Along the coast

I am afraid I do spend more time these days looking out at the sea rather than blogging about it, which is very remiss of me when the title of this blog is Down by the Sea! So I hope this post goes some way to make amends.

I have lived close to the sea for nearly 40 years, prior to this is the sea only featured in special childhood memories of holidays by the sea and visits to my Granny who lived in Fowey in Cornwall. 

As the years have passed by (far too quickly!) my love of the sea has grown and has become an important and essential part of our lives. Here are some images I have taken over the last month as we have been out and about enjoying the amazing scenery that is on our doorstep.

                                   View over Lyme Bay has the sun goes down

A fleet of cruise ships in Weymouth Bay

A rusty can hidden amongst the flowers of Chesil Beach

A flock of ravens enjoying the air current

Wild flowers covering the cliffs at Lyme Regis

Views towards the Isle of Portland

Sunset at Burton Bradstock

A walk along the beach at sundown

We have recently returned from a couple of nights in Devon. We stopped off at Dawlish Warren for a walk, even on an overcast day a walk by the sea can be appealing.

                                    Wildflowers growing in the dunes at Dawlish Warren.

Colourful beach huts at Dawlish Warren.

It's been so warm these last few days, if that is the same for you hopefully this last image will cool you down!

Have you visited the sea recently?


  1. You are lucky to live close to the sea. We were at the seaside in June and I miss it a little bit.

  2. It’s been hot and humid so we have been down by the harbour early most mornings. The beach birds have grabbed my attention.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your photos, especially the wildflowers! The sea in the background of wildflowers is perfect to me.

  3. Beautiful photos as always. Yes the sea gets into your blood I think. You’re living in such a glorious part of the country. Sounds like you had a good break away. B x

  4. I come from a little island in the middle of the Atlantic (Terceira, Azores, Portutal), so I know what it is to LOVE the sea. I miss it so much. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos ♥

  5. I did not live near the sea until my mid-forties when we moved to Vancouver Island. It becomes more alluring as time goes by. There's nothing like sea air to clear the mind and put life into perspective. Beautiful photos.

  6. Lovely! Especially the sunsets.

  7. Hoping to move to Level 2 on Friday?? Then we can walk on the beach again. I do miss that.
    Lots of beautiful pictures to remind me that I too love the sea.

  8. Being in Stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne I’ve been longing for a trip to the seaside, a Winter walk along the sand, fish and chips looking out over the ocean, but alas they will have to remain as dreams for the time being, so a big Thank You for these stunning pics. They go a long way in alleviating my beach-dreaming pangs!

  9. Fascinating pictures. Why were all the cruise ships moored off Weymouth? Hope you enjoyed Dawlish Warren, I know the wooden groynes well!

    1. The cruise ships don't have to pay port fees if they are anchored in the bay. I did notice that when we were down your way that some of them seem to head towards Torquay and then return again to Weymouth!

    2. What gorgeous scenery. I am lucky enough to live in a small coastal city in New Zealand, and while I don't have a sea view I have always lived within earshot of the waves. I lie in bed at night and know exactly what the sea looks like by how it sounds.

  10. It´ s really hot here wind at all! Lovely pictures that you share and have a great sunday now!

  11. Ohhh so lovely! We have a gorgeous coastline here in Oregon and it's so much fun to see coast pics on the other side of the pond. I hope lock down hasn't been too hard on you. Thank you for sharing the beauty of where you are!

  12. Lovely photos!! I love the ocean and wish I lived at least a days drive there. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos!

  13. Thank you! I was at Cuckmere Haven in Sussex lately which was a strange experience as it was not cold but hung with mist, a very peculiar environment of reed beds, pebbly beach, and white cliffs.

  14. I love reading your posts and the gorgeous pictures attached to them. We moved from the coast in Staten Island to rural Pennsylvania. We are not coastal and that is the one thing I miss the most. We do have beautiful country ides and wildflowers though.


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