The island of Capri just off the main Amalfi coast line is a popular destination. It was orginally colonised by the Greeks. Caesar Augustus visited the island in 29BC and was so enchanted to find a dry twig in flower that he bartered the neighbouring fertile island of Ischia. (I wonder what plant it was that he saw). There is no natural source of water in Capri amd even today they still have to import all the drinking water by tankers from the mainland.

In the 18th century Capri became a tourist destination and was very popular with artists, poets and writers. Today, the island still attracts the rich and famous and there are very expensive hotels and designer shops, well above our budget!

We took a boat trip around the island. The limestone rocks were so beautiful against the blue shimmering sea and there were some wonderful plants growing on the ledges high above us. Our boat took us through the hole on the right, above. The top of the boat almost scrapping the roof of the hole!

I took a chair lift to the top of the island. It was beautiful to be whisked peacefully above the noise and bustle  to smell the pine trees below my feet and listen to the bird song before reaching this stunning vista...

We went on an organised day trip that included lunch, I did notice on trip adviser that many visitors to the island complain about being overcharged, so if you do visit here, beware!

I saw these wonderful tiles on some outside steps in Capri aren't they fantastic? Thank you for all your comments on the last few posts about Italy. Although our holiday was back in June it has been fun to remember it in these posts with you. Bad Penny from The Hen House is off soon to stay in the same hotel as us in Sorrento and I hope she has a great time there too.
Sarah x 


  1. Oh beautiful Capri...thank´s for showing us this lovely place! Great pictures!
    Have a happy week, take care...

  2. I could almost feel the sun on my back reading that! The whole Amalfi coast is just ridiculously beautiful!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these breathtaking photos of Capri.
    Enjoy your week.

  4. I am surprised that the island has no natural source of water. It must be very difficult to import what is needed. Presumably they have a desalination plant to cater for some of their requirements. I wonder if you enjoyed any of the famous Insalata Caprese?

  5. Lovely photos.. it looks beautiful :o)

  6. Yes we did enjoy eating Caprese salad in Capri. We also had a wonderful refreshing drink made with freshly squeezed orange juice over lemon granita. Sarah x

  7. Oh Sarah, the views you captured and those TILES! This part of the world just enchants me, and I'd sure love to go there one day. My time in the South of France and in Italy was a marvel of a tour, visiting the old places where this ancient, Roman world once reigned. HAPPY WEEKEND!

  8. Oh my, that view, it's just stunning. Mostly I prefer to look out across pretty much people free wildernesses, but sometimes the spots where people gather are equally beautiful aren't they.

  9. Dear Sarah - it was lovely to see this post on Capri and be reminded of the beautiful scenery. It is a long since I visited that I had forgotten about the cable car rides. When we visited many people seemed to be very keen on finding Gracie Fields house!! - she has been dead for well over 30 years now, so you that tells me how long ago it was.
    Love those beautiful lemon tiles.

  10. Spectacular! And I love your new header photograph Sarah. And yes, those tiles...

  11. Sarah
    It's always so nice to look back at holidays.
    It's always nice to share your lovely pictures too - those limestone rocks do look beautiful.

    Happy Weekend Wishes

    All the best Jan

  12. Good Afternoon Sarah, Oh my word, you took me back 15 years when we visited the Amalfi coast. We stayed in Sorrento and we loved it so much. We also visited Capri, and yes, even then it was very expensive.... but we spent our time walking around the island and we just loved it. Once we left the hustle and bustle.... it was peace and tranquility.Did you try the lemoncello when you were there.... very nice.
    Thank you for the reminder of this beautiful place.
    Best wishes

  13. Dear Sarah, such beautiful photos, blue skies misty mountains in the distance, all make for such a lovely holiday I am sure. Looking back on treasured memories of holidays seems to make it easier to continue the plainness of life in general and make holidaying more appealing especially when one can visit such beautiful places. Have a lovely weekend. Sharon x

  14. Sarah, those views from the top are breathtaking - glorious!


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