Through the Garden Gate March 2019

Another month has passed by so fast it's difficult to keep up with the daily changes that occurring in the garden at this time of year.  In 'Through the Garden Gate', this year, as mentioned previously, I am focusing on colour combinations. This month I look at green and white. 
Euphorbia, tulips, Blue hyacinths and arabis white rock cress

The colours of green and white are around us in the neighbouring hedgerows and fields this month,

Wild cherry blossom


I don't know about you,but white flowers aren't the favourite in my garden, especially with larger blooms. As the flowers age they turn brown and look very unsightly, somehow other colours don't seem to look so bad.

Another view of the rock cress, with the foreground catching the rays of the afternoon sunshine.

Thalia daffodil always one of my favourites. I picked some flowers for inside and their scent filled the house.

The bees have been buzzing around the garden. I spent a while this morning just watching then fly from flower to flower collecting pollen. Can anyone tell me whether this is a mason bee?

Fresh green leaves of the crocosmia montbretia

I am delighted that this year the short lived perennial eupborbia oblongtata that seeded itself so easily in our previous garden has now after four years started to do the same here, however it looks as if I need to do some weeding around it!

Other highlights of the flowering garden this month include forsythia and the tulip.

On the cliff path there is a huge patch of white bluebells that I assume have originally escaped from a nearby garden!

On a morning walk earlier in the month we were delighted to come across some mad March hares enjoying the sunshine, The last time we saw a hare was in Ireland nearly twenty years ago so these views really made our day, luckily we had the long distance camera to hand.

 What are the highlights in your garden this month?

It is always wonderful to see other gardens and watch their development during the year. If you want to join in with Through the garden gate each month please let me know in the comments below and I will add your site, last month we had such a range of gardens from all around the world.

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  2. It's lovely to read about your garden highlights. Ours is coming along quite well, but I haven't taken enough photos to create a post. I could do that, I suppose....
    White flowers always look fresh against the green. Wishing you a lovely April.

  3. Lovely March hares! Your garden is really greening up and beginning to look lush already. Those tulips look an interesting variety with their tall thin flower heads. Lots to enjoy already. I’ll get busy on my post tomorrow. I have the photos already, just need to download them. B x

  4. My garden is just losing the last of the snow. It was sunny all week but not really warm. The snow is going slowly.

  5. Wonderful to see those hares, and great photos of them. Your garden and neighbourhood are looking beautiful, and a tulip already! It's balmier where you are I think, I only have buds so far. I noticed a huge patch of white bluebells yesterday, they do seem to spread rather, but very pretty. I love the first two pictures, you've really captured the beauty of the season. And oh, the colour of the sea in the bluebell photo - stunning. I miss the sea! CJ xx

  6. Oh Sarah, first of all, green and white make my heart skip a beat! Of course, pink and blues too...but green and white are elegant and power partners in making the dream garden for me! The highlights for my garden this month? The fact that the piles of snow from a wicked winter has now melted away, revealing bent, broken but hardy boxwood hedges. I've seen this battle before, but the boxwood always wins with sunshine and spring promise. ENJOY!

  7. Hello Sarah , The garden is looking great ! We dont have Hares down here ..I always wonder why ? Anyway we saw our first Swallow this afternoon .....on the down side I got stung by a nasty wasp and spent most of the afternoon sitting with an ice pack on it watch out for the wasps everybody ! :(

  8. How wonderful to see hares and to get such excellent pictures! The insect is a bee fly. They look a lot like bumblebees but they have a very straight proboscis and they hold their wings at right angles to the body.

  9. How lovely to see so many spring blooms -- and March hares! Although I spent the first half of my life in England, I don't remember ever seeing a hare. I linked with you again this month, Sarah. I love this meme. P. x

  10. How lovely to see the hares. I can't remember when I last saw one. I do like white flowers in the garden. At the moment there are some white brunnera and primula denticulate in my garden. Here is my link for this month:

  11. In the past, I kind of didn't go for too much white in my gardens, but like a lot of things in life, my feelings have changed. Lovely photos, the hares are delightful - those large ears steal my heart. Something about that photo with the chimney's topping the trees...

  12. Dear Sarah,

    Lovely to see what is flowering in your March garden and don't the months seem to go by so quickly.
    I agree white flowers are beautiful when they are pristine but often rain and wind can damage and make them go brown, I know my white camellia is one.
    Fun to see the March hare and is Tavi interested and going to chase them?
    Hope your week is going well and many thanks for visiting me.

  13. Apologies, Sarah. I think I must have accidentally deleted my blog post, so here is a new link : Hope this one works!

  14. how beautiful to see hares that really is an amazing sight!! ;) ...we were in Kingsands a few weeks back and while sitting on a bench on the green we suddenly noticed lots of rabbits appear~ we tried to keep so quiet, not been lucky enough to see hare though. love your garden posts and the blossoms such a wonderful time of year to see the pretty buds, our apple tree's are just starting to come into bud, though another week i think...The parks look amazing though all the pretty pink blossoms ;)

  15. Gorgeous garden!! You are highly knowledgeable of all flowers and plants in your garden! One can see you put time and love in each plant! Thank you for sharing!


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