VE Day 75 years on

Remembering especially on VE Day my grandfather, parents, and in-laws who all served in the Second World War and survived it.

 My grandfather was recalled to the Army and served in the 6th (Home Defence) Battalion of the Suffolk Regiment.

My father joined the Royal Artillery and spent much of the war in England defending areas targeted by the Germans. He ended up in France  D Day +15 travelling through France, Belgium and Holland and into Germany.

My father captured on the left.

As I was searching for photographs to add to this post, a piece of paper fell out of the files. It tells of the regiment's movements from March 1945 - June 1945.

My fathers' memoirs state " On the eve of VE Day we found ourselves at Harburg just south of the River Elbe and Hamburg itself. On VE Day we moved across the river into Hamburg which was just an expanse of rubble with hardly a building standing. We were going to a suburb called Blackenberg on the bank of the river although only a short distance from Hamburg it was untouched." 

My mother joined the ATS  the women's branch of the British Army during the Second World War. She was the Platoon Commander at the time of this photograph and is pictured to the left of the picture.

Do you have any descriptions of VE Day from any of your family members?

Sarah x


  1. What special memories from your parents! Thank you for sharing them. The photos are treasures indeed.

    A family friend worked in a munitions factory in England after her husband was killed in France. She was an incredible woman!

    That generation is almost gone now. We shall remember them!

  2. I SO enjoyed this! Heart felt thank you to all of those brave, daring and young men. My husband's father enlisted in the Marines after Pearl Harbor and barely made it out of Iwo Jima (he had the backs of the boys putting up that famous flag at Iwo - protecting them from sniper fire. He was so young . . .

  3. What a lovely and interesting post to read :) Lovely old pictures too...
    Have a great week, take care!

  4. I loved this post! Your father looks so young in that photo. Glad he made it through.

  5. Lovely that there is a special day to say thank you! Lovely all the memories you have of your grandfather and father. Both my husband's grandfather and father served on the 1st an 2nd world wars respectively.


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