A change of scene

It's always good to have a change of scene once in awhile and do something different! We recently had a day trip to London and managed to take a trip down the River Thames and visit the National  Maritime Museum in Greenwich, something that has been on my wish list for a very long time!

St Paul's Cathedral

London Eye

 London looks very different from the water and it is surprising how many famous landmarks we passed. As usual I took too many pictures, these are just a small selection.

Tower Bridge

Canary Wharf

National Maritime Museum

The building on the left  that houses the National Maritime Museum was originally a school for sons and daughters of seamen. The open colonnades between the buildings were very impressive and eye catching.

There is lots to see inside the museum I liked the huge ship in a bottle and the carved figureheads.

The Museum was restored in the late 1990's and part of the buildings were covered in a massive glass roof, the covered space includes a huge map of the world and was popular with families as children were pushed around the world in wooden boats.

Ships of all different sizes and shapes

There were lots of interesting artifacts including Lord Nelson's breeches and tights worn at the Battle of Trafalgar and this amazing 5 meter ice saw  from the British Arctic Expedition 1875-1876.

The interactive displays are very impressive and are an innovative way to tell different stories.

As we walked through Greenwich park it was wonderful to see so many signs of spring appearing. Down in Dorset in the last week we have had another rock fall that made national news and lots of high winds, it was nice to wander outside and not feel windswept!

There should be lots of signs of Spring in next week post - 'Through the Garden Gate.'

Sarah x


  1. We’ve done that trip down river and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great photos!

    That rock slide was quite a huge one.

  2. What fantastic photos, glad you had such a good day, and beautiful weather. The National Maritime Museum is an amazing building, and lots of fascinating things inside. It has been ridiculously windy hasn't it, but today was glorious. Looking forward to seeing your garden in spring. CJ xx

  3. That rock fall must have been quite dramatic. Did you hear it? I assume no one was hurt, I hope. When you go up to London for the day do you drive or take the train? It sounds so nice to be able to make London a "day trip."

    1. We took the train it made the trip that much more relaxing although the journey takes 3 hours either way. Sarah x

  4. I love visiting different places. I seen Maritime museum in state of Oregon, here in United States. I find the figure head quite interesting. I bet they have there own story to tell.
    Coffee is on

  5. 2002 was the last time we went to London. Your photos are stunning as always. We're hoping to take a few days away somewhere ( for recuperation ) when my work shifts allow. Best, Jane x

  6. Good morning, Sarah! Thank you for the tour of a city I hope to see one day....those buds are such a sweet promise and welcome into a new phase of 2019.We are all awaiting spring!

  7. I so agree that a change of scene is necessary for one's well being. For us it is usually trying to get to the sea. Wonderful tour here and something to file away for future!

  8. What a wonderful tour, so many interesting things to see. I could lose myself in that museum, it looks so interesting. Sorry about the rock fall. Hooray for spring. Best, Kim

  9. Lovely post!! It looks like you had a wonderful trip. Yes it is indeed nice to get out and see different things.

  10. The Maritime Museum is fascinating isn't it ? Lord Nelson's Breeches and stockings could do with a wash though ! Debbie :)

  11. The lady figureheads look rather startled to be detached from their ships.

  12. Glad you had a fun day to London. The sky looks amazing on those river photos. Did you travel by train? I used to love the train journey from Waterloo to Weymouth when I was a student. B x

  13. Lovely, lovely London...
    Warm hug from Titti

  14. Really lovely photographs. I revisited the National Maritime Museum not long ago and must confess that it wasn't as good as I remembered it. Still good; but a little empty, somehow... Love Greenwich in general - so much to see and do!


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