affected by an illness. Makes us all step back to reflect.


  19. Beautiful photos of the coast in summer - I agree with you about trying to keep these scenes in the memory for winter. I hope your husband recovers soon; it is so important to reflect on what really matters in life. A lovely post - thank you for sharing.

  20. Dear Helen,

    For a city girl like me, the coast around your house looks like a dream to me. What a joy it must be to walk out of your door into all beauty!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  21. Wonderful photos Sarah, I could not stand to live in a city miles from the sea now and looking at these images makes me marvel at how beautiful it all is. My friend Kathy coming to stay was a great time for me recently as I had not seen her for a couple of years, although we often email and talk on the phone. She so wanted to see a snake on her holidays, and when we found that little Adder on the coastal path, I was delighted for her-that was a simple but special moment. So sorry to hear of your husbands diagnosis, it's a life changing experience. I wish you both happy and healthy times ahead.

  22. Beautiful photos - I wonder if we were in the Globe at the same time? Spooky. Whenever I see a lady photographing obscure items, I always wonder if its a blogger that I know!! I hope your husband is feeling well and fingers crossed that it has gone for good. I was diagnosed on Christmas Eve with having a dangerously swollen heart - we still don't know the cause. After the initial scare and facing my own mortality, I decided to live like I am living - and not like I am dying. I have had one of the best years of my life so far. xxxxxx

    1. I'm glad you have one of the best years of your life so far after hearing such bad news on Christmas eve. I have enjoyed seeing all the lovely places you have been visiting. Amazing we both stayed in the same hotel we obviously love the same things! It was beautiful when we were there unlike the rain you had.
      Sarah x

  23. Sarah , What lovely peaceful photos. The simple nature of things always make me happy. So glad you and your husband are embracing and. enjoying the simple things in life

  24. I always enjoy going for a "virtual" walk with you Sarah as there's so much to see. I especially like the 5th photo from the bottom, it looks like a lovely, tranquil place. All the best for you and your husband.

  25. I can feel Spring in the sunshine, such amazing photos.

  26. Oh Sarah, how lovely of you to come by.....I would imagine that your strolls by the sea ANYTIME of the year would evoke such great memories. I look forward to seeing what you share during the COLD months, by the sea. Anita

  27. "Money can't buy the things I appreciate most - family, friendship, blogging and appreciating the beautiful things around me. It's the simple things that make my heart sing."

    I love this! You have perfectly expressed how I feel about life, too. I am so glad your husband is making a good recovery, and that you are finding so many lovely places and moments to enjoy.

  28. Oh Sarah, what a lovely post and beautiful photos of your beloved coastline. I take every day as it comes and live for the moment. I think we all have to these days. Wishing your husband continued good health. Have a good week
    Patricia x

  29. It's me again, Sarah. I quoted part of this post in my blog post today. I am at my mom's home right now so am blogging from my iPad using the Blogsy app. I can't figure out how to do a link on it! I am so sorry, and wanted you to know why a link to your blog isn't there. I get home late Thursday so will fix it then.

  30. sarah, i didnt know your husband had been so poorly, i am relieved to hear that he is well. I think positive attitude is so important. and seeking peace and beauty in your surroundings and in capturing little moments as future memories helps so much with that. i truly wish you both happiness and good health for years to come.

    blessings leanne x

    ps thank you for the mention of my blog!

  31. I feel like I have had a breath of sea air, I love reading your blog and hope for good health soon. Jo x

  32. Hi Sarah,

    I've just popped over here from Kristie's blog and have been wanting to come over and say hello since I see your name over on Annie's blog regularly too. Like the others, this Post has resonated with me today. Such a good reminder. There are some 'big' things happening in my life right now and I'm conscious that there may be too much focus on that on my blog at the expense of the things I really value. I'm sorry to hear about your Husband's health and hope he continues to make a good recovery.

    Mel x

  33. Sarah, what a lovely post, your photos as usual are spectacular and every one of them could be framed and hung on my wall. My best wishes to your husband and I hope he continues along the road to a complete recovery.

  34. Lovely photos! Sorry to hear about your husband's health, I hope he continues to be well.


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