I thought the lockdown would result in lots of blog posts but sadly that hasn't happened. I 'm not sure where the time has gone over the last 9 weeks. Our days have been filled with work, diy, gardening and our daily walk, with only an occasional visit to Bridport when supplies are running low.

We feel very lucky and privileged to be living in a location where we are in such close walking distance to the sea, a flowing river, wonderful countryside and wood where we have watched the bluebells gradually develop, bloom and fade. Nature has been wonderful this spring and it has been fantastic to watch it emerge and really have the time to appreciate it.

Dorset has been extremely lucky with the virus and is towards the bottom of the virus tables for England. Thank goodness the local hospital hasn't been overwhelmed - much to my relief having spent the majority of my working life working there where I still have friends who have been working hard trying to keep us all safe.

Dorset also seems to have become a place to park vehicles! Bournemouth airport has become a British Airways plane park. Weymouth Bay has up to six empty cruise ships in the bay.

We also have an amazing number of local businesses who have pulled out all the stops to support the local population by delivering food directly to the door.

Of course, the lockdown has also brought its challenges, our daughter has been unable to work or see her boyfriend,  we celebrated our son's 30th birthday over the internet, having a birthday tea by using the same recipe for the birthday cake,  The long-planned wedding of our friends has been cancelled and other friends have been unable to meet their first grandchildren because of lockdown.

We all know from blogging how important the internet has been in all our lives and how it has  allowed us to reach out to strangers all around the world who have become friends. The lockdown has shown many others how people can be brought together. Weekly we have been invited into homes of our favourite south-west musicians to enjoy evenings of beautiful music. We have joined in virtual quizzes with thousands of others and have even done PE with Joe Wicks - just as well I haven't had the camera out for that!  Zoom meetings have allowed us to connect with others, despite the occasional interruptions from the dog, cat or daughter!

 As steps are very slowly taken to come out of lockdown the number of visitors to West Bay has started to increase. Many of the car parks remained shut until this bank holiday weekend to try and encourage people to stay close to home. It will be still sometime before we will be able to reopen our visitor centre and welcome the volunteers and visitors through the doors again.

Sarah x


  1. You are lucky to be able to walk by the sea.We are only thirty minutes from the sea but here in Wales we are still in lockdown.Getting fed up with it now.We love Dorset.We rented a cottage in Haslebury Plunkett a few years ago.Great name.Stay safe.Barbarax

  2. Lovely photos. I've been doing PE with Joe as well, after a fashion anyway. Lovely to see a post from you, I know what you mean about time being taken up with everything. Odd isn't it. I feel as busy as ever sometimes, but strangely adrift at others. All part of adjusting I guess. CJ xx

  3. With such beautiful countryside close by and easily accessible, it must have been such a wonderful break to take walks there. I am glad to hear that your area was not badly hit with the virus. Take care.

  4. Thank you for sharing your photos Sarah-they are beautiful as always. I love the photos of West Bay and the walk down to Seatown -brings back memories of many happy holidays here. X

  5. Gorgeous photos. We still miss Dorset and living in Weymouth. We've been lucky too, living within walking distance of the beach. Our town locals, it being Bank Holiday today, will be staying home. Now some travelling restrictions have been lifted day trippers will be flocking to our beach. I'm sure they're perfectly well, but is it worth the risk? Stay safe and keep well. Best, Jane x

  6. We are weathering it all well here, too, except for the not visiting family part. I'm glad to hear you are managing, too. I feel for those who are having a much more difficult time. Looking back at how the world wars changed society drastically I'm wondering how the world will change because of the virus.

  7. Lovely photos as always. You are lucky like us with so many beautiful places on your doorstep that we can’t complain about Lockdown.
    Birthdays are hard away from the family. Thank goodness for technology. B x

  8. Indeed it's great to live where one can take walks! We live in a rural area and we appreciate that there are places to walk! We are gettig tired but still pacient! We are both old people in this house with health problems. It's a different world now but so thankful for internet, messenger and skype! Happy belated birthday to your son!

  9. Funny how time has drifted and slowed down. You're lucky to have such gorgeous places to walk, though I've realised my own county is very beautiful as I've varied my walks over the past few weeks.

  10. Hi Sarah, I've had trouble posting a comment to you, so giving it another try! I've enjoyed your post and lovely photos. We were due to fly to Britain in April and had booked a cottage in Dorset for late April, I am so sorry we won't be able to see you pretty county. Never mind, it may happen in the future. Lovely to see your spring colours, and Tavi looking as cute as always. Stay well.

    1. So sorry your trip was cancelled, I hope you will be able to rearrange it sometime in the future and we can meet. Sarah x

  11. Lovely photos! You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place. I completely agree with you that internet is our new reality. What would we do without it?

  12. Lovely, lovely post and beautiful pictures! We are also (here on the island) safe from the virus but soon all the tourists will be here...
    Have a great weekend and take care!

  13. The year of bluebells (rather than that virus)


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