Things that have made me smile this week

 How have you been getting on this week?  I seem to have captured lots of things that made me smile this week so apologies in advance for a long post!

On Monday Twinkle had to go to the vets - they discovered she had a piece of grass as long as a tea spoon caught in her throat and she had to have it removed under anaesthetic.  Your feel so helpless when  pets are ill. It made me smile to see her fully recovered and back outside, she certainly didn't appreciate being kept inside all week!

On Tuesday I rushed into the garden before work to pick some Michaelmas daises, and discovered such beauty - the garden was covered in spider webs and I just had to capture some of them!

  That evening the light was so special too...

This looks like a watercolouring painting to me.

Later in the week I had a day to myself and took myself shopping and for once the shops seemed to be full of things I wanted to buy at a price I was willing to pay! It is usually the other way round with me, how about you?

This is Westbourne on the outskirts of Bournemouth. It has some very good charity shops and I managed to buy a cashmere jumper,  a wonderful green woolly scarf and a cardigan the colour of unripe blackberries.

We had a relaxing start to the weekend with some blackberrying....

My Grandfather used to make the most wonderful blackberry jam, which I never been able to recreate properly until now. I used Thea's Auntie Ruby 's recipe and it tasted just as good as I remember. (If you want the recipe see post Hearts and Bluebells and go down to my comment close to the bottom of the post.) Thank you Thea for giving me the recipe, it made me so happy.

 I  have finally got around to making this cornmeal bread recipe from Paula at Homemade life. The texture was lovely and it went well with the blackberry jam too!

It was quite windy on Saturday and there were lots of white horses (white caps on the waves.)  A walk by the sea was quite bracing - Daisy soon decided to sit down and refuse to move until we turned around! Westies can be so stubborn sometimes!

 I have also given our lounge a more cosy and autumn feel, adding flowers, leaves, pine cones, woollen cushion covers  ( I bought  these on my shopping trip).Twinkle soon discovered  I had put out the blanket - I'm not sure that was what I intended to use it for! 

 This afternoon after spending the morning finishing planting the spring bulbs and wallflowers we went down to the Fleet for a walk. As always it was breathtaking, the colours were just as you can see here. The broken boat had found a photogenic place to rest!

These are only a few of things that made me smile this week. I hope they make you smile too!  

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Sarah x


  1. So enjoyable this post Sarah!It made me smile, really.All photos are great but this one with the blackberries is amazing and also this landscape like a painting...Wish I could taste your jam, here there is no chance to find this fruit, perhaps in Athens...Wish you enjoy autumn cosy days!

  2. Thank you for making me smile! What a very beautiful cat Twinkle is. It is the simple things that make everyday life so good, isn't it Sarah?

  3. WHAUW Sarah what a beuatiful pictures the view from the cost with the see at the back and the spider webs oohhh I love them. Well don Sarah it makes me very happy, have a wonderful week and take care. Greetings Petra.

  4. Your lounge looks lovely. Lucky you having such a successful shopping trip. Beautiful photos, your cornbread looks delicious, it's making me hungry.

  5. Aw poor Twinkle glad that she is all better and outside again. I know the feeling of helplessness when you cant do anything for them sounds like you did everything you could. She's certainly looking well and wonderful now...she reminds me of or cat Poppy.
    Your spider web photos are beautiful.
    You sitting room is looking wonderful. Hope that you have a lovely week x

  6. I'm so glad that Twinkle is OK. You have so many gorgeous photos but I have to say the spiderweb shots are beautiful and I now want to go and try the cornbread recipe. Have a lovely week.

  7. Dear Sarah,

    All those lovely photos made me smile too and thanks for showing us your week.
    So glad to hear that sweet Twinkle is feeling better and you do feel helpless when your pets are not well.
    How neat that you were able to have a successful shopping trip. The blackberry jam and freshly baked bread looks delicious.
    Wishing you a happy new week and many thanks for your visit.

  8. Glad that Twinkle is on the mend.
    A lovely post Sarah, all your pictures are beautiful, but the last two in particular, spectacular!
    Have a great week.

  9. Lovely post of special moments from your week Sarah - glad that Twinkle is alright - the bread and jam look very yummy. I love the photo of the sea blowing along with the grass also making waves on the hillside, and the boat slowly sinking into the sand.

  10. Lovely pictures of lovely places which made me smile! After a difficult week here Thank You!!!

  11. I loved this post. It made me smile, especially the part about Daisy refusing to move until you turned around. Fergus is much the same. :-)

    The spider web pictures are beautiful. And I'm glad to hear Twinkle is making a good recovery.

  12. I totally understand why you were smiling.

    My favorite photo is the beach with the town in the background.

  13. Beauty beauty beauty. In your images and your mind. Love it. Am chuckling to myself picturing Daisy plonking her bottom down in defiance of the windy walk! :)

  14. Your happy things brought happiness to me as well, Sarah! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos...I can't pick a favorite. So glad Twinkle is back in good form!
    Gracie xx

  15. Glad you had a lovely week and Twinkle is feeling better now. We both have seen the beauty in spider webs this week.

  16. Ah! Poor Twinkle...But, she's looking good now!
    Not nice when animals are poorly..They can't tell
    you what's wrong!
    The photos look really great...As usual!
    The ones of the sea are lovely..Can't beat the sea,
    with it's waves beating on the shore....Watch it for
    hours! :).

  17. Such lovely photos Sarah and I smiled at them all. It's brilliant when you have unexpected luck on a shopping trip and a shame it can't always be guaranteed. Glad that Twinkle is okay after her op. I loved the picture of the old boat in the marshes and I'm definitely going to make that jam and maybe the bread too. Have a wonderful week.
    Patricia x

  18. Looks like you've had a very busy week Sarah! It's the same for me with shopping too- either all or nothing. So pleased Twinkle is OK- awful when they are poorly, but she is looking fab in the pic. CT :-)

  19. Hello there dear Sarah!

    I am so glad to hear your precious kitty is doing better! That sounds just horrible what she had to endure in her throat! You never know what they will unknowingly swallow. So good to hear she is fine.

    Your musings are just magical. That boat on the water with tide out, the spider webs (a work of ART!) and your cosy home. I think we are all feeling the joy of hunkering down, saying goodnight to summer, and preparing for yet another year of wonder. Thank you for your gentle sharings that always make me feel at home. Anita

  20. This whole post has a happy feel. But it's the white capped waves that most excited me ... the sea in winter seen from the shore I just love the wildness and the energy of it.

    Glad to read that Twinkle is better :)

  21. Many good reasons to smile, Sarah! I'm relieved for Twinkle, and those spiderwebs look beautiful. I am normally creeped out by spiders, but I can appreciate their art :)
    Learned another thing from you: white horses!

  22. Your week sounds good Sarah. I would smile a lot too if I were you :-) Happy to hear Twinkle is feeling better. The sea/coastline looks beautiful on your photographs. So different from ours.

    It must be a good feeling that all your bulbs are into the ground. I hope to put the last ones in this week.

    Madelief x

  23. The picture of the boat is lovely - perfect. I would be with Daisy in not wanting to go out in that wind.

  24. Beautiful photos as usual Sarah especially the one of the spider webs. I like the look of your jam and the bread looks great too.

  25. I think these are all things worthy of smiling about. I'm glad your cat is okay now. :)

  26. Poor Twinkle, hope she's bounding around the garden soon! :) x

  27. Such lovely photos especially the boat it looks so tranquil. I'm glad your cat has recovered well, it's awful when there's nothing you can do to help. My dog had three teeth out last week and hearing him as near as crying on the evening afterwards was heart wrenching.

  28. What lovely snippets from your week Sarah, I especially love the watercolour painting photo! S:)

  29. Hello Sarah,
    poor Twinkle. I am glad they found out what she had.. She looks happy now , back home.
    The beautiful photos of Fleet. love the old boat just lying there,
    The waves and the white horses..
    all things to make one happy. I agree. Just taking the photos and watching the sea roll in and out.
    visiting the shops and finding a good find..
    making Thea's jam. happiness is all these things.
    happy first of october Sarah.
    lovely post.
    val xx

  30. Sending hugs to Twinkle *****, she's so pretty!
    LOVELY pictures and the boat resting after her long days is wonderful!
    So atmospheric!
    Happy new month Sarah...
    Hugs Maria x

  31. Wonderful set of images Sarah. Twinkle will love Her new blanket-put out for Autumn in the nice cosy lounge, cats always look for a high level of comfort! Love the cobwebs and the cornmeal bread. I don't always have good luck when shopping, like most people I seem to have the time and money and find nothing, and then when I just can't spend anything I see something I would love.

  32. It sounds like you had a good week all round - and such lovely photos. Especially jealous of your charity shop finds, particularly the cashmere cardigan in just the colour I love. Give Twinkle an extra cuddle from me.

  33. Such wonderful pictures. The bread looks perfect for the jam. Your spider webs are amazing. So many smiles you brought me too!

  34. Those webs are a-mazing!

    So glad Twinkle is OK.

    Nina x

  35. Lovely photos, I love seeing the webs with the dew drops on them and of course the beach photos!

  36. Gorgeous pictures - you look like you have had a busy time making and baking. Autumn is the best time for this I think - such an abundance of hedgerow fruits. x

  37. Hi Sarah, this post encompasses everything I love too! Rummaging in charity/antique shops,baking, walking, watching beautiful scenery and my new love for gardening! Love it! Oh your poor cat, hope she feels much better soon! Usually the things I love are way too expensive for my pocket, but I do love it when I find a bargain! Cashmere, what a find Sarah! Have a lovely weekend! Sharon xx

  38. Hello Sarah
    So happy your jam turned out well it looks delicious,
    Glad Twinkle is back to her normal self bless her she's such a pretty cat, Your photos of the cobwebs are beautiful,
    The lounge looks lovely and cosy all ready for autumn ...Sounds like you found some treasures at the shops too..
    Happy weekend my friend
    Thea x

  39. Lovely post Sarah. Good to hear Twinkle is doing well. She is a pretty girl too. Boysenberries are so beautiful and they remind me of my Great-grandparents. They had some growing in their backyard and my Grandmother made all kinds of goodies with them.


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