Last days of summer

  Now that we are officially in Autumn just a quick look back at those summer days around West Dorset.

West Bay harbour

Early morning swimmers

Heading down to Eype Beach

Ready for a swim, paddle or a gentle row down the river?

Cooling down in the woods

As the sun goes down

Stormy conditions at West Bay in August

Sunlight on the water looking along Chesil Beach

At the end of the day watching the sun go down. On a clear evening you can even see some of the Dartmoor Tors across the other side of Lyme Bay.

A curious and photogenic cow.

All the cows wanted a chance to be photographed too!

Hope you have had a good summer too, with many special memories. 

Sarah x


  1. such a beautiful place to live !! thank you for sharing the amazing photos

  2. It’s gone by so fast! So much lovely weather, we’ve spent most of our time outdoors. I’m not looking forward to this winter at all but at least we have the memories to keep us going. Keep safe Sarah.

  3. Beautiful .... and how romantic to have that little rowing boat ! :) x

  4. Just catching up with blogs. Lovely to see your photos from one of my most favourite places. Perfect. Have a lovely week. B x

  5. Something so appealing about a landscape with hills gently rising on either side (give me a hug, remember those?)


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