Sunshine award

Firstly I want to thank the lovely Jay from My family and other cricketers for recently nominating me for a Sunshine award. As my blog is award free I am not going to participate with it fully and will just answer the questions that Jay asked. Her blog always makes me smile as like many of us she has a busy life trying to keep many balls spinning in the air at once.

The beach in Weymouth - last weekend when it wasn't sunny!

The German town of Bielefeld
1) Where do you call home? Is it where you live now, where you once lived or a place you would like to call home in the future?  Where I live now, down by the sea in Weymouth is where I call home. Dorset is where I have lived for the past 31 years. I do however have a second place I call home. I spent most of my childhood in Germany and a part of me will still call Germany home too.

2) What did you want to be "when you grew up" or are you not grown up yet?
I did look into the possibility of becoming a food technologist or a dietitian but instead I was a ground air hostess for a short while. Most of my working life has been working in the NHS - but not on the front line.

3) Do you have a secret talent or a party piece? Not one that comes readily to mind!

My dream location

4) Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Hopefully retired and living by the sea!

5) Do you have a "claim to fame"?
I did write to the Queen at the age of 12 to complain about rats I had seen in a street on London. I did get a reply from her personal secretary!

6) Any regrets, however small?
I wish I had asked my grandparents more about their lives and family.

My son's band - he's the one singing
      7) Is there a band or singer you wish you'd had the chance to see live? Or may see in the future? Or is live music not for you? My son was in a band for a couple of years. Although they used to practice at our house we were never allowed to see him at a live gig in one of the local pubs. He was at the stage when it was too embarrassing to be seen with the parents. After a few years he decided that instead he would redirect his love of music to setting up his own successful record company with a friend, that they run in their spare time!

8) School, loved it or hated it? Or should have paid more attention at the time?!  I loved school and keep meaning to do a post about it!

Our garden in May
9) Favourite season? And tell me what that season is like if you're not in the UK. My favourite season has to be summer. I love the light evenings the warmth (hopefully) and the garden full of beautiful flowers, and the first pickings of newly grown vegetables and salad.

10) Did you really have the time to answer all those questions, do you have time on your hands or are you up to your neck?
I don't have much time on my hands, but I liked the questions.
Thank you Jay for thinking I was worthy of this award, and also thank you for everyone who reads, comments and share my blog you all always brighten my day!
 Sarah x


  1. Good evening Sarah!

    I loved getting to know more about you this way. You and I share similar interests, but I have to say that the most striking one is that I too at the age of about 8, wrote to our president of the USA! I don't even remember what it was about, but I too got a letter from his personal secretary!

    Enjoy your day; we had our Thanksgiving yesterday and I'm just relaxing today. Anita

  2. So, we learned more about you Sarah! So interesting indeed!And so kind to be nomineted for an Award!

  3. Congratulations on being nominated for this award, and lovely to learn more about you Sarah. Hope that you have a good weekend. xx

  4. A lovely post, so nice to read a little about you.

  5. Congrats dear Sarah! It was nice knowing more about you. You wrote to the queen about rats! How cute :)

  6. I love reading Jay's Blog too. That's so funny about your son's band. For a while I organised youth band evenings in the village & thought I was a very unlikely person to be doing it but did have children of the right age who had friends in bands !

  7. I enjoyed learning a bit more about you, Sarah! I have an award free blog, too, but I certainly appreciate the "Sunshine" your blog brings me each time I view one of your posts :) I just caught up on your posts I missed since my latest Grand, Rose, arrived at the end of October.
    Happy Weekend,
    Gracie xx

  8. Some lovely photographs to accompany your answers - it is always nice to get to know someone a little better. Your favourite location looks pretty much like my dream too.

  9. Nice to know you a bit better Sarah :-)

  10. A great post Sarah, I love to see the photos of where you live and also when you travel to other little villages.
    I do believe, that we must do what we want to do , before we get older.. time goes by quicker than we think..and when health matters set in. Some of our dreams have to be put at one side.
    There is so much i would like to do.

    Sarah. I wonder, if you could do me a great favor. I am not using blogger any more.. I posted a couple of days ago and now i cant get that blog back. I have worked night and day.. and I am giving up. I have complained to them.
    followed all the instructions..but nothing is happening.. I would appreciate it..if you could just write a little post on my behalf.. hoping to be back. but i am going to look at other options for blogging.. i dont want to use blogger anymore its so so sensative.
    sending best wishes to all my lovely blogger friends.. hoping it wont be too long before i can join you all again.
    thank you sarah.. wishing you a happy weekend. this has made me very sad.

    1. So sorry to hear you have had such problems again with your blog. I can still see it at if you click the link at the side of my blog . It doesn't seem to work if you click your name above. I will write a post for you now. It's the last thing you need at the moment.
      Sarah x

  11. Just learned a couple of precious nuggets about you, Sarah, just by your answering these questions! :)
    Thank you for sharing with us :)

  12. You have a wonderful blog with such an eye for taking great images-well done

  13. Congratulations Sarah - I endorse what SeagullSuzie says about your great images which are always a joy to see.

  14. Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for your visit to my blog and your kind comments!
    Your garden looks wonderful. Summer is also my favourite time of year.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Ingrid x

  15. Lovely post :) I wonder if we all feel like that about our grandparents, I know I do.

  16. Thank you Sarah, it's nice to get to know you a little better - your blog always brings sunshine, you deserve the award!

  17. It's always nice to get to know my blogging friends a little better. I've done a couple of awards in the past but I'm leaning toward not participating fully anymore either. It's just a personal preference. I'm glad to know you loved school, I did too and it was a major source of happiness and accomplishment for me.

  18. Congrats on your award...I loved reading all of your answers. I lived in Germany too, for just one year though, but absolutely loved it - 6 months near Stuttgart and 6 months near Dresden. Mel x

  19. Great post Sarah, I feel like I know more about you now! I haven't done much blogging lately or keeping up with reading my blog friends, apologies, I blame the season for this! Have a great weekend. Sharon x


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