An Autumn escape

We have just returned from a couple of days down in Cornwall. The autumn colours were magnificent, even if the weather wasn't brilliant  We managed to get home just before the latest storm. As I write heavy rain is lashing the window and another strong wind is blowing, it looks as if we managed to catch the leaf colours just in time!

The Cornish coast is better known for it's attractive fishing villages and Poldark.



We  also visited Charlestown where the harbour scenes for Poldark are filmed. It had been an hive of activity the previous day, and we had just missed it!

 The beauty of nature at every turn doesn't however disappoint!

Wishing you a good weekend.
Sarah x


  1. Glad you had a good time. Such a beautiful part of the country. If I remember rightly you have family links in Fowey.
    Definitely time to batten down the hatches tonight. Hopefully a few leaves will survive. Have a lovely weekend. B x

  2. I love how you always include your dog. She’s a keeper.

    We have had rain and high winds for six weeks, Sarah. It has kept us inside to our regret. How wonderful you could travel about and see the autumn colour.

  3. Lovely photos. I always enjoy visiting here, though I don't often comment.

  4. The weather is the same here this Friday evening! These photos are fantastic. I enjoyed seeing scenes from your trip to Cornwall.

  5. Lovely photos. Cornwall is such a wonderful place. I just love the wild rugged beauty of it.

  6. Oh Sarah.....first of all, my husband and I "Escape to the Country" every night via Netflix. WE LOVE that show because they take us on tours of cottages and other dwellings in and around Cornwall and many other counties in your gorgeous country. Before we get too aged, we have decided that England is on our bucket list of places to visit. How gorgeous you capture this magical land.

  7. Gorgeous photography and what a great subject! xox

  8. Beautiful photos! We loved a long weekends away in Cornwall when we lived down there. We're long over due another visit. The beauty of those coastlines, those beautiful harbours and fishing villages. I love the photo of the raindrops on the thorny tree :)

  9. Lovely lovely Cornwall! Glad you had a happy time, and caught the autumn colours before they get blown away on the next band of weather! We are hanging on to some good colour here on the east coast of Scotland - including some ivy geraniums like the ones in your photo! Same colours. It is a beautiful time of year. Thank you for your lovely photos. Amanda

  10. Brings back happy memories, and reminds me of my mother's childhood in Perranporth.

  11. Cornwall looks charming even in nasty weather! I love the fishing villages & the coastline, and you manage to catch the autumn colour before the leaves were blown away. Tavi looks happy & muddy! đŸ˜€

  12. Hi Sarah,

    How lovely to have an escape away to Cornwall and I loved seeing your beautiful photos.
    The Autumn leaves are spectacular, the pastel coloured houses so pretty and the rugged coastline.
    Thanks for sharing and batten down the hatches and hope the storm will ease up.

  13. So enjoyed your post and love that you enjoy Autumn foliage now on your side of the pond, too :) xx

  14. I love that part of the world and your photos really do it justice. What are the three sheds in the photo with the names?

    1. The sheds were at Charlestown I don't know whether they are usually there or were part of the Poldark set! Sarah x

  15. what great pics, I love Cornwall.

  16. Loved seeing Cornwall in Autumn! We haven't had much of a show of Autumn color here because all the trees are turning at different times and dropping their leaves before the next set of trees turn.

  17. It all looks very beautiful in Cornwall! Here in Devon the leaves are mostly on the ground after the storms.

  18. Beautiful place!! Every one of your photos looks like a great painting.
    Thanks for sharing, it makes my heart glad!


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